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  1. At work, punching hours and preparing to pay out salaries. My boss is right behind me, busy on the phone, furiously writing on his keyboard, very effective and serious tone overall. And then, when it's really silent, I hear Majstoras voice inside my head "one more GRILLJE" and I just can't stop giggling, and I can't focus for shit, and my boss wont stop nagging me to tell him what I'm laughing about. Our workers will never get paid at this rate, because now I'm here doing fuckall, reading topics I don't care about. :awyeah:

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    2. Siimcy
    3. KruggWulf


      Inb4 fired for suspicion of being stoned :doge:


    4. Wewum


      Send them to me :fish:

      My paycheck is pretty low anyways :oscar:

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