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    Kilpanic reacted to OnboardG1 in Onboard Reviews the T8s   
    Since I've now played a substantial cross-section of the T8s figured it was a good time to do a rundown of the various ships. Most of these I've played with existing mechanics, but where I've not I'll indicate that fact. Grading is entirely arbitrary and based entirely on my subjective opinion. I have given each ship a rating for each type of play: solo, division and organised (including Clan Wars, Ranked and Team Battles). These ranks are as follows from high to low:
    1.      Exceptional: This ship is so strong it is amongst the best ships tier-for-tier in the game and is critically important in the game type listed
    2.      Strong: This ship is powerful and frequently used by top players and clans in the game type listed.
    3.      Competitive: This ship is competent in its role and is commonly used in the game type listed.
    4.      Underperforms: This ship underperforms in the game type listed and is not commonly used. This might be due to the ship being bad or just having its role performed better elsewhere.
    5.      Garbage: This ship is never used willingly in the game type listed and you will often be laughed at for bringing one.
    Also note that I'm not a carrier player and won't be covering them in any form.
    North Carolina - Solo: Strong, Division: Exceptional, Organised: Strong to Exceptional (map specific)
    Probably one of the best battleships tier for tier in the game. This monster has the best short range armament in the game (and it isn't too shabby outside the 10km optimal either). They're accurate (2.0 sigma) and have a fantastic terminal ballistic characteristic, rarely overpenetrating and frequently getting lol citadels (if you can handle the slow shell speed). It has tough armour, it's comfortably fast and the AA is brutal. Its only weaknesses are the somewhat poor handling characteristics and the torpedo belt. That hurts when someone shits torps at you, but provided you aren't dense enough to sit still in the open (you aren't are you?) it isn't a huge issue. It frequently sees play in comp as an anchor ship for a flank.
    Benson - Organised: Exceptional
    I've not actually played this ship since beta, and it's very much on my to-do list. However, all you need to do is look at the competitive meta to see how strong this boat is. Good torps, solid guns, enough health and speed. It's the perfect generalist and it has the best smoke in-tier. That makes it a fantastic support ship in a division, or a good soloist.
    New Orleans - Solo: Competitive, Division: Strong, Organised: Underperforms
    Used to be utter crap. Now it's one of the strongest, most consistent cruisers in tier. It's been progressively buffed since inception and had lots of tools added to its arsenal. In its current iteration it has solid DPM (yay 6.1 buff), good armour and based US AP shells (which have an 80 degree autobounce angle rather than a 70 degree autobounce angle). The HE isn't actually too bad either. You lack some of the versatility of the Atago with its torpedoes, but your guns are undoubtedly better. The addition of Radar makes the NO quite genuinely competitive in random games, where your ability to chase destroyers and Kutuzovs out of smoke is nothing short of game-winning. Paired with a short detection range you can sneak up on smoke clouds and end unwary dwellers very quickly with your fat Yankee shells. It sees less use in competitive because the Chapayev has stronger damage output and a longer range radar (generally you need less actual radar time in competitive and more range).
    Russia/Soviet Union
    Mikhail Kutuzov - Solo: Exceptional, Division: Exceptional, Organised: Exceptional (perfect score!)
    Hands down broken monster that has absolutely everything a cruiser should have and more. One of those accidentally OP ships where power creep played in its favour (it wasn't actually seen as that hot when it was first released). Where to begin with this 1954 model Russian Bias? It has a standard DD smoke, which allows you to lay big corridors for your team and then wander around in it spamming your IFHE shredder barrage. 152mm is, of course, the optimum IFHE calibre and you can inflict both huge alpha and huge DOT damage with your HE. That isn't to say the AP is bad either. Flat but not railgun arcs give good penetration characteristics and terminal ballistics, meaning you can DPM out just about anything that isn't a lower tier German or Japanese Battleship (not enough freeboard). The fact that you can use smoke to either aggressively approach to do this, or to kite away and HE spam is icing.
