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  1. Throwback Tuesday. Good old video, very cool, very swag, very handsome, I like it.



  2. Nope

    > Nurk keeps asking to play PUBG

    > Xen never has time

    > Nurk sees Xen play PUBG

    > Fucking faggot

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    2. Medjed


      I thought Nurk is dead

    3. Xen


      you only asked me like once! :O

    4. Nope


      I asked you like 5 times, and you said some kind of "no" every time, so I stopped asking. :P But you asked me to join the other day, so I'm less mad now.

  3. Currently grinding the last missions for T55a number 6. Because why not.

    Also, why the hell am I playing again, and why am I FCing a full campaign on someone elses account without being paid..? Don't answer, I don't want to know.

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    2. Nope


      I'm playing with my old Norwegian clan, they are ranked like 870~ ELO, but we're having fun a lot of the time. It's so much more fun winning with them because they get SO excited to win, like a wave of happiness and memes just flow through the TS. And when we lose to a better team everyone just brushes it off and learn a thing or two.

      In FAME everyone was just triggered because they missed up to 3 shells and/or died so we won only 15-2 and not 15-0.  :awyeah: I miss the abuse from Daki, Humbob and Majstora though. Think I have Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Jostra is always gonna be in my heart for the Blacked-episode, but other than that: Fuck that guy, most obnoxious asshole ever. 

    4. Nope


      Jostra isn't for everyone, and I completely understand that. But I like him, I know it's just a show and he isn't that much of a dick when streams are off and it's just a few ppl in the channel, he can actually be really nice and fun to talk to. It's almost like an extreme DrDisrespect lol. And he still isn't the biggest retard that has stepped foot into FAME, if you ignore his nice side. The biggest retard is even made Executive, which gives me acid reflux, it's like hiring Hitler to do HR. :wave:

  4. I've quit WOT for good, and getting rid of my acc. Deleting friends list as we speak, nothing personal. <3

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    2. TheMarine0341
    3. Siimcy


      Maybe will wait for a sale then, I spent so much money on games the past like 2 weeks it's unhealthy :doge:

    4. Nope


      PUBG >>>>>>>>>>>>> Other

  5. Sooo. When you gonna join the cool kids (and me) in BRAH? :D

    *changed my wording after reading a related post...

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    2. Nope
    3. Zinn


      @Birkovic - You should do like me and play Rocket League instead of World of RNG :disco:

    4. Birkovic


      Our socialist paradise doesn't fuel my rage enough as it is. Thus I need something which will make me throw keyboards into walls instead :wut:

  6. Yeah, no, I'm pretty much done here. Bye.

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    2. kolni


      i don't see how this forum needs to be 100% serious and why some shits and giggles shouldn't be allowed?

      It's just like rokus admin adventure

    3. Epic


      yea, that was just as retarded... But no surprise you would think that.

    4. hallo1994
  7. It's dark outside, better go sleep.


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    2. Lowlife555


      du bor for langt nord :P


    3. Nope


      Jeg bor ikke langt nok nord, er ikke lyst lenge nok på sommerhalvåret. Søring! :P

    4. Siimcy


      O helvete fan :doge: 

  8. Can EU players please go and vote for E50M as next top of the tree? I can't handle a full month of perma-teal yoloniggers in BatChats. Also, next tank to rescue stats on will be E50M, so that shit works out great.

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    2. Fulcrous


      This is a racism free zone.

    3. Nope
    4. Spartan96


      yall ninjas need jesus , he cuts my grass ill give him a ring on the telly/ end thread

  9. At work, punching hours and preparing to pay out salaries. My boss is right behind me, busy on the phone, furiously writing on his keyboard, very effective and serious tone overall. And then, when it's really silent, I hear Majstoras voice inside my head "one more GRILLJE" and I just can't stop giggling, and I can't focus for shit, and my boss wont stop nagging me to tell him what I'm laughing about. Our workers will never get paid at this rate, because now I'm here doing fuckall, reading topics I don't care about. :awyeah:

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    2. Siimcy
    3. KruggWulf


      Inb4 fired for suspicion of being stoned :doge:


    4. Wewum


      Send them to me :fish:

      My paycheck is pretty low anyways :oscar:

  10. My life yo


    1. Solono


      Anybody who confuses your voice for male in any form needs to get out more. :fish: 

    2. Fabunil


      Don´t be ashamed of your masculinity.





    3. Folterknecht


      Count yourself lucky, it could be much worse.


      When I was XO of OM-BC back in 2011, we had a woman in the clan that had a real "bedroom" voice, Marlene Dietrich was nothing in comparison. You could pratically here every male who heard here for the first time on TS rearranging his trousers.

      For an outsider is was amsung at times, but on the other hand you noticed that she often would hold herself back. It took her a while before she became somewhat comfortable with joining conversation with us.

