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    Kilpanic reacted to Assassin7 in Dealing with destroyers on your team   
    Good points, but the worst us when you fire your 10km torps at a near max range target, with no allies anywherr near in sight. Then suddenly, right at the end of their run before they hit the perfectly lead target (because Iwaki A seal clubbing) a moron in a cruiser has someone managed to drive from absolutely miles away just so he can purposely eat your torps or something  eats them, saves the BB they were meant for, and then spends the entire game bitching at you for "firing torps near allies"
    Meanwhile im like "Bitch the torps travel time is 50 odd seconds to where you got hit. It aint nothing but your own fault for taking those."
    And that is why you see a lot of pink players. Ive only ever turned pink because of retards that literally try to take friendly torps, i swear. Im super careful with them.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Crossfader in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    unless the fix tier 5/6 MM get a tier 7.... much much better
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Monkey in Škoda T 25   
    I got the T 40 and the T 25 mixed up. I'm an idiot. I'll shut up now. 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Monkey in Japan: Horror grind until Tier 8?   
    How do you feel about shooting premium? 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Monkey in Good dog! The Rudy thread   
    Prior to 9.14, Szarik definitely barked as a 6th-sense warning on the vanilla client. 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from rolfwar in How do you not die immediately in the Aoba?   
    I'm obviously not there skill-wise because while I'm on board with the idea that the Aoba's 203mm, 6 RPM guns sound cool, in practice I've been simply outshot by Clevelands and Nurnbergs. Part of the issue is definitely that I can't reliably hit a dodging cruiser outside 12km or so, but part of the problem is that the massive RoF advantage of the other two cruisers means that they are massively out-damaging me at every range. 
    And that's the same-tier, same class matchup. Thus far in my limited experience all I can do vs. the Atlantas and Mogamis of the game is run and hide. 
    How do folks hit maneuvering targets at range, anyway? I'm obviously missing something, because long-range fire seems completely random. I read that some folks read wakes and stack smoke, but I'm not seeing those on my client even with maxed-out graphics and a 24" monitor. I feel like there's a trick, and I'm just not in on it yet. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to WorldConqueror in Individual Missions: A How-To Guide   
    Can I have your enemies? I play the VKB and try to show my turret as little as possible and still have KV4s snapshotting the cupola
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    Kilpanic reacted to 3MAJ86 in The 3-mark Thread   
    Yesterday I three-marked my first tank eva'! It was IS3. It was my first tier 8, and IS7 was my first tier 10, so I wanted it to be my first three marked tank. (and ofc because it's one of those that is easiest to 3-mark)
    Yes, I know I am a baddie, please don't bully me
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from monjardin in How To: T44-100 Marathon   
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from stagnate in How To: T44-100 Marathon   
    I have the tanks for this but not the time; it would take me roughly 50 games a day, 5 days a week. Seems like a mission tailor-made to get people like me to get halfway there and spend $40 on a tank we wouldn't normally want. 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from bathoz in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    I've been following this game on Twitch for months. Every single WoWS twitch player (arguably the most enfranchised player base) except for Izolate plays 100% of the time in three-man divisions, and many of them have expressed frustration at less than 85% win rates. 
    Division play in the casual, random format is the single most busted part of the game at the moment, and the fact that it's largely unacknowledged doesn't mean it isn't a huge problem. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to BoilerBandsman in The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread   
    I think any game with a high cal and a kraken qualifies as a carry.
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from RazrTRiG in T-34-85: The Gateway to the Soviet Medium Tank Line   
    The Alexander Nevsky, my trusty T-34-85, has been a solid, fun tank for a big chunk of my time in WoT. This month's Tank Focus has inspired me to make it my most-played tank, and as I bring this chapter to a close (25 more games to go at the time of this post) I thought I'd share my thoughts about this superlative Jack of All Trades.

    Equipment, Skills and Loadout: 

    Equipment: GLD to help with the poor aim time. Rammer of course. Vents for an overall boost to all-around decent tank. Standard consumables - a hit that will set you on fire will probably mess you up too much for an Auto Extinguisher to be worth it.

    Skills: Sixth Sense of course. I like Deadeye for the gunner, though Snap Shot is also a solid choice. The Driver could use Off-Road Driving first. Safe Stowage is always a good choice on a Loader. The Radioman can go straight for camo/repairs, as you are not seeking vision control in this tank.