    It has enormous range too and an adequate concealment rating, meaning that you can play it like a traditional cruiser when you run out of smoke. The armour is terrible, but the ship is manoeuvrable and skinny enough that you can evade most fire sent your direction. Oh and the AA is best-in-tier godly so anyone stupid enough to try to fly planes near you will lose all of them. It also has a good torp armament, which allows you to get off ambushes or last-stand a charging battleship quite effectively. Or you can send them out the back of your smoke as you're leaving as a nasty surprise for anyone closing, since they have 8km range. It's used a lot in competitive for good reason. If you are going to buy one prem, it's this one.
    Chapayev - Solo: Underperforms, Division: Competitive, Organised: Exceptional
    The Kutuzov's specialist sibling, the Chapayev has less utility in randoms but is critical to any competitive lineup. It has excellent guns and concealment, allowing you to sneak up on unwary targets or spam IFHE from range. What really distinguishes the Chapayev is the unbeatable support combination of good AA and the 12km radar. Paired with the concealment this allows you to support a push like no other. Or as RNGSama from our KOTS team put it: You're playing a very important button. The Radar is critical to most strats and is very useful in division for flushing ships from smoke. You don't have the solo carry power of the Kutuzov in randoms however, and your awful turning circle and armour will get you killed a lot. It's not much fun when you don't have competent players taking advantage of your Y key. However, it's not terrible given it has solid guns and a slim profile. The torps are defensive only (4km range), but they are there and worth remembering for the times when you need them.
    Kiev - Solo: Strong, Division: Competitive, Organised: Underperforms
    Started off as a disgustingly OP T7, then was nerfed down to something more reasonable. Now reborn as a T8, this is a nasty little gunboat with good range, fast firing guns and a frankly inane 11% fire chance when specced for it. Oh and it's bloody fast. So fast that people will genuinely struggle to hit you (even if the turning circle is like an oil tanker as a result). The main flaw with the Kiev is a lack of versatility. It's a superb damage dealer and it can punch a torp wall through a smoke (now with 8k Lenin-approved torpedoes), but the lack of good concealment and DPM disadvantages against American destroyers make it a dicey prospect to contest caps, plus it only has RU smoke so you can't lay long-lasting cover for your team. If you're in a good division or have a friend in an American or Japanese destroyer who can spot for you it shits damage like crazy and draws fire away from squishier friendlies.
    Got it but the captain isn't up to spec so I can't give a definitive answer on this one.
    Kagero - Organised: Garbage
    Not really my style of ship (SAIL AROUND AND KEK TORPS LUL) so I'm probably not going to play it. Reddit says its shit so it's probably alright.
    Akizuki - Organised: Competitive
    Weeb fangirl favourite. It's on the list and I've seen the blistering AP dpm in competitive.
    Atago - Solo: Exceptional, Division: Competitive, Organised: Competitive
    Once this was the king of T8, now it has been demoted to a mere Duke. The Atago is still a strong ship, but the addition of actually good T8 cruisers that are as powerful as it is has reduced its standing quite a lot. It still has a heal and so has unparalleled survivability amongst T8 cruisers. It has good torp arcs, brutal torpedoes that have 10km range and solid main armament. It's fast and stealthy. However, it is also a very selfish ship. It does damage and nothing else. You don't have any fancy toys to help out your team (apart from your defensive AA consumable but your AA is so bad that it doesn't do anything apart from panic drops). Thats fine in randoms, you can do a lot of work in the ship with the good concealment, speed and high fire-chance HE. However, it's fallen out of favour in competitive because of the lack of powerful support abilities.
    Amagi - Solo: Strong, Division: Strong, Competitive: Exceptional
    Everyone's favourite T8 fast-battleship. The Amagi is your flanking, tanking battleship of choice for mobile groups. The somewhat unique ABXYZ turret layout allows you to kite in ways that the vast majority of battleships can't. If you've fought an Amagi you'll know that when one sails away from you at just the angle to get all of its guns on target it's virtually indestructible. Because of the excellent armour layout and turtleback (yes it has one, go look in the armour viewer) it is exceptionally tanky, and the speed allows you to dictate the terms of the engagement. It has accurate, powerful guns that "feel" right. It's hard to explain. The North Carolina has guns that are exceptionally rewarding if you learn to use them. The Amagi just performs.
