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  1. After being murdered on the main forums a year ago for feeling good about 2,900 recents with 60% WR I decided to get my recents for both metrics into the not unacceptable bad range.. I hath now succeeded :D

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    2. garryallen


      Don't even start on the sea forums...

    3. Captain_Rex33


      @SkittlesOfSteeI 3.2k but this time w/ 67% WR rather then 60%

      @garryallen if you have super unicum wn8 recents you had better have super unicum WR recents too, otherwise you're a crap stat padder who people would prefer a teal over

    4. garryallen


      ehh a lot of superunicums tend to be damage farmers or stat pedders sadly :(

      which is why solopub wr matters

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