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  1. We have a dank replay-competition going in FAMU, two classes (GGs and LOLs) and prizes include lots of gold and a code for Hitman. Recorded 9 clips/videos yesterday, all replays submitted by FAME players, so there will be some questionable quality content on my YouTube soon(TM) . And even more in the future, since I still have a few replays saved that I haven't recorded, and they can submit for another 3 weeks. :hb:

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Majstora in the 113 on Highway?

      I was on the other team and he got like 7.5k dmg because our fucking scrubs completely won the field and then decided not to cap even though they were all tier 8s and 9s rushing to fight tier 10s in the city.

    3. MissNurki


      Replays from 9.14 and 9.15 can be submitted- date does not count. No test server shenanigang. Any other game mode is a-ok.

      Jostra hasn't submitted anything yet, but I expect a lot more replays will be coming in as the weeks go by :)

    4. creator31


      i'll send you a link ingame then

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