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  1. A tank that can easily get spotting damage is a tank to go for 3 marks. Since you got 2 marks on the Pershing I recommend going for the 3rd, but slap optics on it if you can. Play aggressive early game but not suicide for easy assisted damage, especially on maps where you can light the enemy team leaving spawn such as lakeville/mountain pass/ensk. The top gun of the pershing is one of the best at tier 8 so you can outplay any other t8s, and its apcr allows you to reliably pen tier 10s. When top tier rely on damage for your marks. When bottom tier rely on spotting dmg for your marks,
  2. Hello can someone change my forum name to " JoJoJacKy____________hi "

  3. I can't play EU anymore :^(. Ping spikes every other second. Dont think ill be joining
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