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  1. Good to know. I don't mind if it it turns out to be an intentional change.
  2. One of the overlooked and powerful uses of concealment is the ability to decline an engagement safely that you may not have the option of otherwise. Concealment spec is probably a very valid way of playing, it just doesn't suit the way I like to play the game.
  3. Nah, this is his team, I just played a couple as a merc.
  4. Yeah pretty much. Also just outright ignored me for most of the game. Here's the replay: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/1189-Farragut-Northeast-Passage-3900-base-exp-as-merc-in-team-battle
  5. Played as a merc in team battles to get some of my T6s done, was pretty fun. Apparently base defenses gives you a crapton of exp:
  6. Edit your preferences.xml Search for <LobbyType> which is usually set to RandomBattle, Set it to TrainingBattle and launch the game. Game type will show Co-op, but it should lead you to a training battle. The names are off the top of my head right now, but the form of the instructions should be correct.
  7. You'd be surprised at the amount of DDs that just assume planes will fly over them. Also, at T9/T10, planes are really fast and can definitely catch DDs at a favorable angle. Not sure if that'll be the case anymore, hopefully not.
  8. Mutuski's torps with regards to reaction time is not that much worse than the ships rest of the line. In any case, all of the IJN torps have about 9s of reaction so it's pretty standard. You don't really get that much faster torpedoes till Kagero/Shima. Mutsuki's guns are about the same as the Minekaze, which are usable in the right circumstances.
  9. I'm not really sure if should be giving away this type of advice, but unless if you're at like can't miss range, you can fight USN DDs. IJN DD guns are not completely useless; they still have better arcs and firing angles than USN DDs and as long as you take the gun turn skill (I'd respec later as necessary), you can put up a reasonable fight. IJN DDs also have first strike advantage, which is not negligible, though Mutsuki might only have 2 guns, so it's less impactful in that case. You do need to be the better player still, but trying to outskill people is an option. It becomes less true at higher tiers since cruisers have much better guns that can hit you, but I think it's always an option up to T8 DDs at least. I would also not advise this at all if you're in a situation where you're completely alone, but if you even have 1 ship that's remotely close to you it's fine. Anyways, I see advice on forums telling people not to use IJN DD guns, and that's a bunch of bogus; you just have to be selective and intelligent about how you use them. If carriers are spotting your planes you can generally just wait a little bit or try to go to the side so as to not be in their plane paths. These days carriers kind of have their hands full with each other, so they don't really have the opportunity to camp you as much. Landing torp hits usually is about not letting your torps get spotted too early,setting up good angles for torpedoes to hit, and predicting where people want to go, in that order. This is where playing battleships help a lot because you should have a good sense of what they'll want to do in the next 40 seconds. If BBs are engaged, they rarely sail in a straight line, so you have to adjust for that. I feel like also a lot of BB players have the attitude of like "Oh, I turned a bit, so I should be safe from torps". Try not to be the only thing that the enemy is worried about, since hitting targets that are driving in random patterns tends to very hard. Also, on the rare opportunity that you see a battleship alone, you can charge and kill them, but for it to work reliably you need to time it and have a good charge angle.
  10. What exactly do you feel like you have trouble with? It's generally ok to get spotted if there's support behind you, and it's not great, but survivable if you get spotted. Just don't fire your guns if you can drop detection range soon. With the IJN DDs, results are always a bit inconsistent and sometimes you just won't get torpedo hits.
  11. Carriers up to t8 were fine, just t9/10 that needed tweaking, mainly because they're too fast :/
  12. Yeah, it's just I think MK is one of the ships where AFT isn't really needed, and getting rid of it without buffing it is fine. 19.1 km range is crazy excessive. But i'm also not sure what the reworked skill tree looks like, so maybe it's ok. Cruiser balance in general is really strange.
  13. Oh sorry, misread that. Yeah I don't know, MK most definitely doesn't need that strong of a buff in exchange for losing AFT. I mean it already gets smoke for whatever reason, and has higher fire chance and faster reload than mogami.
  14. Rip Mogami Hopefully it'll get a range buff to 16.0 km to compensate at some point.
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