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  1. Keep forgetting this topic, worst commander eu. We're still active and plenty on our Discord, if anyone wants to pop by and hang with the cool kids, we hope you find their Discord address, if not, you can come by BRAH: https://discord.gg/ZSB5qmy Currently pretty full, but always willing to make room for very active and dedicated teamplayers, so don't hesitate to talk to one of our recruiters. We're doing Advances every evening, and tier 10 SH is a daily thing too. Credit bonuses normally from 19-23 viking time, can and will expand when there is a consumable sale and ppl wanna power grind credits in tier 8 SH.
  2. MissNurki


    My two newest; the AMX 50 120 and the T54E1. Both very AIDS, 2/10 would recommend.
  3. Loving the activity and atmosphere in the clan, it's come so far since it was just a clantag for me to hide behind, lol Keep forgetting about forums, our Discord is too active at the moment, can't keep up with anything. So I'm just here as the mascot, reminding everyone that they are welcome to Discord https://discord.gg/PxnVP
  4. I keep forgetting about recruitment topics after we moved to Discord, lol. Better make some recruitment-ish post. Our financial unit is level 10, and we've been runing bonuses daily. We have been playing a lot of tier 10 skirmishes lately, and fill in the blanks with tier 8s. We're currently looking for active SH players that aren't scared to play aggressive in tier 10 and is comfortable mostly free-playing tier 8s. We're casual, meaning no screaming and crying over a loss, we rather calmly go through what went wrong and aim to not repeat dumb shitz. The clan as a whole is mature in the sense that we won't go starting drama, we banter back and forth without being butthurt, and we're there to have a good time while performing at a decent level. Most of us are adults, the few younger ones we have in the clan gives me hope for the future generation, such great people! If you would want to join, but not sure if you fit in? Just PM me or someone else in-game, or join our Discord, and you can join us for SH.
  5. I threw 700 euros on the problem and it went bye-bye Was the CPU or mobo, I had already re-seated and plugged everything possible.
  6. I got it back to "normal" with turning it off, pulling the plug, spamming power button, and then starting it again. Restarted several times before that and it didn't work. I also tried unplugging and plugging everything, updating all software, etc. Now when I play and the graphics get slightly more demanding it's flickering so hard I can't see shit, FPS is going to fuckall randomly, frame freezes for a half sec once in a while during load. GPU reaches 86c after 1 minute of 'high quality' benchmark. It also spikes to 100% GPU usage randomly, without anything being on, dunno if that's normal or nah. No dust. Also have issues every time I boot. First it's that issue with the fan not working, so I have to manually boot every time. And now it's added "no operative system was found" so I have to reboot at least once to get it sorted. It sometimes struggles to find stuff I plug in the usb ports.
  7. Keep forgetting about this forum, our Discord is poppin' so our social needs are covered and then some
  8. I've given this some serious though throughout the day, and I've come to the conclusion that I could not fucking care less. But it's good entertainment, so I keep F5'ing.
  9. OR DID YOU: Generate your sig for new stats. I'm 6 points away from blue again. Bye sanity.
  10. I get randomly banned on marybanks stream after writing that she can go to settings and change a setting so she only gets invites from friendslist, because ppl were trolling here with constant invites and she was blacklisting 1 by 1, which took forever. So I PM the moderator, and he's clearly very, VERY special: missnurki : wtf? Hendrikferneding : so? missnurki : That made no sense what so ever Hendrikferneding : nice viewer or troll? missnurki : She is getting spammed with invites Hendrikferneding : okay missnurki : I tell her that there is a setting to get rid of that Hendrikferneding : unban Hendrikferneding : missnurki : and you delete the message and perma-ban me Hendrikferneding : yes Hendrikferneding : too much shit. if you were unrightly banned, im sorry. but all this needed to be cleared a but New Whispers Hendrikferneding : or wouldnt you say it went too far? missnurki : But holy shit man, filter it out. There is a difference between the spamming of "unban my fwend" and a bunch of emoticons, and me writing that she can change settings to get rid of the spam Hendrikferneding : well, i do Hendrikferneding : the way you guysd here react to bans and timeout despite the chat making fun of her and trolling her is not good missnurki : Clearly not. You couldn't possibly have read what I wrote before you banned me. Like everyone in the chat was like "lol wat?" when I got banned. New Whispers Hendrikferneding : well...youre unbanned. why discuss more? New Whispers Hendrikferneding : apearantly this clearing was LONG verdue New Whispers Hendrikferneding : if it was me, i would ban more. discussing with a streamer is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! missnurki : nickname is still not banned. And the whole point with a stream is to interact with the ppl watching. If you don't do that you might as well just share a link for your replays and be done with it. Hendrikferneding : well... i got 7k followers. i streamed mc. i wont let the chat make her feel awedull missnurki : And banning ppl is driving them away from the stream, so unless it's someone cancerous, then just time them out Hendrikferneding : banning idiots is GOOD New Whispers Hendrikferneding : if you really think her chat was "good" before... well... youre appearantly part of the problem missnurki : I don't see how you would interpret my whisper that way. Hendrikferneding : lol Hendrikferneding : nvm New Whispers Hendrikferneding : you wont learn missnurki : lol missnurki : ok Hendrikferneding : stop this discussion NOW New Whispers Hendrikferneding : i mean... i could just ban you outa fun New Whispers Hendrikferneding : for discussing missnurki : You keep whispering me, I had closed window several times. In addition I added that if he knew her, he should at least let her know about the setting so she wouldn't be bothered anymore. Where the actual fuck did I write that the chat was "good" before? And look at the fucking amount of NEW WHISPERS, this guys kept fucking nagging me, and it was like ages between each time he wrote me, and without me being active in stream chat(I was playing myself), then gets mad and want to ban me for fun after I respond to his whine, like wtf bitch are you menopausal. I just waited a bit and then posted a snip of this conversation in the stream chat. Make sure I at least got banned for something real, then move over to Dakis stream. Bye Felicia!
  11. This tuesday we'll have a stronghold running from 23.00 to 01.00(viking times), then we will fight V-T3R in a battle for stronghold until 02.00, and then we will instantly fight CSA-2 in a battle for stronghold. Both attacks are 3 level 10 buildings, which means A LOT of boxes and guaranteed level 10 financial unit and plenty of bonuses if we can get both command centers. Will need everyone available for this as it is a fair chance they will come with full teams! If we're lucky and they don't show up, we'll be done by 02.15 viking time, so it could be worse, even an old tired accountant like me can spring for that. There will be a chance to win prizes for those who show up and play.
  12. It's just so insanely catchy, like annoyingly so, I listen to it much more than I'm willing to admit. I never got addicted to Dick in a box. But this gem on the hand... :
  13. New logo, without a santa hat! I was thinking about giving him a dank beanie, but I got lazy.
  14. BRAH managed to get 38 tanks this campaign, everyone who wanted the tank and played daily got it. Also, new logo:
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