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  1. I entered my accountID on your website and searched for "130" and the ISU-130 wasn't listed by name.
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    It became a lot easier after I stopped being terrible in it. Requirement dropped by half a shot of damage or so. I didn't dare to do Mutant platoons with it because I was afraid my mark would drop. After I got my mark I did a 2x Mutant yolo platoon, and I still kept raising my Mark. So with a buddy stealing damage and not going full TriHard I still managed to raise my Mark. I now realised that I had a wrong setup with my previous attempts. Vents instead of optics, fire ext. instead of food etc, stuff like that.
  3. Finally managed to three mark the Mutant!


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    2. SaintLaurentius


      51k gold, hello?

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      @ZXrage about 2.9-3k combined

      @SaintLaurentius that's what you get when you make terrible life decisions :smiledown:

    4. SaintLaurentius


      So you invested your own money?

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    I finally managed to three mark the Mutant:
  5. Shit, I only just saw this. Solono, I hope everything works out, hearing everything you've had to go through.
  6. To elaborate a little more: A few days ago Legga came to me with the idea to prank people because for some reason people always believe me. This is how we planned to things to make the 'leaks' believable: And apparently we did a good job of making it believable, since it got picked up by Status Report and The Armoured Patrol incredibly quickly, so that was mission accomplished basically. But it didn't stop there. WoTExpress also picked it up. And WoTExpress is considered to be one of the more trustworthy 'leakers' out there. After WoTExpress it got a liiiiiiitle out of hand, since people actually started making youtube videos about it. When the various news websites posted the thing, Legga joined the comment sections to steer people away from mistakes in the tech tree. The Lorraine 40t is missing, a weakly armoured tank is tier 8, etc. He managed to deflect all those things. If anything, these things make it more believable since we're talking about Wargaming after all. Ahistorical things and fuck-ups are to be expected. But Legga wasn't done yet. He wanted to leak more. We discussed it a little in chat and I suggested he'd leak tank descriptions. I gave him some pointers on how to make a legit looking description and Legga went to 'work'. But Legga made a few spelling mistakes in the description so I set out to fix the description: Yes, for about half an hour there was description with various spelling errors on WoTLabs. Luckily, no one caught it. The fixed descriptions got posted on the various websites fairly quickly too. Lesson for y'all to learn: Don't believe me when I talk about rumours or leaks. I've done this in the past and every single time there are people who believe me just because it's me. tl;dr:
  7. Oh I babyraged when I saw the offers, yes. But that was a few weeks ago so I've calmed down already. But still, they totally broke their promise of "you will never ever be able to get this tank after the release" as said in the video hall0 posted. And it's confirmed by WG on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/6286b1/aprils_fool_joke_the_mutant_is_back/
  8. I've asked around a bit, and this is what I got back from a friend: Dunno if you tried this already though.
  9. If anyone here is interested in the current Syrian Civil War, I suggest you check out the following magazine: https://goo.gl/2lTB1p

    (Previous releases can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/5r88f2/the_week_in_review_issue_1_volume_3/)

    sorry not sorry for shilling

  10. Well RIP VK 7201 K. The only difference with the Panzer VII are the gun stats. Even the gun model is exactly the same. Copy pasta much?
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