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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Sgt. Pepper in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Regardless of game longevity, I think we can all agree that these premiums detract from game health and balance. Whether the game dies in 3 months or 3 years, it doesn't really matter, especially if it isn't enjoyable to play because of the new monetization model.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Griphos in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    All of this over a new premium that has armor (in front)?!  And I don't get all this "dirty money grabbing" bs.  This is a video game, made by a company, who is in business to make money, right?  Nobody makes you buy this thing.  And if you're fighting it, get around it, or go shoot something else.  
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to cavman276 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Fuck arty Wargaming
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Fabunil in And now Jingles is gone   
    Atleast we get the chance to create some dank memes out of this shitshow.

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    BlackstarFallen reacted to RollerCoaster47 in And now Jingles is gone   
    WGNA are a bunch of retarded faggots. Just when the drama was about to be over they go full autism mode. You can't even mention anything about the drama on the WoT NA forums or else the mods will delete your thread within minutes and give you forum bans. They truly are the stupidest gaming company alive. If WG actually goes after Foch and this goes to court somehow I would personally donate money to Foch's case.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Siimcy in Good gaming mouse?   
    I play WoW where I got a shitton of binds yet I still use a 2 side button mouse(which granted I bought for CSGO mainly), but cannot recommend it enough, Zowie FK1/FK2, really great grip(fits good and feels good), sensor is great and looks simple.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to leggasiini in the 3 biggest issues of WoT are being addressed in one single patch   
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to TheMarine0341 in WoTLabs TBT (Throw Back Thread)   
    CHAI garage mod

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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Assassin7 in Is using gold wrong, frowned upon or are they just jealous?   
    best gold complaint ever:
    him "Wow stupid Gold noob FV4202 Needs APCR for my T-44"
    me: "wat"
    him "you know you fired gold idiot cant use skill rounds"
    me "You know Im in a 4202 right?"
    him: "yeah so what"
    me: "whats the 4202s gold round?"
    him "HESH everyone says its pretty shit"
    him: "ohhhhh..."
    Me: "mmmhmmm"
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Solono in Is using gold wrong, frowned upon or are they just jealous?   
    I agree, more arty should be played
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to SONOFABENCH in Is using gold wrong, frowned upon or are they just jealous?   
    When bad players complain about gold, they either suck or they're retarded.
    When good players complain about gold, they are upset you're outplaying them.
    I'll never ever complain about the use of gold.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to OneTrueLeader in Is using gold wrong, frowned upon or are they just jealous?   
    It's in the game, use it.  Who gives a flying fuck if some pussy in an E-100 is upset?
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Victrix in [MAHOU][SHOJO] is recruiting!   
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to KenadianCSJ in I will never bitch about RNG again   
    Just...yea. I dedicate my stronk armour RNG to *insert waifu*.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Luna in Pubbie gives me feels   
    So I initially intended this to be a N/S (a few lines into the convo), but all of a sudden this random scrub gives me feels.
    (Backstory, at start of match I say "Statistics show that people with an _ in their name play better" as a joke, most pubs found it entertaining. He calls me a padder at the end (yes I was in e50 but that's irrelevant, everyone who is purple is a padder in pubs eyes).
    MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT (tl;dr not included cause fuck lazy)
    Like seriously. New goal=get unicum in online personality. RIP my spergs, never4get. 
    (maybe this is just cause its super late or ponies make me a total softie)
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Dlur in how do we feel about jingles   
    I'd ask him the important questions.  Stuff like, "What sort of jam do you put on your biscuits?" and "Do you think professional cricket players are overpaid?"
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to N00BSAIB0T in Failed Baddie Suicide and subsequent suicide counseling   
    Ever get shit on by a window-licking artillery? Ever want to get revenge near the end but then see them hastily scurrying their way like rats to the closest body of water? Or ever see them face-hug a wall and pull the trigger once they've done their deeds, in a selfish and childish attempt to spite you?
    Now... observe with hilarity, the true power of desperation and revenge (0:22).
    I propose we make 'Baddie Seppuku' a thing, if it isn't already a thing now.
    EDIT : I have been corrected that 'Seppuku' is too much of an honorable term to bestow upon paste-eating suiciding artillery scum.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to BananaCannon in Hello EU friends   
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Joyrider216 in The Lego Thread   
    I got bored with tanks and starting looking through my attic and found my stash of legos from when I was younger, and started building.
    Legos are awesomely soothing and relaxing, its like meditating almost. Here is what I ended up with after a couple days of fooling around. 


    So post your Lego builds here! Lets see what WOTlabs can do!
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Never in New Forum Theme   
    *Puts on helmet and ducks behind cover*
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Ruestir in Arty Players?   
    Repoast due to loss during backup restore.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Never in I STILL CAN'T NEG PEOPLE   
    Why do you think I updated the forum in the first place? I saw "Cuni can't neg rep anymore" in the feature list and I was instantly sold.
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    BlackstarFallen reacted to Never in I made you guys another emoticon   
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