  11. MY SIDES

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    2. creator31


      dutch people :surprisefish:

    3. Nope


      This site is just one of those sites that spams out clips all over the place, doesn't really seem to be making many of them theirselves, to be fair. :P  Either way: pure solid gold.

    4. Nope


      Just learned this is a girl. I would never guess. Am I the only one who was sure it was a boy?:wao:

  12. The struggle


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    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      lel, change that to cars and that's me.

    3. KruggWulf


      You have too many shoes and too many cars. Fgts.

    4. Korb3n_Dallas


      My Wife has a shitload of shoes. I have a moderate amount of cars.

  13. Saving my T62a-stats is going to be a pleasant experience. :awyeah: I forgot how much fun this little bugger can be! When this is over, I might have to have a look at the 140 and E50M, both in need of major service, although the 140 might be too far off to save at this point. Past me should not have played 650 games in the 140. Not even sure present me should either lol. :nmad:

  14. I .. Might .. Have .. Bought a house? On impulse. :kjugh: I should have someone following me around and smacking my fingers when I do this shit, putting in a fucking offer outta nowhere, jesus..

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    2. Fulcrous


      And now you wait.

    3. kolni


      Someone mentioned blow? :doge: 

    4. Medjed


      meanwhile, i can't afford semi decent PC FML

  15. It's 20.53, is it too early to go to bed? 

    Fuck it, bye boo, imma sleep. 0/10 motivation to stay awake.

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    2. Evelyn


      But but, I like no daylight and constant darkness :c

    3. Nope


      Then you should come live here from november to march.

    4. Evelyn


      I'll trade that for what I deal with May to October here.

  16. :kjugh::kjugh::kjugh:

    "Just do it"-guy aint got shit on this 'walking steroid'.

    1. Siimcy


      PogChamp LEAFY PogChamp 

    2. hallo1994


      I love Leafy

    3. Roku


      Elliott Hulse is actually pretty freaking awesome. A bit out there at times, but has so much good stuff.

  17. Reading forums is making me really excited that my life expectancy is shorter than average. Pls no reincarnation. 200_s.gif

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    2. Nope


      Tss, you were allowed to have a piece of it, and now it's all you can talk about, who's the real winner kappa :gaytroll:

      I don't think moobs do what you think they do.

    3. Medjed


      what do you mean shorter life expectancy?

    4. Nope


      Because my body isn't a wonderland, it's sick.


    1. Dakillzor



    2. Nope


      I have one more clip of him in the making. You wont believe it; IT'S LAKEVILLE AGAIN! 4th clip of him failing on Lakeville. This human can't Lakeville. Or drive. ^^

  19. What a clown. Not talking about all the face paint, but him taking the time mid-crisis to so flippantly pat himself on the back in social media. :facepalm:


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    2. Flaksmith


      Are you sure that's an actual tweet? His twitter is often photoshopped.

    3. deathmachine16


      It's only more attention that gets drawn to himself which is exactly what he wants 

    4. Nope


      This tweet was in a newspaper, it was linked in an article about the shooting.

      Not all attention is good in all cases, and certainly not in this one. It's just confirming what a giant clown he is, and he does it over and over.

  20. I've ordered som new ...



    ... Shoes!:dealdog:

    :disco:*big surprise* :disco:

    1. Xen


      :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: 

  21. Plenty new videos on my channel, some short fun-ish ones, and a handful of great paddings. If you want to see JUST ONE flawless carry today, I recommend the Killerkid-video:

    I am MissNurkie and I approve of this channel kappa:


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    2. Nope


      Killerkid is impressive. He's not a known name around town, but he surely deserves to be known far and wide.



      Also, I already know I fucked up with the tank name, will fix when I get home, no bulli pls. :3

    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      U baddie. Hope u don't make the same typ0s at work. Being an accountant n stuff. :doge:


    4. dudixy


      His stream is awesome as well, he should be advertised here on wotlabs if he isn't already.

      hey fgt, what's your name? 

  22. Ok, let's try this again:


    1. BlackAdder


      Better than last time, still not on @shishx

      level. 1080p is bit weird.

    2. Nope


      The recordings are of good quality before uploading, youtube is killing the quality. Before uploading the icons are defined and readable, chat is readable and the tanks and maps look good. Then I upload...

    3. BlackAdder


      Dunno, i uploaded few videos (not WOT ones) but the quality was pretty good. Ask shishx :D 

  23. When you're so tired you sleep for half a sec every time you blink :snail: I have so much shit to do before bed too FML

    Might even log on FAMU TS and troll someone for a while just to keep me off the sofa. :dealdog:

  24. Ditched Spotify for Tidal. Then realised my 300-song playlist on Spotify is gone. KURWA. Might have to re-install Spotify to manually add all the songs on Tidal, ugh. The struggle.

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    2. Nope


      I just CBA, much easier to just update the list as you go, remove old shit and put some new in- keep the classics. :3

    3. Monkey


      @Zinn So thats the guy I keep playing against!

    4. BlackAdder


      Why would you do that. :kjugh:

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