    It's like the difference between a supercar and my MX5/Miata. The Supercar is going to perform better when you master it, but the Miata just works no matter how skilled you are. I love the Amagi main battery, even though I prefer the NC now that I've improved at the game. The ship is easy to play, versatile and difficult to kill. Oh and you have 40% torp damage reduction on the belt so air attacks are less dangerous and you can afford to eat the odd torp. The AA isn't great and you're very long so even though you have good torp resists you will eventually die to carriers. It's frequently used in the competitive scene because of the consistency of the guns, the mobility and the tankiness.
    Mogami - Solo: Underperforms, Division: Garbage, Organised: Garbage
    Note, I played this before IFHE so it will have some more damage potential now. The Mogami has potential but is VERY hard to play effectively. Mogami has a problem, and it's the gun choice. You can either have a mediocre 8" gun with reasonable handling, or an excellent 6" gun with terrible gun handling. The turrets turn so slow I was actually happy to give up some of my DPM to buff it with the turret traverse mod. It also has a strange quirk that means you pretty much have to play it stock: The stock hull has lower detection range and can stealth fire. This means that if you're lucky and skillful you can hover on the edge of your range and shit on people with the 15 6" guns. The firepower is crazy good for that sort of play. At the end of the day though it's too finnicky, hasn't got good AA and is very squishy. I played through it but it's probably the weakest cruiser in tier (maybe, see below) and lends virtually nothing to a two or three man division.
    Z-23 - Organised: Garbage
    I've shat on these things so often I never want to actually play one. Sorry, don't have anything more to say on this topic.
    Admiral Hipster/Prinz Eugen - Solo: Underperforms, Division: Underperforms, Organised: Garbage
    These ships should be good. They have a seemingly high DPM, fast shells and good torpedoes. It also has a turtleback, making it hard to citadel from close range. However, at the end of the day they just end up being very mediocre. The AP is alright but the moment you see angles it starts bouncing and the HE is a little too anaemic to take up the slack. They're a bit slow and the Hipper is garbage stock. I can't really think of much to say. It's like that old Top Gear review of the Vauxhall Astra: "Eughhh". I guess they're okay when you stay at range? It survives being worst in tier because the AA is serviceable and can help your division mates. Or you can stack hydro for whatever reason.
    Tirpitz - Solo: Strong, Division: Competitive, Organised: Underperforms
    The Lowe of WoWS, the Derpitz is often seen being driven by Wehraboos with 15 battles under their belt charging an enemy DD to "use torps". This is a ship with a crap main battery on a good platform. The ship is fast and fairly nimble, with fast turning turrets. Having a turtleback it suits brawling, particularly when you see the dismal spread that the guns have. They also have totally awful ballistics. They're too fast at close range, ending up with lots of overpens and lacking the plunge angle to easily dive below the water and still reach the ship. At long range the scattershot spread means you frequently miss. However, the Tirpitz has a trick up its sleeve: four torpedoes on each side. This means you can run into trouble and use your 25s reload and torps to shoot your way out. Just be warned that if you show broadside you will get wrecked even with turtleback. The turtleback is there to save you in a brawl when you cannot avoid showing your side. Showing your sides the whole time will result in you taking 20k hits from Amagis and NCs. Even worse is if you turn into a target and flash your petticoats at the enemy because they can citadel you in that moment. This used to be used quite a bit in competitive but its role has mostly been subsumed by Bismarck.
    Bismarck - Solo: Strong, Division: Strong, Organised: Competitive
    Speaking of which, Bismarck. This is a Tirpitz without the torps but with some additional toys. You can set the ship up to fire 10km with the secondaries and set many, many fires (since they all fire HE). You also have hydro to detect torpedoes and flush people out of their smokes. I'm going to be honest here, I hate this ship. It's distressingly pleb-proof. You don't even need to shoot well, just charge at people, ctrl-click their ship and then go for tea or something. The hydro makes them almost immune to torps and the turtleback makes it hard to punish mistakes quickly. Meanwhile the guns are so inconsistent that skillful shot timing and placement frequently gets destroyed by RNG. At the end of the day it's powerful, but very boring and not a particularly skilful playstyle.
