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  1. iczyje

    What I learned from playing this game for 3.5 years

    Because there's diminishing returns for effort input. If I'm already winning 68+ % of my games not trying, I'm fine with losing the 5?ish percent I would've won if I spent effort trying to coordinate with players and trying to keep pubbies alive. There's more than winning in pubs. I enjoy my toonmates company, for one, and many times can focus more on conversation than the game at hand, yet due to my or our skill levels, we still manage to contribute unicum level play. A pub game can also be a mental break after hours of working on a project, where my mindset is just to drive around and click things. Again, it's not cancerous, but I'm doing my thing, not caring about the pubbies or even winning. The resulting stats are still going to be better than most, but my enjoyment of the game doesn't take any negative hit from bring frustrated at pubbies, etc. Like I said, it's about finding that balance. I like sheriffs because it's just fun playing exclusive tanks with max crew, baiting pubbies for gold, etc. Just because my personal acct doesn't gain anything doesn't mean I, as a player, don't get utility from playing the game. Also I meant free 50k+ gold in addition to sheriffs. It seems that wasn't clear.
  2. iczyje

    What I learned from playing this game for 3.5 years

    In response to the 4 things you learned: 1. I've pretty much had this thought ever since I learned that XVM was a thing. Coming from a competitive FPS environment, my experience had always been that stats didn't mean a thing because noone truly skilled gives a sh*t about pub play, since the time to try is in a competitive environment (i.e. CW, tourney), and not in pub games where communication with 12 randoms is a pointless and frustrating task. Sure, a good player not trying would still end up being ~unicum in a pub, and this has shown through my own experiences in both WoT and other games, but looking to raise pub stats is and has been utterly pointless. 2. Fixes are slow, and the WG HQ seems to not give a sh*t, and yes, reading about this next accuracy patch really gives me a WTF, why? feeling. Obviously, there are better games out there, but I still find utility in WoT, which I'll go more into in response to #4. 3. The prize pool is somewhat small compared to other games, and I agree it isn't worth a full week's worth of practicing. I've made it a point to only play this game in my spare time, and not let it cut into everything else in my life, and this includes WGLNA play time. Most of my team also holds this viewpoint, and it shows through our performance , but hey it's free gold with sheriff accounts, so not much time wasted there. 4. I do have fun playing tanks, and let me tell you why. In competition: since the rewards are so small (relatively), don't allow it to become 'work.' It's a game, and you/we're just good enough to be thrown free things while we're playing it. In pubs: don't focus on pubbies or win rate; in essence, play4fun, because experience has shown that a play4fun good player still performs better than your average green/blue player (this should be apparently different than your average 'cancerous pubby'. It's about finding the balance between doing well while still having fun via your tank setup, interacting with platoonmates, baiting your sheriff tank, etc. The only negative playing with this mindset gives, is that your 'e-peen' doesn't show as much, but as we know from #1, who gives a sh*t in the long run?
  3. iczyje

    [0.9.4] Autoaim indication+

    So...you don't even need to be able to click once on an enemy before being able to fire at it? I'm surprised the mod isn't already blacklisted...
  4. iczyje

    Make Google Translate say your Name

    'icy-g' -> ich edge. i love it.
  5. iczyje

    M4 Fury - is it worth buying? (Poll added)

    Would be worth if they got the crew in the cast of Fury to do the voice acting for that specific tank.
  6. iczyje

    [-G-] Guerrillas in Valhalla

    I read that a couple times just to make sure I wasn't missing something.. The "rewards go something like this" portion doesn't make sense to me, as it doesn't have anything to do with the campaign or dark gods. More of the skype convo (esports skype): 'shitters' was in reference to 13th to 16th place in WGLNA gold league. 'semi-shitters' was 9th to 12th. and hard campers were in reference to #RU. GJ to -G- nonetheless, WG didn't bring a coherent strat to any of the 3 matches, but they were the most organized in game 1. Yankee was saying he had to bring his A-team when he found out WG would bring 10s, but I was fairly sure that G's C team could have beaten WG handily.
  7. iczyje

    New Assault mode?

    It's an attack/defense mode being tested for WGL viability. In its current state, defense has every advantage.
  8. iczyje

    Hitler Plays World of Tanks

    That was pretty funny
  9. Oooh, sounds like a fun event.
  10. iczyje

    Chinese tanks have tin foil armor...literally

    It has something to do with vehicle skins -- white death, I think.
  11. iczyje

    How costly is it to spam gold in T69?

    I used to buy like 500+ HEAT shells during the 50/30% sales. Still costly, but I got to think about it less when I was playing the tank
  12. iczyje

    MOD rules

    "Camera zoom is ok in either direction as long as it's not free-form. For now, the last know position is ok for mini-map use. Draw Distance and spotting range are ok as long as they are for your tank only. "
  13. iczyje

    What I realized playing the 50B

    A 183 hit my 110e4 today for 160ish dmg. hue hue
  14. iczyje

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    Hmm... pardon my ignorance, but I see M--M only has 68 members; what's the need for another minion clan to spring up? Does it offer something different than M--M?
  15. iczyje

    Code trolling

    wow, that was hilarious. how does someone actually fall for that? can't believe you kept him going for that long.