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  1. How does Expert Loader work? Whenever I switch ammo types (whether fully reloaded or in the middle of a cycle) I still get the full cool down.
  2. Not a dad, a good or a joiner, but feel free to invite me if you need an underage boat in your div.
  3. As the title suggests. I play at least a bit most days. Add me!
  4. Another waterbourne Canuckian looking for divisions. I have a Kabuki now so can play up to Tier 9.
  5. I'm trying hard to treat this as a completely casual game, but dammit I'm a bit salty after this one. Dat income tho.
  6. Sorry buddy, that came out nastier than I intended. I think the best case endgame though is that in 18-24 months they will push out a minimally-viable product with lots of lip service about 'incremental modular improvements' that will never see the light of day.
  7. It's bewildering to me that people with allegedly good critical thinking skills 'don't understand' how a player who conceivably lost every single game on their way to Tier 10 is still bad at the top tier. Players trend to higher skill levels as the tier increases but it's by no means a requirement. US BB drivers in particular seem to be egregiously bad, probably due to Boat Daddy Syndrome.
  8. I used to be so interested in seeing how long they could kick the can down the road and string their backers along. Now that the answer is clearly 'indefinitely', I'm pretty bored of the whole thing. I do feel bad for the remaining faithful, though, who must be gullible to the point of mental illness.
  9. That's impossible, but I think you know this, since you've already said you're committed to finding and achieving the 'global maxima'. How would you make a skill as worthwhile as Concealment Expert that doesn't also completely skew the game? Currently we have the largest ships in the game taking CE because it warps a ship's abilities so much. I still think that a better way to encourage diversity is to increase the opportunity cost of the best skills. You want CE? Fine, but you don't also get AFT and Last Stand, for example. Another way to encourage diversity is to get rid of 'absolute v
  10. Well nobody's 'fond' of that, but if the point is to encourage diversity in commander builds, that's one way to do it.
  11. You never get a second chance at a first impression. I have some premium content for AW, but will likely never be back.
  12. Unless they add tree prerequisites to the best perks, so folks can't just cherry pick the best skills at each tier. It's almost like MMOs hadn't figured this shit out decades ago.
  13. I still see some prime skull real estate.
  14. Doesn't that last 1.3 bug you just a little though? I had nearly 20 million credits last week too, and thought I was sitting pretty, but then I discovered that a Tier 8 ship costs nearly 15 million... I even switched to Credit containers for a bit more cash infusion, so of course I got a flags supercontainer :/
  15. Well at least I can jump into the upcoming season from Day 1 with premium ships, instead of having to spend half the season grinding out suitable boats in Random Battles.
  16. I feel like I missed the announcement that Season 5 would be Tier 6/8 ships. Anybody got a link?
  17. A decent competitive environment for folks who don't want to division up all the time.
  18. I have the tanks for this but not the time; it would take me roughly 50 games a day, 5 days a week. Seems like a mission tailor-made to get people like me to get halfway there and spend $40 on a tank we wouldn't normally want.
  19. I've been following this game on Twitch for months. Every single WoWS twitch player (arguably the most enfranchised player base) except for Izolate plays 100% of the time in three-man divisions, and many of them have expressed frustration at less than 85% win rates. Division play in the casual, random format is the single most busted part of the game at the moment, and the fact that it's largely unacknowledged doesn't mean it isn't a huge problem.
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