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  1. Guy with over 40k battles makes post on official forums about report function and how he was auto-banned for doing nothing because someone reported him. It's terribly written, but that's not the issue. The answer from WG staff: "You are obviously a competent player, so I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and guess it's your behavior towards other players that's rubbing people up the wrong way.". Unicums confirmed abusive assholes, now with WG seal of approval.

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    2. KurtaMurta


      Come on, that was just simple moderator trying to be helpful. And he's probably right - you won't get reported enough for a ban, unless you are constantly being an asshole.

    3. KurtaMurta


      Plus, that guy isn't even close to being unicum - blue WN8 and 53% WR... Fucking padder

    4. Zinn


      Although the mod left a dumbass reply, he probably wasn't wrong. I mean, the OP does state that he was being a shitlord in chat all day and kept logging in despite having issues forcing him AFK.

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