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  1. There's already a Soviet premium T-34-85. They could just give that one to anyone who has the Rudy and move the Rudy over to the Polish line. Or move it and do some contest that enables anyone with a Rudy to obtain the Soviet version.
  2. Put an iconic Polish tank in the Polish tech tree? How unreasonable.
  3. Polish line by tier 1. Tachanka 2. TK-3 3. 4TP 4. 7TP 5. 9TP 6. 10TP 7. TK3-90mm (experimental) 8. TK3-105mm (experimental) 9. T-54 10. T-55 w/TKS (as a) turret
  4. Thanks for this. CR/D hasn't been this good in ages.
  5. On the other hand, some of us would love for this game to start slowing its headlong rush towards arcade twitchiness.
  6. Carried to yet another CW tank. Thanks, SIMP goods!
  7. I had owned the FV4202 but never played it, but nevertheless got the premium version through a firm but polite Support ticket. Ironically I doubt it'll ever leave my garage!
  8. Kilpanic

    The Witness

    My wife loves puzzle games and hidden-object games. I'm thinking of getting this one for her, and selling it as 'a puzzle game where you're in the puzzle', but I'm concerned that the game has underlying gamer assumptions that she won't get. Will someone who literally doesn't know what WASD is be able to play this game?
  9. I bought the FV4202 the night before 9.12 dropped and never played a game in it, and haven't (yet?) received the FV4202 premium. I've sent a support ticket in so we'll see.
  10. They'll probably just introduce Tier 11 tanks and move the Skodas up one tier
  11. OK, time to poop or get off the pot. 46KR Y/N? 

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      I did a writeup about it, I think its worth it

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      You are all a bunch of enablers

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      Yes friend I am :3

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  12. My guess is that the 9 and 10 will be nerfed in the patch after next, and that they will mess with the target acquisition characteristics of the autoloading guns. IMO the O-I tanks will stay unchanged for far longer, since the high skill floor helps average players compete in a mature meta.
  13. I know, I know - small sample size. 


  14. Of the players who migrated from WoT to AW, do you think that most of them were a) players dedicated to critical evaluation of their own gameplay, or b) players who were certain that their god-given tanking expertise was only held back by some inherent flaw in the game they game from?
  15. Somehow these guys all got T-22s, which we faced in CW tonight. They must have been tired from all those legitimate Rampage battles because they didn't fare very well.
  16. Not saying everyone will be as dumb as me, but I've died twice so far to TVP T 50/51s by misidentifying the Tier 10 as the Tier 9 and rushing after counting to 3.
  17. I watched Nolan try it for a bit a few days ago and it looked fucking miserable. It was so painful that somebody eventually gifted him gold to convert free XP.
  18. I have a somewhat similar build to yours (i5 processor, LGA1150 chipset, NVidia GPU) and had the same problem. It turned out to be not a cooling issue but a software one. Check to make sure that your Power Management Mode under 3d Settings in the NVDIA Control Panel is set to 'Prefer Maximum Performance' over 'Adaptive'. There might be a similar setting in your Windows Control Panel but I can't remember for sure.
  19. Same here. I don't have BIA but I ran buchty for the first 30 games then switched to AFE because I'm dumb and got lit on fire a few times. The tank shoots just a bit more wildly without food but the reload time is only one second slower.
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