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  1. So it's been about 2 years since I last posted on here. Anyone remember how to edit your signature?

  2. Anyone know any shitlourde streamers that I can watch and laugh at?

  3. I'm gonna throw MMIMM out there. One of their players, _____________WARLORD____________ (exaggerated number of underscores for science), has 89%/sub 2k recents and an average tier of 2.47 over about 5.5k battles. From what I can tell, these guys love their T-127's and Cruiser III's.
  4. I pulled 2.8k WN8 in that tank, actually. @Marine: My remark about WN8 re: the STB was intended as sarcasm. The tank wrecks face, even if the turret trolls you almost as often as it trolls the enemy.
  5. So I bought the STB yesterday. I think I need to work on figuring out the proper combat range for this tank; it's clearly not a long-range sniper. That said, it has all the good aspects of the Type 61 plus some semblance of turret armor and actual camo (because the Type 61 is visible from fucking space even with a max camo crew). This is a super smexy tank, but with an expected damage value higher than all the other tier 10 meds, it's going to tank my WN8.
  6. Seriously considering changing my in-game name to either Reverend_Richard_Wayne_Gary_Wayne or Trumps_Mighty_Sword_of_Yooge

    1. How_Terrible


      Both of those are fucking awful

    2. OneTrueLeader
    3. How_Terrible


      I like that option.

  7. Does anyone else kind of think that the T67 is no longer worth keeping?

    1. Kitten


      asassian, that filthy padder

  8. How in fuck's name do you do LT-10? I feel like there's only like 2 maps in the whole game where that mission is even doable, and even then you need perfect positioning AND pubbies with half a brain.

  9. Care to elaborate? I would think the accuracy changes would hurt casemate TDs the most.
  10. With the new accuracy changes, I'm starting to think that GLD may be necessary on tanks with 2.9s base aim time.

    1. Drunken_Walrus


      GLD was a poor choice before, and it's poor now. The "changes" are insignificant.

    2. aaveq


      gld eq for arty feggots and t-34-like tonks.

    3. GoodEyeSniper14


      The changes don't feel insignificant to me. Every gun feels noticeably less accurate than before.

  11. The bolded portion is, IMO, a good argument for WG to increase the gold value of all (or at least most) of the provinces on the CW map, thus making CW more worth our time. Of course, this would lead to an increase in the pubbies' constant braying about how all the top clans get their CW gold "handed" to them via diplo rather than "earning" it through fights like someone with e-honoure would. But to get back on topic: co-sign everything Junkers said.
  12. Shaming this guy: We were on a corner against a healthy Type 59 and a oneshot T37 (I was in my IS-2, Jellodius in his T-34-3). Even though I was in a lower tier tank with less HP to spare, he refused to go around the corner first. In the end it didn't really matter which one of us went first, but the reasoning he gave for his decision after the fact was incredibly selfish and dickheaded.
  13. The big Nerf Bat O' Doom hasn't even happened yet, and I already can't wait to stop playing my TDs.

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