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  1. You've got to play like a bitch, with an eye to batting cleanup. Refuse all head-to-head engagements if possible, and always be in a position to run unless you have a full clip and your opponent has less than 700hp.
  2. You earn a 24-hour rental for 1,000xp (cumulative) in the M3 Lend-Lease.
  3. Just one of those 360, noscope, behind-the-back kills 


  4. 45.02B: 12.8 or 10.5? 

    1. Nekommando


      105 all apcr if you are kewei

    2. leggasiini
    3. WhatTheSkara


      APCR 128mm just to make pubs salty as fuck

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  5. T-21 could see 10s when it first came out, but so could all the other Tier 5 and 6 scouts, so that was just a cost of doing business in light tanks. And the T-43 may have the T-34-85's gun, but with a much faster RoF; I seem to remember getting it down to under 4 1/2 seconds. Also you used to be able to put a 100mm on it, so it played pretty much like the Czech T-34/100 - underwhelming, but not categorically awful. I do take your implied point that the era you played a tank in counts for a lot. When I played the T-43, I thought that 194 APCR pen was plenty, but I can see some folks
  6. I'm enjoying this thread because while it's helping to identify consensus worst tanks, it's also showing each individual's biases. For example, I thought the TVP 46 and T21 were just fine, if not particularly good, and I quite liked both the T-43 and the 50-120. (The Lorraine is a special case because it was ridiculous at Tier 8).
  7. VK 4502B: buy on-track or nah? 

    1. Kilpanic


      Still only on HT-15.2, so... yeah? 

    2. CarbonWard


      Ya, best tank for HT missions like dmg blocked hands down.

    3. monjardin


      If you plan to attempt HT-12.3 & HT-12.4, then it's a must buy.

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  8. Fuck casemate tanks in general is what I guess I'm saying.
  9. 10. A-20. A completely frivolous tank, irrelevant in every game. 9. Panther /M10. Probably a holdover from my hatred of the Panther, it's a DPM sniper that has a very low impact. 8. Lowe. I struggled with this thing for 500 games or so before I sold it. Too slow, too big and too soft. 7. S 35. Maybe my most disappointing drive, I'd heard good things about the 'bathtub's gun but I just couldn't deploy it to any effect. 6. M3 Lee. Of course. 5. Jagdpanther. Another massive disppointment, its historical cachet and great looks were overshadowed by how poorly I perform
  10. Thanks for reminding me. I build a new PC every 4-5 years which is long enough for me to forget what a complete pain in the ass it can be. I think next time I'll just pay the 50 bucks to have someone assemble it for me.
  11. They will probably also be vulnerable to murderous sneak attacks by putative allies.
  12. I've played for short periods without premium, but disliked how much grindier the game is with a standard account. On the other hand, I find that premium acts as an incentive to play the game, since the clock is ticking whether I sign in or not. So depending on how casual you'd like to be, a standard account might be what you need to keep playing on an occasional basis. If you do decide to get premium time, you're better off getting it in big chunks IMO, as the gold savings are significant; if you play 3 days a week you're better off getting six months' worth than paying the daily rate.
  13. Will we ever learn that 'potential' is worthless?
  14. Is the T-34-3 different enough from the Type 59 to be worth getting if you already own the latter tank?
  15. This is not a new thing though; it's been like this for almost a year.
  16. @Masterpupil2 you've been getting hammered pretty hard in this thread, but I want you to know that even though this looks like a self-inflicted wound I'm still rooting for you to make it to Poland. Good luck kiddo!
  17. Come on, man, you're in a forum full of folks who have e-sports experience. WoT is less physical than singing. Do you think the drama nerds would get out of PE with that argument?
  18. How much APCR do you shoot? 210 pen is laughable.
  19. I love the Pershing and the Koreatank is a Pershing that shits credits, so there's that. The SuperPersh may be a better tank in pubs, especially with pref MM, but the M46KR is my go-to Stronghold tank and it hasn't disappointed. I felt a little foolish forking out the dosh for yet another premium so I hesitate to say it's 'worth it' but over the game's life span it might turn out to be the best value I've gotten out of DLC.
  20. About 3/4 of my WoT game time since the last campaign has been in Strongholds. While Tier 6 SH have a pretty low barrier to entry, I think you guys should consider Tier 8 over Tier 6. Why Tier 8? 1. The tactics are more interesting. In Tier 6 you will see two team compositions generally: fast teams that try to win games quickly with an overwhelming concentration of firepower, and ponderous heavy tank comps that try to win through the slow grind of attrition. Tier 8 by contrast uses more tanks and so affords a broader range of encounters (though light rushes and heavy camps remain via
  21. And both Tier 6 Chinese lights. 59-16 is an underrated little ball of menace!
  22. It's a great tank to fart around in. For some reason it strikes the perfect balance between mobility and mass for the new physics, so it just feels really 'tanky' to drive. It may be unsuited to the current meta but I really appreciate the solid alpha, and the RoF isn't too bad. So far I expect to like this tank at least as much as the (pre-buff) PTA, which I loved.
  23. I would think Repairs before Camo.
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