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  1. They still do not realize I'm not one of them o.O


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    2. Captain_Rex33


      I may have sperged in the replay because my aim was horrible :/ but I suppose I can upload it.


      @TheMarine0341 manual because I'm a peasent and keep forgetting to change it to auto on my old 10s, basically sure way to tell when I got a tank is to check if it's auto or not :P

      -it has now been fixed


      honestly a pretty meh game apart from that fun;



      was having terrible session, and I have actually rage quit for the day so that's where the salt was coming from.


    3. KenadianCSJ


      @Captain_Rex33 Thank you. I needed that laugh.

    4. PrinzEugen478


      Damage upon detecting: 2619 :serb: 

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