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  1. They could at least give the Sheridan an APCR gold round; http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/694-the-armored-warfare-disappointment-thread/#entry19265 Supposedly about 250mm of pen at 2000m.
  2. That RoF seems a bit disappointing for such low alpha, though I'm on phone so I can't actually compare it to other tier 10's dpm.
  3. https://eddb.io/station Punch in the ship and the system you're currently at.
  4. According to @Renhanxue, the standard round is HEAT, and it's probably gonna get rebalanced before it goes live.
  5. Crossposting from the general Swedish thread; 15 depression, 150 damage with 115/144 pen, seems decent. Mobility looks bad though.
  6. http://tanks.mod16.org/2016/08/19/stridsvagn-103-was-not-a-tank-destroyer/
  7. LostCosmonaut

    Strv m/42

    The Strv m/42 will be the tier 5 medium tank in the Swedish tech tree. It's going to be entering a pretty crowded field, there's a lot of tier 5 mediums, including some pretty good ones like the M7, M4, and T-34 (along with some pretty lame ones). Here's what its armor layout looked like historically; (originally posted by sp15 on WoT EU) It's not that special, you're not going to be bouncing much besides tier 3s and autobounce stuff. At least its a fairly narrow target. The historical gun was the 75mm m/41 L34. In real life it was about equal to the 75mm M3 on the Sherman, but it was somewhat handicapped by bad ammo. Given that the m/42 doesn't have amazing armor or mobility (380 hp / 22 tons = 16.9 hp per ton, which actually isn't terrible), there's probably going to be some options for gun upgrades. Historically, a high velocity 57mm and a short 105 were considered, and I think I remember reading about some upgrades to the 75 (aside from the one that eventually ended up being the Strv 74). Gun depression will be amazing though, like everything else in the Swedish tree. Without knowing too much about it, the m/42 looks to me like it will be pretty decent but not a standout like the M7. Historical Info; http://tanks.mod16.org/tag/strv-m42/- Swedish Tank Archives pages on Strv m/42 (renhanxue's page) http://ftr.wot-news....t-vii-strv-m42/- Article on Strv m/42 in World of Tanks video game, written by sp15, has useful info http://www2.landskro...agnar/lago.html http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/11-stug-iii-thread-and-also-other-german-vehicles-i-guess/page-6#entry15542; Early m/42s had German transmissions. They were really bad. Bonus pics: (pics by renhanxue)
  8. 4800 damage game in the M46 ruined by this guy (he did 1290 damage in his Grille). SFODA_721 (5:23:20 PM) HEY DUMBASS, DO YOU USUALLY PULL OUT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE SHOOTING?? YOUR FAULT AND I AM NOT SORRY SFODA_721 (5:23:44 PM) I WAS SHOOTING AND YOU TRIED TO COCK BL[OCK ME ON A KILL AND YOU DIED DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:24:03 PM) lol, you're a 47% shitter LostCosmonaut (5:24:16 PM) 42,000 battles and still worse than the average pubbie LostCosmonaut (5:24:18 PM) congratulations SFODA_721 (5:24:19 PM) DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:24:30 PM) Don't get near shitty players? SFODA_721 (5:24:31 PM) DO NOT PULL OUT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE SHOOTING SFODA_721 (5:24:46 PM) STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM SOMEONE SHOOTING DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:24:53 PM) what does somebody with a win rate like yours have to teach me? SFODA_721 (5:25:04 PM) YOU TRIED TO STEAL MY KILL AND YOU GOT TK DUMBASS SFODA_721 (5:25:14 PM) A LOT APPARENTLY LostCosmonaut (5:25:18 PM) also, congratulations on your tier 10 td doing barely 1200 damage SFODA_721 (5:25:19 PM) DUMBASS LostCosmonaut (5:25:31 PM) that's almost as good as my tier 7s SFODA_721 (5:25:33 PM) YEP WITH YOUR DUMBASS PULLING IN FRONT OF ME LostCosmonaut (5:26:19 PM) keep going, this is magical
  9. I'm most excited for mid tiers (like the m/42 and 74), because I'm strange in the head. get hype
  10. This is a pretty good summary of the O-I's development; http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/981-japans-box-tank-o-i/
  11. Fun fact, the L-60 is the only tier 2 that stayed in service until the 21st century; http://fuerzasmildom.blogspot.com/2006/01/landsverk-strv-m38-l-60.html Also, one of the only tanks ever used in combat in the western hemisphere; https://warisboring.com/in-1965-u-s-and-dominican-tanks-fought-brief-violent-skirmishes-f206040e66b3#.a2ek7vqax
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