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  1. So, are we speaking with The English German, or is this Katze? You attempt to necro a topic from 3 years ago, and it just so happens your "friend" made this thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/610612-when-you-dare-to-disagree-with-purple-players-on-the-wotlab-forums/ You weren't downvoted for saying the IS-3 isn't OP, those were from you saying the KV-5 and WZ-111 had more armor. And here, have some more downvotes for making this idiotic thread, which should've been deleted when you were still typing it up.
  2. Invest in aluminum, since this guy loves wearing it. This fine specimen believes the game to be "rigged", all the while doing as little as possible before suiciding off a cliff, claims to never give WG money yet has accepted numerous tanks gifted by his friends, and acts like "stats don't matter to me, but I used to have 55% w/r once". Why is it that such people who think the game is out to get them or is set up to intentionally hold them back continue to play for so long? Is the only thing that drives them in this game the idea that if they aren't happy, they gotta make every
  3. Establishing a beachhead in this sector, relay all pertinent information to this location. Frontline is now up and running on the live server. Post in this thread about anything in regards to the event, from grand farming expeditions, to the mindless masses being what they are, and any helpful hints to those seeking to journey into the unknown. Love it? Hate it? Sound off!
  4. In my opinion, the Matilda BP is a "No, no, no" tank. With such poor mobility and ineffective armor, it just feels so frustrating to play it sometimes, especially on larger maps with plenty of hills and soft terrain. I have more fun playing in the Matilda IV, and hell, even the Chi-Nu Kai, than I do in that thing. If you're looking for a Brit premium medium in low tiers, you'd be better off with either the Cromwell B, the Sentinel AC 4 E, or maybe even the Sentinel I.
  5. Wonder if I should go digging through the WoT house forums and link to some of Gasai's "beautiful content". Oh, and add my name to the lotto.
  6. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/squawk1202 Apparently he got so butt-flustered after we lost to some pedo-tankers on Mittengard he left a message on my audio mod video on Youtube. Seems like he doesn't want people questioning his actions after doing 0 damage. Sure, he was in a T7, but there was still tanks he could've gone after. But he'd rather hide than fight. I think he was mostly upset that the other players are better at seal clubbing than he is.
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