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  1. They could at least give the Sheridan an APCR gold round; http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/694-the-armored-warfare-disappointment-thread/#entry19265 Supposedly about 250mm of pen at 2000m.
  2. That RoF seems a bit disappointing for such low alpha, though I'm on phone so I can't actually compare it to other tier 10's dpm.
  3. https://eddb.io/station Punch in the ship and the system you're currently at.
  4. According to @Renhanxue, the standard round is HEAT, and it's probably gonna get rebalanced before it goes live.
  5. Crossposting from the general Swedish thread; 15 depression, 150 damage with 115/144 pen, seems decent. Mobility looks bad though.
  6. http://tanks.mod16.org/2016/08/19/stridsvagn-103-was-not-a-tank-destroyer/
  7. LostCosmonaut

    Strv m/42

    The Strv m/42 will be the tier 5 medium tank in the Swedish tech tree. It's going to be entering a pretty crowded field, there's a lot of tier 5 mediums, including some pretty good ones like the M7, M4, and T-34 (along with some pretty lame ones). Here's what its armor layout looked like historically; (originally posted by sp15 on WoT EU) It's not that special, you're not going to be bouncing much besides tier 3s and autobounce stuff. At least its a fairly narrow target. The historical gun was the 75mm m/41 L34. In real life it was about equal to the 75mm M3
  8. 4800 damage game in the M46 ruined by this guy (he did 1290 damage in his Grille). SFODA_721 (5:23:20 PM) HEY DUMBASS, DO YOU USUALLY PULL OUT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE SHOOTING?? YOUR FAULT AND I AM NOT SORRY SFODA_721 (5:23:44 PM) I WAS SHOOTING AND YOU TRIED TO COCK BL[OCK ME ON A KILL AND YOU DIED DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:24:03 PM) lol, you're a 47% shitter LostCosmonaut (5:24:16 PM) 42,000 battles and still worse than the average pubbie LostCosmonaut (5:24:18 PM) congratulations SFODA_721 (5:24:19 PM) DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:24:30 PM) Don't get ne
  9. I'm most excited for mid tiers (like the m/42 and 74), because I'm strange in the head. get hype
  10. This is a pretty good summary of the O-I's development; http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/981-japans-box-tank-o-i/
  11. Fun fact, the L-60 is the only tier 2 that stayed in service until the 21st century; http://fuerzasmildom.blogspot.com/2006/01/landsverk-strv-m38-l-60.html Also, one of the only tanks ever used in combat in the western hemisphere; https://warisboring.com/in-1965-u-s-and-dominican-tanks-fought-brief-violent-skirmishes-f206040e66b3#.a2ek7vqax
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