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  1. You have to admit, you've got an ironic handle.
  2. What's the name of the mod in Aslain's pack that superimposes red-bordered white damage numbers over your tank as it takes damage? 

    1. Android25


      I've always seen that as a feature of the damage recieved panel.

  3. Lots of recommendations for the Mutz, but I'm not finding it in either the online Armory or the Premium Shop. What am I missing?
  4. Well you have to give them something. They make such useful cannon fodder.
  5. See what pisses me off is that I was skeptical from the start, but caved in a moment of weakness when I thought 'oh jeez this is my M6A2 moment! I better buy in now!' And then the predictable happened, as it does every time half-assed turns out to be fully profitable.
  6. I recently rebought mine for that exact purpose. I forgot how much I missed the turret boobies! It's a lot of fun, but I don't make a ton of cash in it (45 APCR loadout) which kind of defeats the purpose of T6 stronks.
  7. Well so did everyone else (or at least just to collect the miniatures). That's why I was surprised that the actual game was fun, at least for the couple scenarios we tried.
  8. You need to get out more All kidding aside, the minis *are* very nice, and there's a nice variety of them; I think no more than two bodies the same even of the lowliest grunt. The best part though is that the game is actually playable and half-decent; I was pretty skeptical especially when I realized there were no LoS/LoF rules but it totally works as a resource management game (not all that different from regular 40k in that respect).
  9. So glad to see this thread. I'm a big fan of electronic music, from originators like Gershon Kingsley to superstars like Aphex Twin, and everything in between!
  10. Prior to 9.14, Szarik definitely barked as a 6th-sense warning on the vanilla client.
  11. ...unless you're playing Tier 8 Strongholds or Team Battles, in which case it's the best way to get a Tier 9 into those modes.
  12. There's a 'rental mission' going on for the Tier 8 Premium WZ-111, so a good way to dip your foot into the pool is with a pref 8 of your own, or alternatively a Tier 9, though the bump in people playing pref 8s this week will give you a lot of 10s to fight.
  13. That's it in a nutshell, the TVP is the worst among a class of bad tanks. BTW top turret for me, it looks cooler.
  14. How fucking arbitrary. You are 100% correct, and female crew get 'Sisterhood of Steel' in lieu of 'Brothers in Arms'. I did not know that, and assumed that because it worked for the Czech crew I got (they are all women) it would work for other teams. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. A buddy of mine bought this and he's coming over in a couple of weeks. We're gonna spend the day assembling, painting and playing. Not that remarkable except it's a weekday and we're a couple of grown-ass men taking a day off to play with toy soldiers.
  16. You can also save all of your female crew for commanders on new lines, so you can start them with Brothers Sisters in Arms and Sixth Sense. WG has been offering crews and crew missions that start with BIA already, so this can give you a leg up on training and save you from needing to retrain down the road. (I did this with the Czech tanks in order to have both Tier 9 and 10 crews with BIA and 6th). This is bad advice, see below. Sorry!
  17. So how's this game coming along? I heard that Alpha 2.2 came out in January, what's it looking like these days?
  18. Man, if you have no friends, family, ambitions or responsibilities, that looks like an adequate way to live! Norwegian sociopaths have it made in the shade.
  19. If I didn't already have both versions I'd be pleased as punch over getting an extra tier 6 premium for free, OP or not, particularly since I had to pay cash money for crew trainers the last few times they introduced a new nationality. I'll be grumpy if they ask me to pay again for a Polish crew trainer given that I already have a Polish tank in my garage.
  20. It make a little bit of sense. It's a Polish tank.
  21. It's a Soviet tank with a Polish crew that served in a Polish division in the Soviet army. Still makes more sense to move it to the Polish tech tree when it comes.
  22. Why is is the dumbest thing? Rudy is a Polish tank, wouldn't it make more sense to put it in the Polish tech tree if such a thing ever came to pass?
  23. A head start on a new tech tree line and a free premium would be a PR disaster? I guess there's no pleasing some people.
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