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  1. No. I probably should have been more sarcastic in this thread.
  2. I'm starting to have second thoughts about this whole Star Citizen thing.
  3. '88' thousand hp on the Tier 10? Now that's a dog whistle.
  4. Maybe, and stay with me on this one, maybe the 'people' in your story are two different groups of people
  5. There will always be a worst player and he will still get shit on by everyone else.
  6. OK so it's a debuff and not an actual stun. I thought people were saying you couldn't do anything for 20-30 seconds!
  7. I'm shocked that people aren't losing their minds over a 'stun' mechanic being added to the game. CC in PvP games is worse than terrible! I'd much 'rather' get one-shot and be able to move to the next game than hand my tank's controls over to some SPG shitter for 15 minutes. Disclaimer: I'm not on the Sandbox server and have no interest in testing atm so I may be misreading the comments.
  8. Just about ready to take the Farragut for a spin but was wondering what to take for a four-point skill. Given that every Ranked match starts with a brawl for the cap, I'm thinking that the extra hit points of SE will help more than the extra range of AFT. Am I out to lunch?
  9. I got the T 40 and the T 25 mixed up. I'm an idiot. I'll shut up now.
  10. I don't have enough games for a 15-point captain, so I guess I'll just have to take the hit. :/
  11. There's just no way. the T 25 has a much lower rate of fire, which punishes misses more harshly in the peek-and-poke meta of medium tanks. It has worse gun depression, which limits its tactical flexibility compared to the Cromwell. And it's slower and less maneuverable, which limits its strategic mobility.
  12. Keep in mind there is a vocal component of the enfranchised player base who won't touch Tier 10 with a 1.66 fathom pole. Not only are there no incentives to get to Tier 10, there are several large blockers, including time to grind XP, cost of operation (more grind), and a static gameplay that is utterly dominated by three-man divisions. Personally I consider it a strength that a progression game with such strong disincentives to progression still manages to have such a high level of customer retention and loyalty. It's a testament to how fun and interesting the game is (not to mention fl
  13. I hate mine a lot. It's great for farming damage if you can get set up, but lousy at contributing to a changing situation, which is when most games hang in the balance.
  14. Nothing is superior to the T25/2 as a TD (luv u 4eva bae)
  15. I think nobody read the part about how the tanks are supposed to be compared by class as well as by tier, because there aren't enough '5's for TDs
  16. T-34-2 - 20110 - 20AMX 50 100 - 22Rhm B WT - 20Jagdpanther II - 27Ferdinand - 20VK 45.02A - 15Tiger II - 22Panther II - 5 Before the VTU there was this thing. Which is essentially the same thing. Meh tank.Indien Panzer - 17STA-1 - 21O-Ho - 21Centurion I - 6 AT-15 - 20Caernarvon - 11Charioteer - 17 T69 - 21Pershing - 26 more like Per-schwing! T32 - 27 ISU-152 - 20SU-101 - 17 - it's a stack of fuck shit on top of itself Obj416 - 24T-44 - 20IS-3- 34 KV-4 - 20 fixed to 20.
  17. I've been playing more boats lately and I'm trying to figure out what goal ships I want to grind for. Grinding takes so long in World of Warships that I don't want to spend a month shooting for a garbage ship, but I can't find robust criteria anywhere for finding whether a ship is good or not. I've been playing around with the data on Warships Today, but I dunno if the stats there are meaningful. For example, most of the best overall win rates are various premium ships. But is that because the ships are superior, or because they are always in their 'elite' configuration, while tech tree
  18. Is it 'quitting' if you go from playing a few hours every day to playing a few games a week, sometimes with months-long breaks? I took my foot off the gas when it was clear that I had plateaued in skill and that practice time in-game had long ago reached a point of diminishing returns. When my schedule changed, keeping me from playing even casual tournaments, I lost most of the impetus I had to play the game.
  19. WZ-120: 21 WZ-111 1-4: 22Skoda T-50: 26Lorraine 40t: 3AMX 30: 21 Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 15Jagdtiger: 22VK 45.02 B: 22E 75:16E 50: 25Leopard PTA: 22. my personal favorite Tier 9. I'm curious about the buffs! Type 61: 14Centurion 7/1: 9Tortoise: 17Conqueror: 23Conway: 8. I've never heard anybody say anything good about this thing. At least the 40t used to be good! T54E1: 21T30: 21M46 Patton: 31M103: 11 Object 704: 17SU-122-54: 2T-54: 21 Object 430 II: 23 T-10: 26ST-I: 20
  20. Kilpanic

    CA lines

    Grinding sucks and Tier 10 gameplay is even more degenerate than World of Tanks. Buy mid-tier premiums and don't worry about the grind.
  21. Just loaded up WOWS after three months. What are Commemorative Flags and can I use them more than once and/or move them between ships? 

  22. I guess that was my point. OP asked "which tank should I buy with my free gold" and everyone was like "get this tank you can't get lulz." If it's just trolling then carry on.
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