    Edinburgh - Organised: Underperforms to Competitive depending on map
    It's on the list, but doesn't frequently feature in competitive so it isn't a focus right now.
    Pan Asia
    Lo Yang - Solo: Competitive, Division: Competitive, Organised: Underperforms
    Lo Yang is a competent DD which has been somewhat overshadowed by its base class (the Benson) and by its special ability no longer being so special. You're basically a C hull Benson with Mahan torpedoes (bad damage and all) and hydroacoustic search. Hydro is pretty great but with the advent of significantly larger numbers of Radar and hydro cruisers you're no longer quite as unique in the tier. You're still a Benson clone mind, so you have high DPM guns (but very slow arcs) which turn very quickly. This means that you can usually win a DPM fight with all but a B hull benson, and your torpedoes while weak can still deal a reasonable amount of damage. Sadly because you don't bring the DPM or a particularly useful and unique ability the Lo Yang has been demoted from top-tier competitive to a substitute ship for emergencies or for weird niche strats. In randoms you do bring a useful advantage over the Benson which is that your hydro can spot torps in the smoke, so it does still have a nice niche for itself, just not in organised play.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Mnemon in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    No, and those people are worthless hypocrites who eventually reveal themselves with bitching about what other players do when it impacts their fun.
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    Kilpanic reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in WN8 Value Updating to Significantly Lower Value   
    Oh no not the wn8s anything but that
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    Kilpanic reacted to Jaegaer in EU slowly following NA and dying off?   
    I stopped playing WoT for WoWS because WG failed at changing the game enough to keep it fresh and interesting.
    Ever since I started (8.6) all the changes were either bling (more snazzy looking tenks), more tenks that usually played like old tenks and an occasional new corridor map.
    New physics didn't change the way I play the game.
    So the game is really the same old. WZ-131, E50, M48, T-62A, Bat Chat - I hardly see reasons to play any other tank up until now. MM sucks. Tier balance is horrible. Aim Aim Aim miss - Aim Aim Aim miss gets old after a while too.
    Compared to that WoWS looks like from an entirely different company. UI is very good, so many player suggestions were minded after only a few months. If playing DDs RNG is mostly not a factor at all. MM is really good, differenct classes play REALLY different.
    That said I still hope they will adress most of what sucks with WoT, they just need an ungodly amount of time.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Expendable_Lad in Ranked Season 6: Back to Seven   
    I was gunshy about ranked because of all the hand wringing about it, but damn, it's great. 5 games, 5 stars with 2220 WTR. Sims and Nagato FTW- 142k damage in my first game in the Nagato. I realize I'm at the scrub player end of the pool with competitors, but we even had an afk guy at one point and took it to a win. All the fussing about the right ships does require a little critical thinking, but you can add value in just about anything you are good in if you can just pay attention to the field of battle.
    Quick battles for full XP and credits where my input matters almost 50% more than in randoms? Yes please. With flags and bonuses (killed Japanese ship, deal 50k damage) had a >20k captain experience game. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to Yurra in The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread   
    How to win a lost ranked battle

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    Kilpanic reacted to How_Terrible in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    That's nothing. It took me over 7,000 battles in WoT to learn that you could sell things in the depot.
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from LeoAegisMaximus in Obsidian got fired   
    I wonder if this time will be the time we learn to evaluate games by what they are and not what they could be? 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Obsidian got fired   
    I wonder if this time will be the time we learn to evaluate games by what they are and not what they could be? 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Ezz in Obsidian got fired   
    I wonder if this time will be the time we learn to evaluate games by what they are and not what they could be? 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from canadiantrex in Obsidian got fired   
    I wonder if this time will be the time we learn to evaluate games by what they are and not what they could be? 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Madner Kami in A WoWS critique   
    Yeah there's a big difference in commitment between the early afternoon players and the evening ones. For that reason I prefer playing during the day, when the population of sensible casuals seems highest, but sometimes my schedule dictates that my gaming time is in the evening, and I don't want to feel I have to choose between not playing boats and losing at boats. 
