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  1. Looking for an online game for me and a couple of friends to play that is similar to wot but not wot, ye ken? Aside from it's many flaws, wot is a rare gem that you can pick up and play at any time yet leave for months at a time if you're bored of it, and come back to it without loss of progress or other bullshit. One of the main reasons we've all been playing it for the last 5-6 years now, plus it's got a good blend of challenge, progress and easy to pick up but a high knowledge/skill ceiling if you're willing.

    Not too keen on LoL/Dota MOBA-type games, turn-based can be enjoyable but I'm often too bloody impatient for them, I prefer RTS/First-person games where you're relatively free to do your own thing, rather than linear storylines/maps and such.

    1. punishersal


      Borderlands 1/2/Pre-seq
      Killing Floor was fun with friends. KF2 is now out also.

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