    Brothers in Arms is an excellent perk for this tank, and its cumulative effect with other skills and equipment should not be underestimated.

    Finally, I have prioritized Repairs over Camouflage for my crew, as I tend to be close in to mitigate the 85mm's relatively poor accuracy.

    Loadout: I played 46 AP and 2 HE before premiums for credits, then went to 36/12. As the '85 is the Tank of the Month for May, I have found that I can afford to shoot more APCR, and so I'm using 30/18.

    Hints for playing this tank stock:

    -Play the T-34 until you have enough free xp to research all the modules.

    Notable features of the T-34-85 and how to use them:

    Robust turret front. The T-34-85 has 90mm of frontal armor, coupled with a narrow mantlet and a lozenge-shaped turret that offers highly-sloped turret cheeks. This tank *will* bounce shots off its turret front thanks to this combination of strong armor and sharp angles. In all situations it's worth seeking locations that allow you to fight from cover. Remember to use destructible terrain to your advantage - cars and walls can soak the shot you need to return fire and find a new spot to fight from!

    The ideal place to fight from is behind a piece of vertical, sloping cover, like the rubble piles in Himmelsdorf. The front of your tank emulates this slope and allows you to 'pop-out' while exposing the minimum possible surface. Your profile is your best armor!

    'Utility' depression. 7 degrees won't help you attain a hull-down firing position, but it is useful in maintaining target acquisition in rough terrain. This is most useful in a point-blank dogfight, where you have to keep moving to maximize the chance of forcing a bounce or a clean miss. Avoid hilly terrain, however, lest you find yourself aiming at the sky in a critical situation.

    Rate of fire. When you were in the T-34 you probably learned the joys of the 57mm, and the efficiency of the sudden flanking maneuver, appearing suddenly at close range and clicking madly until the enemy blows up.

    Don't do this in the T-34-85.

    Make no mistake, the D5T-85BM has an excellent RoF for a gun with its alpha (highest among Tier 6 mediums!). But it's no spamcannon like the M1A2 on the Shermans or the 75L70 on the Panzers. Its ~5s reload time is, however, perfect for a rocking maneuver: aim, fire, and duck under cover until your reload is half done (about 2-3 seconds), then pop out again for just long enough to aim carefully. You can repeat the maneuver ad infinitum or use the momentum of a 'duck' to reposition fully.

    Here are some playstyle ideas in replay form:

    Victory!, T-34-85, Redshire, 5/19/13 7:15 PM: 1,510 nXP, 1,173 dmg

    Here I'm playing an attrition and spotting game, mostly waiting for my teammates to get in gear, then deciding that vision and arty are going to win the game. Note that this is not an ideal spot for the T-34-85, but it's such an important strategic position that I make it work, mostly by staying constantly in motion and engaging very carefully.

    Victory!, T-34-85, Abbey, 5/19/13 9:18 PM: 1,116 nXP, 1,688 dmg

    In this game I use the brawling capacity of the '85 and some fortuitous teamwork to take apart the enemy. When I am engaged in the open by the Churchill, I know that my only hope is to click my way out, as his rate of fire can keep me permatracked.