    I'm the kind of guy who plays 2-3 games a few times a week, so if even 20% of those games start at an obvious disadvantage, it's incredibly discouraging to me. Fortunately Ranked is here again so I can feel like I'm playing on a level playing field for awhile. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to Storm in 40k and other GW games   
    Idk, I thought it was pretty good, but these things are purely objective so...

    Dwarf Steamroller thingy for blood bowl, I need this in my life.
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    Kilpanic reacted to AkulaV in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    You pissed me off enough that I actually came home from work and watched every single one of the matches in that twitch replay.
    My conclusion is the same as what I saw in the first match. Don't know why you posted a over an hour of you playing mostly BC and 2 games in an E5, but whatever. I'll give you a few tips, but before that, I need to get this off my chest: that was some of the most boring gameplay I've ever watched. You spent the first 5 minutes in every single game doing nothing but driving around pointlessly, looking for easy tanks to shoot at (and most of the time miss 3/5 of your clip on). As soon as you would spot a tank that could potentially shoot at you, you would run away in the opposite direction. You did not help win a single flank in those matches. This was the same for mines, ruin, steppes, highway, etc.
    Here is a perfect example of the last match you played:

    You drove up and down the 7/8 line within 3 grid squares of you base for 5 fucking minutes. Sniping at tanks your team was fighting in the field. You're not helping field, your not helping city, you're not spotting. I'm not sure if you just don't know how to play the BC, or you're too scared to actually fight tanks that aren't AFK or distracted by teammates. But either way, here are my tips:
    Learn how to properly scout in the BC in early game before you're loaded. Learn how to get a FULL clip of damage out early to help your team start winning one of the flanks right away. Relocate after the first clip and figure out where you can be useful next. Stop running away (driving back to base) when you spot 1 or 2 tanks going in your direction. Help your teammates win flanks instead of sitting back and getting a few useless shots in. Learn what positions are important on different maps and use your speed to take them early (instead of driving in circles around your damn cap). Stop taking stupid damage for most of your health trying to get some useless shot of damage. I'm sure I can add more, but this was way more effort than you deserve.
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    Kilpanic reacted to SeaAdmiral in WoWS Final 6.0 Commander Skills   
    One thing that is amazing with this skill is that it tells you when you can be aggressive or bail as a cruiser. Little to no targets on you (for instance you see 1 but you know it is a DD HE spamming you) means you can either turn and bail (assuming no BBs are quick with a snap shot), or you can take a more daring path and/or expose more broadside for more firepower when otherwise you might have to be a bit more conservative. Yes you can kind of use intuition and good dodging to mitigate this but the ability to act with near certainty allows focus on other aspects of the game and allows you to be more greedy without being punished. 
    Probably a DD only skill. Works well as a counter to the high tier torpedo reload module which makes torpedo tubes more fragile. A saving throw against a broken engine or rudder can help win DD duels where such things can happen multiple times in a row. 
    Pretty sure just a tool tip clarification if I recall correctly.
    As mentioned above two spotter planes circle your ship on opposite sides. Probably the sole reason BB fighter scouts got nerfed in the same patch since they otherwise would provide too much vision (spotting torps mainly but also ships obscured by islands). Would be very powerful against say a strike Lexington when in a group of 3-4 (think 2 BBs and 1-2 CAs) where these fighters would be unavoidable and disable quite a few squads. Forcing enemy fighters into AA bubbles to clear also takes time and enemy planes. Probably the default high tier BB tier 1 skill (sans Missouri), but also has lucrative use on CAs where they serve as a 6 minute mini def AA and hydro.
    It was this and the 1 2 3 4 3 3 3 build that allowed for an absurdly tanky BB build with good resistances to planes, torpedoes, and fires before they nerfed fire prevention and the catapult fighters. 
    The new carrier upgrade for fighter hp now also gives +50% fighter ammunition, no need for this. Other skills are better. 
    IIRC majority feedback on this skill is negative since it actively reduces the turn around time of strike planes. I have heard it now only activates on a recall order instead of after dropping so theoretically you can use it and try to save bombers that have been caught on the way back (default manual move order back for speed, only use recall order to activate this when caught). Not sure if CV players will consider it even after that change though. 
