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  1. Greetings. I'm from Norway, the arctic region that is. I have an amazing dialect that make people from the capital of Norway(Oslo) have chills in the bad way. I play for statpadding, fun and rage. Not much else to do around here, as the weather is cold about 10 out of 12 months. And we have a couple of months in complete darkness, when the sun decides to bless other parts of the world. Funsies. What I love the most about Norway must be that we have a quite good health care, good salaries and beautiful nature. Really not much to complain about, except for the weather. This shows Svartisen, from my hometown:
  2. MissNurki

    Dog thread

    My dog, Lilli. She is just beautiful in every single way. So gentle, playful, happy, lazy and completely unaware of how big she is. On the picture she is about one year old, and now she is two years old. She is a mix of Presa Canario and Staffordshire bull terrier. She is the size of a presa, and her heart is as big as of the two combined. She LOVES cats, fishes, dogs, humans and everything living. Well, she is afraid of small birds. Stronk dog! When the youngest is older and moves out, I'm going full pack-mode, I'll probably get myself a Boerboel and a Staffordshire bull terrier. Here she is as a pup, so gorgeous! With her best friend, Fluff. Hiking: Kindest eyes
  3. Thank you, sir. Everything is un-zipped and ready to be studied. Glasses on, cigarette lit.
  4. It's because I have gotten so many halps and mentors! But, you know, some days I just fail utterly. But I try and I listen, I do what I'm told. So submissive.
  5. Hi thurr We are two players from Norway who is looking for a new clan that is more focused on serious gameplay than our current clan, so we can evolve and learn. We are interessted in platoons, tank companies and general funsies. Not so much clanwars due to personal schedules. We would definately prefer a clan with age requirements, above 18 years of age. Most recent stats(www.noobmeter.com): Nurkus: Win Rate: 60% WN7: 1585 WN8: 1675 Nations: German, American and Russian tanks. And one French. LXXII: Win Rate: 61,54% WN7: 1412 WN8: 1218 Nations: German, American and Russian tanks. And one chinese. And one French. We both have Teamspeak3 and Mumble, and speak decent english. Playtime; on a daily basis, mostly from 20.00 (GMT+1).
  6. When I'm having a terrible day, there is nothing like hitting the play-button on some hard metal and climb in to my E-25 and just go full yolo speed. So many spottages, so many spotting damages. Lawd!
  7. About 340000 kilometers, or 211266 miles.
  8. Mommys monster. Makes me wet. In my eyes. Freakin' LOVE my car! They see me rollin'..
  9. I've out grown my Hetzer, big time. Just because I can't play something without a turret anymore.
  10. I hit 60.73% win the past 7 days, wich for me is totally amazing. But I had a pro yolo mentor with a lot of cunning plans that worked, and somehow I didn't fail as much.
  11. This is working out. Finally no longer a lemon- now a pea <3

    1. ViktorKitov


      Congrats for playing at Unicum level for the day :3

    2. MissNurki


      Thank you sir! It was short lived, yesterday my stats clearly show I was not feeling too good. Today I'm just happy I stopped playing. ^^ Will try again soon! :D

  12. But Hardest said you're just a "decent" player. Oh but wait, Hardest is a douche! Nevermind. Edit: do you have the stream video from your point of view with the "incident" with Hardest?
  13. Haven't gotten the biggest gun yet, but I was top tier so it wasn't really a problem, just a few bounces. Next best on my team did about half of my damage.
  14. Aaaaalrighty then! EU-SERVER: I could use some help with tier 6+, both mediums, heavies and TD's. Most of all I need help with tier 8 and 9. I'm currently a "yellow - green" player, and I hope to be a "dark green" player, or maybe blue. I play almost every day from 19.00 and towards midnight, depends how much fun and platoon there is available. I need a soft spoken mentor, I don't do well if I'm yelled at. English or Norwegian.
  15. 2725 Damage. Not so much damage, but 7 kills. Won the battle alone, that's for sure, I was alone.. 4689 damage:
  16. We don't have tanning beds in Norway...
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