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  1. So I should be around... I think noon:30 eastern onward(?) tomorrow (aka 10/16). I got a taste of the chodeage the other day with ya and I think I want to come back for more. As an interesting aside, playing warships and D&D finally brought me to a state of gaming "nirvana" similar to what @dualmaster333 is quoted for in your signature.
  2. The stats almost look good enough for me to want to play them. The real questions are: how will they compare with meds? how shitty will they be in this map pool? how long will I need to wait to find out? I haven't been playing tanks for a long time. I think it's been more than a year since I played a significant session of tanks like I used to. With this, the proposed MM changes, and some of the other potential changes that are on SB I might actually get interested in the game again. Edit: oh and if they actually implement the consumable changes (where they basically co
  3. WG seems to want LT's "special thing" to be viewrange, similar to how (WG pushes towards) MT's are allrounders, HT's get survivability, and TD's get firepower. That would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that the majority of the maps are corridors to funnel people into. What use is vision and camo when engagement ranges are generally <150m? This game devolved into "who can push the corridor better" very quickly.
  4. Even if the LT's got dank camo and crazy viewrange, it would just make them OP on 20-25% of the map pool and worthless on the rest. WG murdered LT's very slowly with map changes and removals.
  5. So I've been looking at the leaked stats for the T10 LT's... and I'm mostly disappointed. Still back and banking xp on the T8's (since WG will just move them to T9 to save rebalancing) just in case they get buffed before release, but I'm not terribly hopeful yet. They still just look like boner bait with this shit map pool. Edit: Okay I'm currently prone to hyperbole when it comes to tanks. The Chinese T10 looks halfway decent, the German one could be okay depending on soft stats, and the Russian one is of course going to be troll because it has T54 armor on a stupidly thin hull an
  6. I decided to play a match in the Type 62. My rationale was "oh, I'm at 89% on the MoE. It wont take many games to 3-mark it, and then I can really shelve it." http://wotreplays.eu/site/2922395#fiery_salient-jacg123-type_62 3300dmg, 700 spotting, 6 kills.... and my MoE goes down to 87%. I think its got something to do with how long it has been since I played it.
  7. Man, those carries were so damn satisfying. It was like the good ol' days before blob meta!
  8. I do believe the point is that you are not supposed to reliably pen maus weakspots from the front. (radical concept alert) You're supposed to flank it.
  9. Personally I can't see going through the effort of getting and training these crews for CW. Maybe for tournies, but not CW. It just isn't that crew dependent or rewarding enough to be worth it, not to mention 90%+ of your game time will be spent in pubs. Put your crews where you'll have fun!
  10. I told him not to go back middle. "Bruh I got this, I'm in a kv-220" So I think he was about sr720
  11. The best suggestion I can give you is to put your female crews in tanks from nations with a large selection of gud tanks, in order to make them meta proof. Germany would be a good nation to consider, but unfortunately many of their t10's have 5 or 6 crew members. The US and Ruskie lines also have many good tanks, since those make up the first three trees. As of now, you can re-purpose a crew member to almost anything from where they started, other than a cross nation transfer. That free SiS perk is an amazing trait, and one I wouldn't want to see gone to waste just because the meta chang
  12. Been ages since I poasted here. I think I may start again. Anyway, here's my newest Kolos medal: http://wotreplays.eu/site/2820832#serene_coast-jacg123-kv-220-2 Kv-220-2, so nothing to be too proud of. Still very fun!
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