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  1. I usually go to the 10 o'clock spot, but the other day I had real trouble attacking C because of a 53tp at the 3 o'clock mound - there's a knobbly bit that they can be totally hulldown behind and we didn't have anything on the hill to the right shooting him
  2. I've been really enjoying tanks again with the new MM on Aus server, grinding tier 8's has never been more enjoyable since 3-5-7 killed that tier. Within days of them switching the MM to try this 2-4-9(?) format I already feel angrier every session and find myself playing less.

  3. I used the 500 gold to retrain one of the female crew and left one sitting in the barracks, bit of a waste but what can ya do. I definitely didn't plan on keeping any of the Swedish TD's I'd grinded below the UDES, and I'll probably sell that too since I've got the Strv S1 and will be aiming to have just that and the tier 10. Otherwise my experience of siege mode vehicles has been interesting. I've had to play far more timid and patiently than I'm used to, I find it frustrating that you can't poke because of the speed in siege mode and the lack of armour (Strv S1 vs 90mil and below guns i
  4. Ah yes, the SEA server. Where you may as well turn chat off because three people might actually understand English on your team, if you're lucky.

    Nudged a wreck and flopped onto my side on Prokhorovka, 2 minutes into the game. Turns out nobody spoke English except for ONE person seconds before the end of the game who apologised for not looking at chat. All blind too, apparently. Most exciting 7 minutes I've had in 23k battles.

    People don't really talk much in chat anymore too, maybe a question in Vietnamese, the occasional TW No.1, a few map pings and HELP! pings and that's about it. A full sentence in chat looks like a bloody essay.

  5. 21443 downed trees in 22752 battles, so almost 1 tree per game! That'd make a cool charity idea, one tree planted or donated for each pixel one knocked over during a 12 hour stream.
  6. Watching DezGamez' Maus buffs video (the King is Back). First 2 minutes as he's playing and talking about the buffs a Type 5 shoots it twice in the face for 380, 585, and then in the side for over 600 with HE. Looks like fun... /sigh



      It's called skill look it up *tips fedora

    2. Tman450


      I was thinking the same thing. "Let's make armor great again by including another HEtank..."

  7. I like the removal of AP, not fun suddenly having a huge portion of health removed just because they happened to get lucky.
  8. Might be time to uninstall and go do something healthier, fantasizing about genocide against people who enjoy playing skycancer isn't good for the mind.

  9. Anyone else have their UI in garage pack a sad often? Most of the buttons not responding etc. Always happens with the platoon interface, things like accepting invites while the sender is in battle tends to make it happen the most.

  10. Gling24

    The Chinese 112

    The HEAT can be dodgy with the awful accuracy, shells flop all over the place. HE from a lot of derp guns absolutely shit on it (be careful of jap heavies) and take out a crew member most hits, dead gunner is NOT fun. The frontal armour is bloody hilarious and makes it totally worth it though, nothing more fun than going head to head with equal tier heavies and coming out the other side victorious without breaking a sweat.
  11. AW's RNG is far more satisfying to play with, playing WoT in comparison makes me want to punch something every time a well-aimed shot goes walkabout. Can't imagine it becoming even worse. The sigma change was overall with individual tanks being tweaked, wasn't it?
  12. Ping's the best it's been for years right now, down to 160-180 most of the time while playing.
  13. Krupp Steyr Waffentrager worth the money? I might just buy it for the unique factor, unless it's a pile of shite.

    1. Fulvin


      Imagine a Tiger that got rid of

      -half its HP (I'm serious, 1500 vs 800, wtf)

      -200 DPM

      -5km/h top speed

      -all its armor

      -20m of view range

      to gain

      - 0.01 accuracy

      - 0.77s aimtime

      - better track and turret traverse

      and you have yourself a Steyr-WT AKA a steaming pile of crap. You can also compare it to the SU-100M and have it come out no better

    2. Gling24


      My wallet can breathe a sigh of relief then, thanks mate


  14. Been watching Circon's YT vids on them, he's enjoying the med/heavy line but the TD's not so much, tier 6 Strv 74 is fantastic but the Leo tier 7 is pretty mediocre.
  15. Ho damn, how were the truck licences for you, hard to get? I've got a year to catch up to you
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