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  1. My face when trying to get online to play and my pc has decided it doesn't want to open any programs. Not TS, not tanks, not firefox, nothing. Not even settings wants to open. A whole lot of nothing happening whatever I do. Rebooted 5 times, no luck. Try to un-do last update? Would love to, but the program won't run, FML.
  2. We have some more people joining soon(TM). And when my BF goes home again I'll no-life this bitch 24/7 and fill BRAH to the edges with poppin' people, SH for everyone and their dawg! Meanwhile, feel free to tell a friend, we will accept 2450 wn8 and up. Exeptions can be made for ppl within like 100 wn8 away from 2450, that has high enough recent that 2450 wn8 will happen within reasonable time. Exeptional teamplayers that I or someone I trust can vouch for will be let in with 2200+ wn8.
  3. That was the 1st game. Fast forward two games to X3N4 in a KV-5, Ghar in a FV207, Runt in a T-34-3 and everyone else in equally shitty tanks.
  4. Will be running SH as soon as possible, preferably straight to tier 8 so I can gett all the credits :3 I'm up for it on a daily basis, and X3N4 is up for it too, so we just gotta pick a day really. Got some more ppl on their way over too, should be up and rumning really soon(tm). Today I've been busy putting makeup on my boyfriend though, as normal couples do. Gotta swatch 'em all.
  5. Which is why you join BRAH while shaking the rust I can platoon one of the coming days, just need to catch you online at some point so we can play like in the good old days, with lots of: and and and and and
  6. Sorry, I don't walk around remembering every bad reroll I sperg at, judging by those numbers you probably really did play shit and derserved a PM anyway. #SorryNotSorry Also, rather amused that this random pubbie went "trust me, she's like this" to my ex, the guy who prob know me better than anyone else in this topic, top kek. You're so good at making friends, come be a brah, brah <3 I wanted to write that one of them was in Norwegian so it wouldn't make sense anyway, then I remembered ...
  7. If you keep this recent or get it even higher and play daily, you should reach unicum in no-time with that battlecount, and I would let you join with the promise that you would get to 2450 asap. We already have some solid members to platoon with, and soon we can start strongholding and get credit bonuses so goldspam will be less draining. FML
  8. May or may not have MelancholicCat on cooldown. Sooo .. Who else you got. Tyne, eh?
  9. Hint #1: Mystery member is often asked if male or female, and it's not because of his voice.
  10. I've been afk since friday, been visiting my grandma, but I'll be on again this evening to send some invites to the guys on cooldown. Also got some angry PMs, it would seem I am "stealing" ppl. And here I was thinking ppl could do whatever the fuck they please with their accounts. I'm just informing ppl I like that the clan is starting up, quick summary of the concept, inviting them, and the rest is up to them. I have 0 fuck to give about sour ppl from other clans, this is my disclaimer; your QQs will be closed without response. Not every fucking unicum wants to spend their days in CW queue, waiting day in and day out to play a few minutes, at some point you're over it and just want to chill with other cool ppl and enjoy credit bonuses.
  11. MissNurki

    Sooo. When you gonna join the cool kids (and me) in BRAH? :D

    *changed my wording after reading a related post...

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      @Birkovic - You should do like me and play Rocket League instead of World of RNG :disco:

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      Our socialist paradise doesn't fuel my rage enough as it is. Thus I need something which will make me throw keyboards into walls instead :wut:

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  12. Put you as recruitment officer so you can send invites if there is someone who meets our requirements that wants to join. We just got a new member, and a few more joining over the weekend.
  13. Alright, some solid players have left their old clan and is on their way over We'll play some stronks over the weekend, sunday at the earliest, starting the farm to get the buildings up as much as humanly possible and get dank bonuses Might even have a surprise member, secrets secrets Also, would love some help keeping this badboy bumped: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/590200-brah-its-not-just-a-game-brah/page__st__20#topmost
  14. When you meet a friend in randoms, feelsvaleman: Also, who knew tanks could look so beautiful?:
  15. Yeah, I really want to stick to it, have so many great players join and all of them are pretty hyped for the set minimum stat requirement and the other great players joining/already joined.
  16. My thoughts exactly. 158 wn8 overall is nothing tbh, you can cram it in for sure.
  17. Feel free to come hang and use those dank ass channels, and/or just get tags so you can come back at any point and use as you please. Just hang in the lobby until someone notice you, I'll get my shit together soon(TM). Less-than-swaggy TS adress: (how the hell do I get a nice adress?) Yaaas #Neverlucky I've promised a lot of the guys joining not to drop requirements, and I'll stick to it, for now at least.
  18. I may or may not have successfully poached all the good members out of another good clan that was sort of stale. If so, there should be some reeeeeally solid players joining in the next week-ish. Then SH should start up so we can get the buildings going and get credit bonuses. I desperately need @Gharirey to wake up from hibernation and join in soon.
  19. Teamspeak server is up and hopefully will be running smooth soon(TM). IP: Ofc, anything for you sweetheart, HMU
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