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  1. Just wondering why my WR is so far apart from my WN8 at the moment last couple of months). I always thought there was always going to be a bit of a correlation in the gap between or could spotting not being taking into account or other non included metrics cause the gap ? I am a true pub scrub but do love my lights and would love to see my WN come up more. Cheers!
  2. Perfect thank you for taking that time to reply. That makes a lot of sense. So to super simplify Its kind of not just the quantity of damage you do but the quality/type and who you do it too. Thats why it can disproportionately skew the WN8 to WR ratio.
  3. Hey guys Just wondering about the correlation of the win rate vs the WN rating. In my tiny brain I would have thought that if you had a half decent winrate than your W.N rating should be close to it at least in colour as surely your win rate is largely down to your skill and understanding of the game ? So if there is a biggish gap (platooning excluded) between the figures why would this be ? In Barnesland if you have a high win and low WN you must have been tooning up with a good player or two, and low win and high WN you get super unlucky all the time with mega shitty teams or play all the shitty ships (highly unlikely but possible) Many thanks in advance.
  4. wow that vbaddict is brilliant ! Nice one. Going for a stat browse, I may be some time
  5. Reporting back ! Ok according to noob meter my individual win rate after 53 battles on the KV1 is massively improved but it only shows my winrate. Is there anyway I can get my individual stats for this tank. I really could do to see my damage output and WN8 average for it over the prescribed period november through to now. If its up to par I'am considering a T150 over the KV2 Big thanks in advance Mark
  6. Thats brilliant ! many thanks. I will report back on how I do over my first 100 battles.
  7. Many thanks guys some great advice. Looks like the KV1 & up is the favorite for a restart followed by the American line. I do fancy an T1 & M6 Also thanks Buffalo for the German line advice. I think I will give the Germans a go once I have got some level of competence on the Russian & American line. What kind of loadout on the KV should I consider please. Should I try to increase that low view range or go repairs ? I was thinking repairs, situational, recon, sixth sense in no particular order, also rammer,vents and GLD on the slots ?
  8. Hi Guys & Gals long post sorry. I could use some experienced opinions before I decide on my next direction in WOT. I 'am currently at a 8k + battles. But my stats are still suffering from the classic early noob late developer syndrome. I did the classic of rushing the tiers for the Tiger, Tiger 2, E75 and IS3 etc spending a bucket of credits and gold maxing them out with the wrong load-outs & skills etc, riding round in them as if I owned the battle field and getting bitch slapped badly over and over again. Sound familiar ? Once enlightenment had bestowed itself upon me I decided that the best course of action would be to sell them all and focus myself on my stronger talents namely lights,meds and go back to the lower tiers and learn a bit. I have been recently fairly consistently not as bad and have got my WR & WN8 up in the last 4-5k battles. I do still play my Churchie 1 & III and seem to do quite a reasonable job in them (although I hate the Church VII) and feel maybe the time is right to move on again and stop loitering in tiers 5 & 6. So my questions are. Should I re-buy the Tiger H and progress slowly from there back to the E75, or start completely again from scratch via the VK's perhaps (My VK3601 was largely played as a med btw). Maybe start an easier new line (American M6/T29 etc) Alternatively I do have a KV1 I blew past whilst rushing for the IS3 so perhaps move through the KV/IS lines or perhaps push past my Churchill and up through the Black Prince ? Please let me know what you think he best course of action would be in your opinion as I dont want to make a cock of myself again if possible. I get no pleasure from being crap or a drag on my team. Or do you think I should just "step away from the heavies scrub" stick to what you know I do have a crap "damage taken Vs received ratio" so perhaps a hull down or heavy armour line might suit me better than a brawler ? (bounce lots or hide heavy) Cheers for reading my drivel and replies in advance ! Mark
  9. Hi Guys Thought I better stop hiding in the shadows and be a bit more polite. Firstly great site, thanks for all the effort, I know it takes a lot of time, money and effort to run something like this and I have great respect for that. An island of sanity in a sea of.......... The official forum was starting to make my eyes burn I have been stagnating a bit recently and only had chance to play erratically as work allows, as a result my performance is erratic too. I hope to bust through the 51 - 52% barrier I have been sat on for ages now. Also I have until this last month stayed below the T9 level (Tiger 2 was my top tank) playing around with all the different tanks in T1- T8 that I fancied and settled into a routine rather than pushing any further. I think this may have held me back a bit. I bought my first T9 (E75) last month and its starting to click with some seriously epic matches but also plenty of total epic mega fails Also I rushed to buy the tiger 1 and 2 and my IS3 after only 1200+ battles (solid gold rushing newbie noob) and it shows in my stats on these tanks. I realized my mistakes and flogged the IS3 but kept the crew and mothballed my tigers. Since the "great tiger buff" last year I have been playing them again on and off and have dragged them up from 40% ish WR to nearer 47-48 and will shortly have them about 50%. I joined SGTA too to try to get some training and tooning but work and kids coupled with the time there training starts mean I miss a lot and need to request more personal one to one training. They are a great bunch of guys and very highly organised and recommended. I had my WN7 into the green but WN8 pulled no punches and was cruel to me (told me the harder truth) but I seem to be improving and heading back to green again. Anyhow thats me, I hope to learn some moves from you guys and I will put up some replays for critical review, pointers & analysis later on this week. Happy tanking
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