    Would need to test. My instinct is that gunboats rely on way too many other skills for this. RU DDs already have AP for higher DPM and no fires and USN DDs have torps. Both need other skills to fully milk their power. Probably best used on Atlanta/Flint, 150-155mm CLS, 180mm CLs, and Akizuki. 
    RPF probably has the most impact on DD v DD which a surprisingly low amount of players caught. It likely isn't worth it in battleships, and will likely be decently useful for radar cruisers + the RN CLs. I could definitely see it on a Benson or perhaps Chapaev in a competitive setting. You can abuse RPF in DD v DD in cap dominance and exerting control over a flank, especially when you know your DD should theoretically win in a duel with the enemy DD. You can potentially track mid game concealed relocations by enemy DDs, especially in a DD yourself. You can also theoretically triangulate with RPF and also tell if an enemy ship has RPF or not, but these are more situational. 
    I see RPF like game theory in DD v DD situations. If you have it you can run down enemy DDs (RU), stalk and hunt enemy DDs (USN/KM), or avoid and misdirect enemy DDs (IJN DDs), but if both parties have it both players can try to neutralize it and both parties are forced into sinking a lot of time and resources into each other for nothing other than say posture and control instead of results. When DDs are more aware of each other with certainty they have less windows to wreak havoc on the enemy team without dealing with each other first. They both would probably get better damage results targeting larger classes with a build that includes other useful skills, but RPF provides a large advantage if only one DD has it, and could possibly escalate into it being mandatory depending on how the meta develops. Or it could fade into just a strong niche skill. This is all theorycraft and I would need experience it myself (will likely experiment with a 14 point Benson with CE and RPF) before I draw decisive conclusions. 
    Time will tell but I do dislike the principle of the skill overall and I think it could provide too much information. Whether players can successfully use such information is up for debate. So are skill matchups up for debate. (Who gets more benefit in a DD duel? The lower skilled player that didn't know or anticipate the enemy's presence in the first place now having that information and thus isn't caught off guard, or the higher skilled player who did have intuition of where the DD is or might be but can now act and play around absolute certainty of the information he/she is given? The former is given free intuition while the latter can force pressure and plays much safer and with more speed and certainty.)
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    Kilpanic reacted to CraBeatOff in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    With eyes wide open, and the whole point was to demonstrate 1. How unimportant it is 2. How y'all been misusing the numbers.  So basically your reaction is exactly what the intended effect amongst the intended population. Which is why the denizens  (self included) are gleeful. You misunderstood and misused my metric (for 3+ years) so now I  (figurative) am misusing your feelings  (for a few weeks). Then we can go back to normal at least until WG changes MM and we can declare WN8 fully invalid and all just use PR.
    I suggest,  with complete seriousness, fantasy sports, blackjack or a career in data science.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Zepherex in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    My stats went up xD
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    Kilpanic reacted to BiggieD61 in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    Without being a "gooey", "homer", "submissive" - I want to give a shout out to the Wotlabs peeps who post here about WoWs. We can all agree that the bulk of Wargaming's WoWs forums are overrun with either weeaboos, wehraboos or idiots of the first degree.  I signed up here back in the days when I still played tanks, and the frank and honest discussions of what it took to succeed in that game were a lifeline to a 47% shitter like myself.  As I got better, I moved up in clans and skill until October of 2015.  At that point I realized I was at a roadblock of sorts, and I transferred my attention to WoWs from WoT.  I enjoyed the different and more strategic pace of WoWs from the start, but I was just as likely to potato a match as I was to influence it in a positive manner.  16 months later, I feel that while I might never achieve Unicum stats or winrate at this game, I can enjoy it at a higher level due to my association with the people who post routinely here at Wotlabs.  The signal to noise ratio here is at least an order of magnitude better than the regular forums - where shitters are given equal status to skilled and intelligent players. In "real life" while most people "have" an equal chance to succeed - those that are more intelligent and better at applying their intelligence - always determine the future and what "success" actually means. I look forward to the posts of 8-9 players who are already bending the line of what it means to excel, without having to read 300 shit poasts from ignorant majority.  Thank you to Solono and Neverwish for keeping this site alive - I will sign up to become a Patron in February because I support your ideals.
