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  1. That fuzzy feeling when you violently stab your palm with a flat screwdriver and it goes so deep that the whole flat part isn't longer visible. I was trying to open an old can of lacquer for my new console table I made, shit was just glued stuck so I reall put my back into it.

    Better game it off when I no longer can hear the pulse in my hand.

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    2. SoliDeoGloria


      Nurki confirmed most metal wotlabber

    3. PityFool


      Life Lesson: Always make sure the direction of the force is away from any part of you. Another tip is to wedge the flathead under the lid and twist, if you're strong enough that will pop it open and its far less likely to hurt you.

    4. Nope


      After 3 years of working in a store that mixed paint, I know the basics to opening a can. :P Just this box in particular was a massive pain in the ass, so long since I had it open, shift in temperatures had made such a massive pressure so the lid was sucked into place. I was trying to push the lid so it would make a small opening to get some air in, and that was impossible to do without having opposite forces since the edge of the lid is too soft to do fancy moves, so rip my hand when I dropped everything at once. Probably shouldn't have tried it when my arms already was tired from staining, drilling and carrying. :nmad: 

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