    Victory!, T-34-85, Port, 5/19/13 2:03 PM: 984 nXP, 1,033 dmg

    A somewhat pedestrian game but I think a good example of how to fight from the bottom. I'm in the front at first, but I make myself a very difficult albeit attractive target. I move to stay with the 8s in the endgame and help ensure victory.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you like about this tank.
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    Kilpanic reacted to Jaegaer in Sandbox   
    Sorry, but you do not make much sense to me. There is no "core gameplay" that can "simply be fixed" without touching the fundamental roles and performances of tanks and ammo (prem and otherwise).
    Tanks, Tanksroles and Maps aka Range of Engagements
    The fundamental problem of WoT is currently that you can't be agressive unless you are VERY good. As almost all players aren't very good agressiveness is kill for them. WG tried to "fix" this by map design, which is stupid as it promotes boring linear gameplay. Almost all maps now are corridors, almost all maps have exactly one spot you should be. Boring.
    In order to fix this they MUST make the game easier on the average player. There is no other way. Stick nose out should not be immediate and brutal death 9/10 times.
    In order to create a wide variety of maps they also must limit the ranges of engagements.
    So WGs vision is clear. Heavies are the best tanks for mediocre players as they are quite forgivable but still require some basic skill to be ok in. TDs are for the real baddies. Meds and Lights are for the better players. This means games should be mostly heavies with a few of the rest.
    It has been like this since the start of the game. Heavies where the only tanks initially to run to tier X and SerB named the inclusion of other tier X tankslines "a mistake".
    This is the main problem now and WG is gonna fix it.
    Matchmaking and Progression
    I don't know wether you played WoWS but if you do you will notice something right away: tier differences are NOT as harsh as in WoT!
    But this in turn lessens the eagerness to grind a tier X! I play WoWS currently and my desire to reach tier X is way less than in WoT because of this. I feel quite comfortable in my tier VIII Atago in a tier X match. Part of this is better MM though, the pyramid is still not on it's head and game economy is still brutal on tier X ships (very high cost) so most players play low tier regularily.
    In WoT, grinding is currently awful!
    So while in WoT you have a STRONG incentive to go to at least tier IX it comes at the cost of enjoyment. Grinding tier VII and VIII tanks is really bad because you are mostly powerless and you are getting to tier IX and X constantly (especially when platooning).
    One way to lessen this is exactly what WG proposes, 3-5-7. So as a tier VIII you have at least 7 enemies you can take on equal footage. If they also adjust pen and hitpoints this might rekindle my interest of getting into new lines.
    Tier and player balance
    We can bitch as much as we want but we are only 1% of all the players that play WoT. Ofc, T-62A is balanced for a noob but anyone at least slightly above average will realize fast that this tank is better than most others. For sheer power there are like 5 tanks in the game that you should use, the rest is garbage compared to that.Look to what most SuperUnicums are driving to generate their recent 5k WN8 and tell em again that these tanks are balanced and all WG needs to do is to fix "core gameplay"...
    And as much as it hurts initially to be deprived of these 5 "can do it all" tanks, likely at least one of them is your personal favorite, it will, again, open up the game. No longer will you need to grind games in these in order to feel competitive. No longer are good tanks always slightly tanky meds or meddy heavies and nothing else. In the bright future you can go and play heavies or even TDs and still have the feeling of not only different but also viable gameplay.
    This is what could make me come back to WoT.
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Archaic_One in So is AW NA already dead?   
    We should start a support group.
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    Kilpanic reacted to CompanionCav in DE Battleships   
    I think Kilpanic is referring to Neonazis associating 88 with certain moustache man.
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from for_SCIENCE in French premium ship   
    They will probably also be vulnerable to murderous sneak attacks by putative allies. 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Tarski in Sandbox   
    Maybe, and stay with me on this one, maybe the 'people' in your story are two different groups of people 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from TheMarine0341 in Sandbox   
    I'm shocked that people aren't losing their minds over a 'stun' mechanic being added to the game. CC in PvP games is worse than terrible! I'd much 'rather' get one-shot and be able to move to the next game than hand my tank's controls over to some SPG shitter for 15 minutes. 
    Disclaimer: I'm not on the Sandbox server and have no interest in testing atm so I may be misreading the comments. 
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Bastor in Sandbox   
    I'm shocked that people aren't losing their minds over a 'stun' mechanic being added to the game. CC in PvP games is worse than terrible! I'd much 'rather' get one-shot and be able to move to the next game than hand my tank's controls over to some SPG shitter for 15 minutes. 
    Disclaimer: I'm not on the Sandbox server and have no interest in testing atm so I may be misreading the comments. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to breeeze in Sandbox   
    That goes without saying of course, but I still think scouts should have the highest view range
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    Kilpanic got a reaction from Tarski in Good dog! The Rudy thread   
    Prior to 9.14, Szarik definitely barked as a 6th-sense warning on the vanilla client. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to Animactus in WN9 poll 2, scale + account WN9   
    I'm a big fan of having a ''literal shit'' color in the scale
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    Kilpanic reacted to lt_lolcat in Sandbox   
    Maybe they should discard the notion of having view ranges increase with tier.  That's what leads to the current problem we have with mediums making scouts useless at high tiers.  View range should be based more on the height of the cupola and number of crew members (more eyes = better vision).   Scouts should get a bonus because their crew is more focused on it. 
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    Kilpanic reacted to HairlesMonkyBoy in Sandbox   
    As a light tank player, I'm really looking forward to actually having some kind of advantage again.
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