    Thanks to the many who have posted here intelligently, and those who have divisioned with me regardless of my stats - you guys rock.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Jaegaer in Rheinmetall Skorpion G   
    I am over it now. Which means I have conceded to the fact that I am WAY too impatient for these sort of tanks (combined with my less than impeccable sense for positioning).
    I literally can not play anything than mediums or lights that are either very mobile or somewhat mobile but reasonably armored.
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    Kilpanic reacted to RollerCoaster47 in The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread   
    First ever game in the Kutuzov, but bear in mind I only have a 13 point captain so far, so no Concealment Expert or other extra skills yet.
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    Kilpanic reacted to TheMarine0341 in Marine's Simple Replays   
    Fucking did it
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    Kilpanic reacted to xWulffx in 2017 Proposed Captain Skills   
    Here's the full list as it stands now-
    Priority Target 1 Point After this skill is mastered, the Situation Awareness (DETECTED) indicator will show the number of your opponents in the enemy team that are currently aiming at your ship with main battery guns. Preventive Maintenance 1 Point Reduces the risk of ship modules becoming incapacitated -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules Expert Loader 1 Point Accelerates shell type switching if all main battery guns are loaded -50% to reload time when shell type is switched Aircraft Servicing Expert 1 Point Increases servicing speed and HP for carrier-based aircraft +5% to HP of carrier-based aircraft -10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircraft Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft 1 Point When the Catapult Fighter or Spotting Aircraft consumable is activated, an additional aircraft is launched. However, the airspeed of the catapult aircraft is decreased +1 catapult aircraft -20% to the speed of the catapult aircraft Dogfighting Expert 1 Point Increases the attack power of fighters while in combat against higher-tier aircraft. The greater the difference between the tiers, the greater the increase. +10% to average damage per second of fighters for each tier of difference between them +10% to fighetrs ammunition Incoming Fire Alert 1 Point A Warning about the risk of exposure to long-range artillery fire is displayed (shells time to target is more than 6 seconds) Evasive Maneuver 1 Point Decreases the airspeed of the strike aircraft, but also reduces their detectability and increases their HP when returning to the carrier -40% to detectability of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier +15% to HP of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier -30% to airspeed of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier High Alert 2 Points Reduces reload time of Damage Control Party -10% to reload time of the Damage Control Party consumable Jack of All Trades 2 Points Reduces reload time of consumables -5% to reload time of all mounted consumables Expert Marksman 2 Points Increases the traverse speed of all guns +2.5 deg/s to the trasverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm +0.7 deg/s to the trasverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm Torpedo Acceleration 2 Points Increase the speed of torpedoes launched from both ships and aircraft by reducing torpedo range +5 knots to torpedo speed -20% to torpedo range Smoke Screen Expert 2 Points Expands the smoke screen area +20% to the radius of the smoke screen Expert Rear Gunner 2 Points Increases efficiency of self-defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners +10% to average damage per second of self-defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners Adrenaline Rush 2 Points Increases reload speed of all armament as the ship HP is reduced 0.1% to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% of lost HP Last Stand 2 Points When the engine or steering gears are incapacitated, they continue to operate but with a penalty Fire Prevention 3 Points Reduces the risk of fire and maximum damage caused by fire by decreasing the number of potential fire sources -7% to the risk of fire The maximum number of fire sources on a ship is reduced to three Basics of Survivabilty 3 Points Accelerates repairs to the modules, firefighting, and recovery from flooding -15% to time of repair, fire extinguishing and recover from flooding Torpedo Armament Expertise 3 Points Reduces reload time of torpedo tubes and servicing time of torpedo bombers -10% to reload time of torpedo tubes -20% to reload time of torpedo bombers Emergency Takeoff 3 Points Makes it possible to launch and recover the aircraft while the ship is on fire. +100% to