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  1. I XVM and I pubrage, an unpleasant combination. What's helped me get through slumps is a) playing through them rather than just sulking about them (I still sulk), and b) setting personal objectives rather than overarching ones in games that seem unwinnable. This can range from "I"m going to do at least X damage this match" to "I'm going to survive the next shot and deal one more shot of damage before I go under". Focusing on attainable objectives has helped keep me in the game and I think has contributed to both greater success and more fun of late.
  2. I guess I should have been a little clearer. I have the L52 already from the Ausf A, but spent most of my free XP on the tracks and turret. I have a 'reserve' of convertible xp but I'd rather not dip into my gold pile if I can avoid it. After considering the suggestions (quite a difference of opinion!) I think I'll try the L52 out first. Thanks for the help everyone!
  3. My cynical supposition is that WG are showcasing the T10 premiums by putting them first in the hands of the best players, so they look a lot better then they are. Then they will sell them to the hoi polloi at $100 a pop...
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    A nice gimmick that I use to get the West side rolling from the North spawn is to race to C3 at the start and shoot down the brick wall under the overpass (with HE if I have any). It's amazing to me how many people always just assume that wall is still there when they trundle up the slope to get shots at C2.
  5. I'm hoping to start the KT in June. Can I get by with the L52 without crippling my team too much, or should I bite the bullet and get the L68? I'm not shy about firing APCR when needed.
  6. This is a straight repost of a recent short guide I wrote for the WoT forum. I have no idea if it's pitched at the right level for this audience - please let me know!
  7. The Alexander Nevsky, my trusty T-34-85, has been a solid, fun tank for a big chunk of my time in WoT. This month's Tank Focus has inspired me to make it my most-played tank, and as I bring this chapter to a close (25 more games to go at the time of this post) I thought I'd share my thoughts about this superlative Jack of All Trades. Equipment, Skills and Loadout: Equipment: GLD to help with the poor aim time. Rammer of course. Vents for an overall boost to all-around decent tank. Standard consumables - a hit that will set you on fire will probably mess you up too much for an Auto Extinguis
  8. Love the initiative. What can I do to help?
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