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  1. because he is obviously going to report you and isn't just screwing around... feels like the official forums all over again.
  2. finally did something productive rather then playing this cancerous game. http://imgur.com/a/FKn0o

    when you can't find any actually decent ground textures and are too lazy to make your own :(


  3. when you're technically a 17 year old highschooler but spend more time at the university and are a second year engineering undergrad and your bus driver who literally has less education then you tries to force a fucking seating chart... 10/10, 8 mile walk worth

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    2. PrinzEugen478


      I'm 16, I don't have a car, I'm in California.

      Unlike some people, my family isn't exactly rich to the point where I get a shiny Audi, Beamer, Porsche, or Mercedes when I got my drivers license.  Some people are just spoiled...

    3. Assassin7



      i had to buy my own first car.

      (or, rather, my mum bought it originally and I paid it off through my first job, which I only got because mum bought me the car since its apparently impossible to get a job here without your own car)

    4. zapyoug


      seating charts for a bus in high school? da fuk?

      sounds like the kind of person to give you shit for sleeping. :QBSeal:


  4. most people can make the E5 work so go with that I am probably the worst on the server with it.
  5. so you mean they have even less excuse for letting my pull 2k dpg in a t-34 then they had originally...
  6. actually trying to play this game again but none of my friends are online... anybody want to be my friend?


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    2. Captain_Rex33




      I play on NA under the same name so just add me I guess


    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I néed someone to help pad me to dark purple recent winrate. IGN-Meows_o7o7

    4. KruggWulf
  7. oh, I don't insult people by calling them Nazis, I tell them that they are a waste of life and need to be shot/gassed/killed in other horrible ways.
  8. getting chat banned seems to help problem is wargaming refuses to perma-chat ban me because obviously rage induced Nazi-ish rants every other game for the last few years isn't grounds for more then a single 24 hour hit...
  9. am I now required to play cancer to purge the game of this abomination once it goes live
  10. After being murdered on the main forums a year ago for feeling good about 2,900 recents with 60% WR I decided to get my recents for both metrics into the not unacceptable bad range.. I hath now succeeded :D

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    2. garryallen


      Don't even start on the sea forums...

    3. Captain_Rex33


      @SkittlesOfSteeI 3.2k but this time w/ 67% WR rather then 60%

      @garryallen if you have super unicum wn8 recents you had better have super unicum WR recents too, otherwise you're a crap stat padder who people would prefer a teal over

    4. garryallen


      ehh a lot of superunicums tend to be damage farmers or stat pedders sadly :(

      which is why solopub wr matters

  11. I can't fucking take it... 3 man top tier OI platoon on ensk do 0 fucking damage between them... I swear sub 50%ers aren't fucking human.

    1. Assassin7


      Ill gladly hold your account for you again :^)

    2. PrinzEugen478


      *looks at stats* :feelsbad: 

  12. I'm down to play any tier if anybody wants a crapteal
  13. all I know is it says I'm blue rather then teal by their metric
  14. ran through in a training room and to me the north looks promising, seems to be just enough terrain for hull down to be an effective strategy on both offensive and defensive plays, the ability of meds to get around and fight the heavies after taking north remains to be seen though as I can easily see the south being able to fight effectively both ways because that building fustercluck.
  15. acing the skoda with 7.5k damage isn't a bad first game for 9.16 :D

    also managed to ace it within 100 games because 100th game ace. AYYYY

  16. -21 left -6 right do I win having the worst vision here? lifestyle: highschool cancer life with 1-2 hours screen time/day excluding texting and stuff because teen life.
  17. It may be crap, but it is still crap that I will get in my garage because the tier 8 is too good for me not to buy, and quitting a line a tier 8 is now poor form for me.
  18. by semi-functional you mean the most effective armor I have actually seen in this game right tier 10 meds and heavies: autobounce front, solution; load gold... except nope, that won't work either. this thing will be vulnerable to tier 10 TDs and even then the grille 15 and obj. 263 simply are not going through, and anybody that fires heat = ineffective. This is honestly in my view the ideal front plate of any tank in this game. if you have your gun on a target then you don't need to worry, that target cannot get through you, and now rng doesn't even play a role as autobou
  19. my account left the clan because irl drama and shit that was not entirely in my control, but I still made many mistakes. is it possible for me to rejoin
  20. I had one then sold it, you can tell I sold it because its stats are still shit and it has almost no battles played
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