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  1. Stop me from buying a Tirpitz - or encourage me

    1. Deusmortis


      I choose encourage.  It's a damn fun ship.  Makes great money.  A BB that's as fast as many cruisers.  Gets you in the fight and brawls well.  Probably my favorite ship in the game.

    2. Caracallaz


      Honestly can't go wrong with it.  Warspite, Murmansk, Tirpitz are all pretty much amazing buys.  Sometimes the best moments are when some BB tries to ram and you surprise them with a torp spread.  Amazing how little variety of ships there are yet people just don't know.

    3. Trobs


      I'm with Deus - it's a great ship. Practically Immune at 8-12k, torps within 6. It's agile and fast (for a BB) and the shots travel pretty quickly.

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