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  1. Currently grinding the last missions for T55a number 6. Because why not.

    Also, why the hell am I playing again, and why am I FCing a full campaign on someone elses account without being paid..? Don't answer, I don't want to know.

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    2. MissNurki


      I'm playing with my old Norwegian clan, they are ranked like 870~ ELO, but we're having fun a lot of the time. It's so much more fun winning with them because they get SO excited to win, like a wave of happiness and memes just flow through the TS. And when we lose to a better team everyone just brushes it off and learn a thing or two.

      In FAME everyone was just triggered because they missed up to 3 shells and/or died so we won only 15-2 and not 15-0.  :awyeah: I miss the abuse from Daki, Humbob and Majstora though. Think I have Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Jostra is always gonna be in my heart for the Blacked-episode, but other than that: Fuck that guy, most obnoxious asshole ever. 

    4. MissNurki


      Jostra isn't for everyone, and I completely understand that. But I like him, I know it's just a show and he isn't that much of a dick when streams are off and it's just a few ppl in the channel, he can actually be really nice and fun to talk to. It's almost like an extreme DrDisrespect lol. And he still isn't the biggest retard that has stepped foot into FAME, if you ignore his nice side. The biggest retard is even made Executive, which gives me acid reflux, it's like hiring Hitler to do HR. :wave:

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