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  1. This shit should be carved into stones and bashed into heads of so many people. Majority people actually. Mostly young ones these days. No offense to anyone, it's the old fart in me speaking. Well said Miros, well said.
  2. wow such quality post, much content and elaborate thinking
  3. Don't forget that T9s do not have camo paint if you had permanent camo bought on t8 Oh and if you by any chance did grind some XP to have a head start for unlocking t10 from new t9 you can go fuck yourself as all remained on new t8s. I for instance have some 500k useless XP accumulated accross t8 LTs on CT
  4. is clutch/offroad improving traverse speed in siege mode too?

  5. Anyone knows if we are getting March of Nations specials in Jan/Feb like in past?

  6. anniversary update fucks up my ping from ~30ms to 120+ and cripples my throughput. Luckily tcpoptimizer fixes ms shit in no time. :awyeah:

  7. 2 years - 1 medal per year. It came with 9.3 in September 2014 as far as google can tell. Now gib upboats
  8. oh dank spg missions this weekend I dont think I will play any random...
  9. They already did. Just check the topic linked to the news.
  10. Too busy thinking about work yesterday and this morning to play or comment on matras fisting desires
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