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  1. Yeah, I prob would get more out of it if I CBA to fix whatever is wrong with the minijack ports, but then again that would require minimal effort, soooo.. 

    But yeah, I dunno if ppl just got used to it or what, but noone is complaining anymore after I turned up the mic volume in Windows. But I possibly need to test it with someone I haven't talked to in a while and ask what they think.

  2. Ok, so I used the headset for two long gaming sessions now. 

    I really like the sound, the fit is great and my ears aren't that uncomfortable. When it gets a bit more worn and loved I'm sure the pressure around the ears will ease a bit. It will take some getting used to "hearing" myself talk all the time with the around-ear-stuff, but it's fine. I can toggle the surround off but a button on the wire, so it doesn't bother me at all, and the sound options are ok- nothing special or in depth. I've used the "Esports" mode for PUBG and although it's legit no bass and people sound a bit girly, it works. Then I toggle to game mode or no mode when I play other games that doesn't rely so heavily on hearing footsteps. 

    The mic is a bit muffled. I turned the mic volume to 100 in windows, which made it a lot better, but not sure if it's possible to get it as good as my last headset. Most likely not, as that was made for pure communication and not gaming, and was the same price as the Sennheisers. Not sure if there are any other options I can check(/uncheck) to improve mic quality, at least I didn't find anything obvious in windows. It's not at all terrible, just a bit muffled.

  3. 2 hours ago, Folterknecht said:

    Nurki take a look at these reviews:



    They include soundsamples for the microphon similar to what I did in my mini-review of that USB thingy I did on techpowerup and the GSP300 sounds really good.


    That's actual gold, thanks for the link! Will be checking all the headsets there before buying anything, don't wanna fuck up this time. :frenchy:

  4. HyperX II has such a ... special ... mic, my voice is already annoying enough, don't need it to be nasal and narrow too. :eww:

    I think I'll go for a pair of Sennheisers, had a pair back in the day and I loved them so much. Also I have a friend I game with every day and he is hardcore Sennheiser fan and recommended the 373D. Sennheiser GSP 350/300/PC 373D are the contenders, in each price group. Will have to re-visit the subject when I get back from my holiday and know what I can comfortably spend, since I don't mind putting a bit of extra money in it to get a really good pair. I would probably buy the 300 today, but if I can comfortably get the 373D, then I think I will. 

     And I'll get the adapter thingy Folter linked if the headset doesn't have usb, so that broadens the horizon considerably. 

  5. I need a new headset, again. I accidentally snapped the one I have in half and had to tape it together again. Now the tape annoys me and the sound in general isn't good enough for FPS since I struggle to determine direction with my current open/on ear headset. 


    New one needs to be:

    - USB connection (jack thingy on pc is broken, cba to fix, dunno how to fix) 

    - Light and comfortable (don't want wireless because of added weight in battery, got a neck injury)

    - Around the ear or suuuuuper soft on ear, my ears are extremely sensitive, get a headache for fuckall

    - Preferably not sweaty leather

    - Crystal clear sound made for FPS and a static free mic

    - 150-ish euro max budget 


    I looked at Sennheiser G4ME ONE, looks alright online and has good reviews, but it's mini-jack connection. 

  6. Analyze your games. If you have to go as far as re-watching your own replays to do so, then do it. I've done my time with re-watching my replays, cringing and learning at the same time. God I hated myself so much lol, such retard :wave:

    But it helps, it gets your awareness up, you see how to improve, put it to action, get results, then push further. Never play unless you are interested and invested, playing 'just because' is never getting you there. Set a goal, like a new DPG in all tier 10s/3moe. Just have the goal be in reach, like if you have 200 games in the 140 and f.ex 2300 avg dmg, make the goal to have 2500 avg dmg, then 2700 avg dmg, etc.

  7. Just dropping by with some love.


    Also, to add to the diet talk, I'm on a low carb diet and it's working wonders for me. Using Lifesum to track my intake, both the food and the water, super happy with that app :)  Lost a lot of weight, always full and content, no more hunger and sugar lows! Mostly eating salads with meat, advocado, parmesan and sour cream, and I've never been this happy to make food, lol :D Also stay really low on calories because of the limited intake of food(just rarely hungry anymore), which is an added bonus. Now just to start working out and get toned, that one is a lot harder, because lazy. :doge:

  8. After the SH changes with better rewards etc, we're changing course a tiny bit and building a more teamplay based clan- which will ONLY boil down to SH/Advances and the odd campaign. With the SH bonuses and benefits, we can all equally benefit when a good cred bonus/xp bonus is on, which is coolio. 


    To ensure high activity, every month, all BRAH clan members can earn themselves tickets in the "Tier 8 Premium Tank Lottery". 

    The 1st of every month, one random active SH-player in BRAH will be rewarded with a tank of his/her choice.

    We also have random competitions relatively often, where you can win gold and premium time by playing randoms. 



    We will play the upcoming tier 8 campaign, and we are open to having groups or single players come play with us during the campaign. Contact one of our Officers or Recruiters. 

  9. Keep forgetting this topic, worst commander eu.




    We're still active and plenty on our Discord, if anyone wants to pop by and hang with the cool kids, we hope you find their Discord address, if not, you can come by BRAH:



    Currently pretty full, but always willing to make room for very active and dedicated teamplayers, so don't hesitate to talk to one of our recruiters. We're doing Advances every evening, and tier 10 SH is a daily thing too. Credit bonuses normally from 19-23 viking time, can and will expand when there is a consumable sale and ppl wanna power grind credits in tier 8 SH. :)

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