aircraft servicing time when the carrier is on fire Basic Firing Training 3 Points Improves effectiveness of main guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm, secondary battery guns, and AA mounts -10% to reload time of main battery guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm and secondary battery guns +20% to average damage per second of AA defense Superintendent 3 Points Increases capacity of consumables +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship Demolition Expert 3 Points Increase the chance to set the enemy ship on fire +2% to chance of fire on target caused by a main caliber shell, a secondary battery shell, or a bomb Vigilance 3 Points Extends torpedo acquisition range +25% to acquisition range of torpedoes Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament 4 Points Secondary guns only open fire at targets designated by the player. This way, the firing efficiency is significantly increased. -15% to the maxium dispersion of shells for the secondary armament of Tier I-VI ships -60% to the maxium dispersion of shells for the secondary armament of Tier VII-X ships Survivability Expert 4 Points Increases a ships HP +400 of HP for each ship tier Inertia Fuse for HE Shells 4 Points Increases the armor penetration capacity of HE shell fired from both main and secondary battery guns at the expense of decreasing the chance of setting the enemy ship on fire +25% to the armor penetration capacity of HE shell -6% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shell Air Supremacy 4 Points Changes number of aircraft in squadrons +1 fighter aircraft +1 bomber aircraft Advanced Firing Training 4 Points Extends firing range of main guns with a caliber up to and including 139 mm and secondary battery guns +20% to firing range of main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139 mm and secondary battery guns +20% to AA defense firing range Manual Fire Control for AA Armament 4 Points Significantly improves the efficiency of large caliber AA guns firing at priority targets designated by the player +100% to the efficiency of AA guns with a caliber exceeding 85 mm against a priority target Radio Position Finding 4 Points Shows the direction to the nearest enemy ship. The enemy player will be alerted that a bearing was taken on their ship. This skill will not work if a player is playing with an aircraft carrier. Concealment Expert 4 Points Reduces ship detectabilty range -10% to detectability of destroyers -12% to detectability of cruisers -14% to detectability of battleships -16% to detectability of aircraft carriers  
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    Kilpanic reacted to Kitten in WN8 Expected Values Update   
    Right-o, v. 29 another interim. Pretty sure I'll be collecting data in January so hopefully we can get another full update in before Feb (too early for swedes tho).
    Strv fm/21 - L. Traktor Strv m/38 - Pz. 35t Strv m/40L - Pz. 38t Lago - Chi-He Strv m/42 - Chi-Nu Strv 74 - T-34-85 Leo - T20 Emil I - AMX 50 100 Emil II - AMX 50 120 Kranvagn - AMX 50bae Pvlvv fm/42 - UC 2-pdr Ikv 72 - Marder II Sav m/43 - Hetzer Ikv 103 - SU-85 Ikv 65 Alt II - Jg.Pz. IV Ikv 90 Typ B - SU-100M1 UDES 03 - SU-101 Strv 103-0 - SU-122-54 Strv 103B - Obj. 263 Strv L-60 - T2 LT T26E5 (and Patriot) - T32 AMX M4 1949 Liberte - M6A2E1 T34B - T34 Schwzpzr. 58 - Mutz IS-6 B - IS-6 Object 252U - IS-3 Additionally, the following changes have been made to existing expected values: M46 Patton expected damage doubled E50 expected damage tripled Since there were complaints that the RU meds really do perform the same and that the data is a lie, all RU med expected values set to 907 values for equality https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ghzt1spjmjrkpt/expected_tank_values_29.csv?dl=0
    Merry christmas padding shitters!
    @Orrie @Phalynx
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    You never get a second chance at a first impression. I have some premium content for AW, but will likely never be back. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to leggasiini in Tier X Light tanks   
    Getting rid of arty would allow basically fixing the main problems of the game.
    Remove arty = opening up maps actually possible
    More open maps = lights are more viable
    More open maps = TDs are more viable and thus lights still got something to spot for
    More open maps and less corridors = better chance to flank
    Not being forced to fight HTs from front = gold spam unnecessary = gold could be fixed or even removed
    Gold removed = HTs can now reliably tank
    Would fix the gold ammo problem, map problem and arty problem. Game would be fucking significantly better. Lights scout, meds allround, TDs do damage, HTs tank. Just like it was intented.
    Basically, key sentence for fixing the game:
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