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  1. Is anyone else finding the pubbies to be several orders of magnitude worse than the ones in Wot? Like all the people trolled into quitting WoT have moved to AW. I'm finding it considerably more difficult to win games solo as my teams fold much faster than they do in WoT.
  2. IIRC some of the replays use the same map name in the file name. I think Highway and Live Oaks are both called 'North America' in the file name.
  3. Does Alt + Tab not work? I have a second screen so I just click on that to minimise the game, it still takes a few seconds to react though.
  4. Well this is probably the only tank I will ever actively try to get my 3rd MoE for, way too much effort and rage for me to want to try again.
  5. God damn the struggle is real. Been trying all weekend to get the 3rd MoE on this tank. 2 Radley Walter's games and a lot of rage later I maxed out at 94.80% before getting one shot by arty in the next game. Rage quitting for now while I'm playing on tilt so I will have to try again tomorrow.
  6. Defended a Winter Himmelsdorf encounter base cap on my own against 6 enemy tanks to get Radleys and Kolobonovs medals. http://wotreplays.com/site/1857497#winter_himmelsdorf-jugderdemidiin_gurragcha-t30
  7. I found twisting to be the best way to kill a PS3 controller back when I played Call of Duty.
  8. Luna, while me and you are usually on the other side of the map.
  9. "help....help....help....help....help....help" Everytime I've been in a platoon with you two.
  10. I have noticed the fuel tanks in mine burn quite often, I've had 3 fires in my first 20 games. With the 12% fire chance on the engine I assumed I would be able to run food without issue but its the fuel tanks that take all the hits so I will probably have to change to the auto extinguisher. Aim time drops to 2.3s which is more manageable.
  11. Somehow pulled off a literally last second blind shot to kill an invis comet at 15:00 and win the match.

  12. Had this game in the first couple of battles back from a several month break. Solo brawled a full hp E100 and T28p with 1100hp and a broken ammo rack to take the win. E100 was a pubbie red with 128mm but fuck it I'm claiming this.
  13. Be careful not to go over NZ$500 so you don't have to pay the 15% import duty. Even then the parts should still be vastly cheaper though.
  14. I get about 45-50fps generally. I'm busy with work atm and am also in a fuck tanks mood atm so I haven't played for about a month now.
  15. I used a B85m mobo in my build a bit over a month ago. It's a micro atx that doesn't offer the the same features as Z series but still works very well if you don't plan on overclocking or running SLI/Crossfire. I'm still using my old EVGA 660SC with my new 4670 CPU and it runs everything fine (BF4 and WoT at max settings, tomb raider and Bioshock Infinite on near-max settings)
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