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  1. May or may not be categorically "borrowing" some of these.
  2. Getting called a jew doesn't bother me, Charles... Having the word Ni**er spammed at me for an hour by a petulant, churlish, child, however, is something that does.
  3. The Super's gone through many changes in it's life. Some good, some bad, and I hate to admit I may have deviated from the path of righteousness... and sold it back for gold when it was an option. However, I saw the error in my ways and I bought it back, in 9.6... People mocked me and told me I was a fool. I don't think I've made a single decision more right than the one I made in buying back the SuperP.
  4. What do you mean "You can't pad in the T-54 Lightweight anymore."?

    1. TheMarine0341


      Well... you are "the talent"

  5. Doing a BT-SV bundle giveaway at some point tonight. Seems like it's already off to be a shitty night so it probably wont be long.
  6. Doing a BT-SV giveaway @ twitch.tv/nolan1243

  7. Not that I'm an authority on good tanks v/s bad tanks, but I personally don't think it's that bad. Sure, it get's it's pants pulled down and it's shit pushed in if you end up fighting an M41 alone, but it's still a riot. I got mine last night and played 50 battles in it with mediocre results: The majority of those games were firing almost exclusively AP. It makes decent credits when you don't have it in 13 90 "I need APCR and food to make this tank competitive with other tier 8 lights" mode. And the inter-clip reload is fucking hilarious, made even better by the fact it's only 14~ seconds for 8 more rounds of comedy. If you buy it expecting it to be anything more than what it is, a moving billboard with a gun that's for all intents and purposes, worse than the tier 5 T-34... then you're gonna have a bad time. Most people that know me, know me as someone who rages at this game for everything. If it was ​seriously that bad this would have been happening... But it wasn't. I was having fun... p.s. What are the expected values for the 57? I just noticed the 900wn on Wotlabs for those games... p.p.s. Fuck it, I was having fun.
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