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  1. I guess they are looking to see if the SB changes will be able to attract formerly-enfranchised players, because my application was accepted just in time for the v3 test. 

    What can I expect in the meta? And what has been changed the most about regular tanks so that I can focus on that? 

  2. 11 hours ago, Manic_Wombat said:

    Looking through old threads it seems that the concensus on the Emerald was that it was so bad it was best to just free XP past it.

    Is that still the case or have I missed some buffs?

    Everyone already got a Leander for free a couple months ago. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Jaegaer said:

    Again, for what? If someone looks at your stats and sees 60% winrate for platooning and 50% winrate without - what do you buffer here? In WoT you would because your higher winrate from platooning would be displayed in your all stats and noone could tell wether this was platooning or solo, but in ships you can.

    If you're recruiting for a clan, you're looking for somebody to team up with, and maybe you want people who can demonstrate that team play elevates their game. 

  4. 1 hour ago, OnboardG1 said:

    If you can learn to live with it it's an incredibly helpful targeting tool with faster firing ships. For example, if I'm in my Zao or Moskva and I have the broadside of a cruiser but get the aim wrong slightly it's much easier to finely adjust the aim to hit what I want to hit when the game maintains the track than to try to eyeball the new aim point.

    I'm also using it to maintain target acquisition while I zoom out between shots to get a better look at the battlefield. It's taking some retraining but I think it's going to be a big help. 

  5. 49 minutes ago, BiggieD61 said:

    I have seen a bunch of them - but honestly, unless it's 3 guys from an functioning Clan, it doesn't phase me to see it.  Most often ( at least during the AM/early PM EST ) it's 3 average randoms that are playing together for fun/friendship.  It doesn't seem to be the 3 man Unicum kick squads from WoT that caused chaos and abnormal game play from both teams.

    Yeah there's a big difference in commitment between the early afternoon players and the evening ones. For that reason I prefer playing during the day, when the population of sensible casuals seems highest, but sometimes my schedule dictates that my gaming time is in the evening, and I don't want to feel I have to choose between not playing boats and losing at boats. 

    I'm the kind of guy who plays 2-3 games a few times a week, so if even 20% of those games start at an obvious disadvantage, it's incredibly discouraging to me. Fortunately Ranked is here again so I can feel like I'm playing on a level playing field for awhile. 

  6. 42 minutes ago, SoliDeoGloria said:

    So then, unselect them, and once you've found the lead you want, quickly select them again, fire, and deselct. It's a bit harder, but they'll only see flashes of the targeting icon.

    Yes of course, but I've found that this trick doesn't stop the evasive maneuvers. 

  7. I am also on the Ibuki and having the exact same experience. I've been trying to implement the strategy recommended by iChase by focusing early on BBs as they are easiest to hit at long range and therefore the best way to contribute to the early-game attritional battle. I've also been trying to support any divisions on my side but usually am on the side either without a division or the one with two nitwits in Scharnhorsts and their New Mexico buddy.

    So far I'm 40% WR to show for that strategy. If anything Priority Target has made life even harder, since everyone I target immediately starts jinking like a madman. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Kilpanic said:

    I'll try it again, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't working on my ARP boats when fully loaded. 

    OK I can see that it works, but I think it only works if you haven't preselected the other ammo type; ie if you have HE loaded but had hit 2 for the next volley to be AP, when you switch it goes through the whole load cycle. That's annoying. 

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