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  1. Just loaded up WOWS after three months. What are Commemorative Flags and can I use them more than once and/or move them between ships? 

  2. Just one of those 360, noscope, behind-the-back kills 


  3. 45.02B: 12.8 or 10.5? 

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    2. Nekommando


      105 all apcr if you are kewei

    3. leggasiini
    4. WhatTheSkara


      APCR 128mm just to make pubs salty as fuck

  4. VK 4502B: buy on-track or nah? 

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    2. Kilpanic


      Still only on HT-15.2, so... yeah? 

    3. CarbonWard


      Ya, best tank for HT missions like dmg blocked hands down.

    4. monjardin


      If you plan to attempt HT-12.3 & HT-12.4, then it's a must buy.

  5. What's the name of the mod in Aslain's pack that superimposes red-bordered white damage numbers over your tank as it takes damage? 

    1. Android25


      I've always seen that as a feature of the damage recieved panel.

  6. OK, time to poop or get off the pot. 46KR Y/N? 

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    2. Joyrider216



      I did a writeup about it, I think its worth it

    3. Kilpanic


      You are all a bunch of enablers

    4. Joyrider216







      Yes friend I am :3

  7. I know, I know - small sample size. 


  8. How does Luke know what Darth Vader's getting for Xmas? ...He can feel his presents

  9. What did the celery say in his new Tier 6? 

    "Sorry I'm stalk" 

  10. Wife just bought me a Tirpitz for Xmas. She's a good 'un - I think I'll keep her. 

  11. Stop me from buying a Tirpitz - or encourage me

    1. Deusmortis


      I choose encourage.  It's a damn fun ship.  Makes great money.  A BB that's as fast as many cruisers.  Gets you in the fight and brawls well.  Probably my favorite ship in the game.

    2. Caracallaz


      Honestly can't go wrong with it.  Warspite, Murmansk, Tirpitz are all pretty much amazing buys.  Sometimes the best moments are when some BB tries to ram and you surprise them with a torp spread.  Amazing how little variety of ships there are yet people just don't know.

    3. Trobs


      I'm with Deus - it's a great ship. Practically Immune at 8-12k, torps within 6. It's agile and fast (for a BB) and the shots travel pretty quickly.

  12. AW NA: 2 minutes in queue to get a Tier 4 game on a Saturday afternoon. Game ded? 

    1. edger2020


      I played on NA for lulz and had only 180 ping but game was very playable, so gif it a try on EU, with X3 special u can grind things very fast

  13. Long day at work finally over. Head to my FLGS to draft Magic or stay at home and try out my new Warspite? 

  14. Seeing Rampage for the first time on @Anfield's stream. I have to play this shit show for the reward tank? :(

  15. OK, bought the stupid FV4202 tonight, I better win something cool with tomorrow's patch

    1. bolagnaise


      I love the FV4202, it's a great tank, just always needed better top speed.

  16. Can someone ELI5 Rampage mode? I was AFG last time around. 

    1. Siimcy


      Special game mode, Domination & Steel Hunt. Domination I've played the most, it gives really good base exp on both losses and wins. On wins it's usually always 2k+ base exp for really ez grinds. T8+, no stats to care about just ez  grinding.

  17. Lost the will to try to win, but still want to play. Let's see if trying to get maximum damage is fun. 

  18. What the hell happened to World of Tanks? Every game is a bum rush now. 

  19. All these games are time vampires. How do you enjoy them without having them suck your life away? 

  20. Why does my tank commander keep asking my loader to say "bow"? 

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    2. Kilpanic


      Did you know that if you DID stuff Dutch clogs into a gun breech, it would literally be sabotage? 

    3. no_name_cro
    4. neokai


      @Kilpanic I like people who know the etymology of words.

  21. All these games suck ass solo. 

  22. old-time newbie strimmin boats @ www.twitch.tv/kilpanic

    1. sr360


      You aced it already? I can't get past 1/c

    2. Kilpanic


      I'm pretty sure I had already aced it but that was a black swan game for me.

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      the 101's deprssion hurts

  23. It's Mothers' Day, go buy some flowers you cheapskate!

  24. 9.7 is the most bug-ridden patch of the last four years

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      9.0 and 7.4 give it a run for its money

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