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  1. I'm more tempted to believe the shell boxes, and assume the general tab is like that because WG created the stats for the tank by copying the Cent I, and forgot to change the value under general.
  2. So it's basically a centurion I with its pre-HD nerfed armour, slightly less pen, slightly better dpm and prius levels of power/weight.
  3. http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/23/supertest_917-1/ Several changes first mentioned in the whats ahead article. The VK100.01P and Mäuschen will now lead to the Maus, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B will now lead to a non-premium fail lowe. Changes to the Type 4 & 5 are in (giving them derp guns) but the O-P exp, O-P and the O-Ho changes are nowhere to be seen. T28 proto, T28 and T95 speed buffs. Now for the new stuff E5 nerfed. Cupola armour "decreased" and "made more even". Also the 254mm of armour behind the front rollers reduced to 76.2mm. Grille 15 nerfed. Engine power and reverse speed reduced. Reload increased from 16.5 to 18s. Gun depression lowered from -8 to -7. Shell velocity reduced from 1350m/s to 1200m/s. T-34-85M buffed so its now basically a Rudy with worse terrain resistances. Pen, damage, aim time, dispersion, soft stats, view range. No mention of decreasing the rate of fire though so maybe they're just going to let it be OP. Can't be having bad Russian tanks. Cent I and 7/1 top speeds buffed to 50kph. Rate of fire increased from 8s to 7.5s, and from 12s to 11.2s. Less bad, but still not very good. Can't be having good British tanks. FV4202(P) speed buffed to 50kph. That's the third buff it's received and it's still shit. Vanilla game damage log, including name and type of vehicle and ammo type. Stronkholds is also changing. Pillaging is gone and matchmaking is automated so no attacking a specific clan. War departments are getting removed though and replaced with “War Games,”. And more remastered minimaps.
  4. So I was apologetic towards the Ikv 65 II. It was a bad tank, but it could at least play ridge liney campey snipey, which kept it out of the shit tier with tanks like the Sturer Emil, Churchill GC and the Challenged. You know, tanks that only even do damage if the enemy sits still in front of them (side on for the challenger). The Ikv 90B sits somewhere in between. The penetration at least goes up to 210mm, which as with the Ikv 65 II is above average for tier. This is the only thing keeping it out the garbage bin, because at tier 7 you will be able to find something to hurt, even though with the now properly anemic 240 damage you won't hurt them very much. However, while the standard round got a nice 30mm buff as you go up in tier, the already shit HEAT round on the Ikv 65 II only gains 20mm. At the very least this upgrades it from "shit the IS-3 doesn't care about" to "shit the IS-3 doesn't care about, much". For some reason though, WG saw fit to nerf the accuracy and gun handling when you went up a tier. The DPS goes up by a third, which is nice. But the only time you'll use it is to farm the occasional tomato that decides to hide his IS in the open, and to fire lots more rounds because not only is your alpha damage shit but you can't hit anything any more. Probably the only good thing about this tank is that it's fucking tiny, the gun is top mounted and poking it over a ridge you become a very small target. Now relying on your enemies to miss is never going to be a winning strategy, but they do at least need to aim at you, whereas the Ikv 65 II could get snap shot and its low mounted gun meant it took ages to get into cover. This, combined with the health boost from going up a tier, means I found myself surviving getting spotted 1-2 times, instead of 0-1 times in the Ikv 65 II. This tank is very much like the Ikv 65 II, the only thing it can do is plane unfair and kemp bush, any aggression is immediately punished with failure and death. The skill ceiling is slightly higher than before because the small size means you can camp some slightly more aggressive bushes, but it's still pretty low. At the end of the day I managed to average 1308 damage per game, but it was all damage I could have either gotten more of in a better tank, or damage my team could have dealt without me.
  5. Yes. The tanks.gg beta has been put up today http://beta.tanks.gg/ with siege mode added. The UDES has 0.24 acc, and the 103 has 0.29. The 103B then goes back to 0.24.
  6. So I just finished the grind in this thing, and while it was bad, I was expecting worse. It's got no survivability, it has no alpha to trade with people and no DPS and the gun handling is trash. Any aggression in this thing is immediately punished with failure. I even found myself struggling to help mop up at the end of a 15-5 stomp. That said, the gun is accurate, the pen is good and the camo is average for the tier. As a bush camping sniper, it's merely below average. The thing I found is that because it's totally incapable of doing anything else but camping bushes, it has a horrifyingly low skill ceiling. I'm probably amongst the least skilled players on this forum and even I felt myself hitting the skill cap. So anyone as good or better than me is going to hate this tank, but it was far from my most hated grind. I wouldn't put it in the same league as shit like the Sturer Emil, old challenger or the Caernarvon.
  7. Now if only WG would buff the centurions, say by giving them more historical maneuverability ala the CAX, to make up for how hard they got hit by the nerf bat. Now there was definitely a time when I simply couldn't see WG ever bothering to buff anything British, given that the CAX is afaik the only buff any British tank has ever had (and even then it took years). But next patch the Challenger is getting buffed, franky anything seems possible now.
  8. They could stick the Vickers MBT in front of it at tier 9 to make it a two split tank like the AMX30's. Admittedly the two tanks have nothing to do with each other, and I'm not sure WG likes doing it, but it's more likely than a single tank tree like the 140.
  9. This link/translation https://ammorack.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/9-15-supertest-change-list/ mentions it's frontal ammo rack module being removed.
  10. Ok I'm going to stop bitching about the Challenger now for long enough to notice that this turns the STA-2 into a slower Mutz with better soft stats and DPM (even after a 5% nerf) but slower shells.
  11. But war gaming aren't going to do it cus 'historical accuracy'. Having said that, if you really wanted to put a 20 pdr on the Challenger / Avenger, the turret from the Charioteer would probably fit the Avenger, since AFAIK that uses the same turret ring as the Cromwell. Would be a bit weird upgrading to a smaller tank with a bigger gun in the same turret, but it would make the Avenger not shit.
  12. Holy shit, WG is actually buffing a bad tank! (and right after I finished grinding it too). Challenger will never get the 20pdr though, WG's days of unhistorically buffing tanks by giving them guns they could never mount seems to be over. That said, I do feel so sorry for the Challenger. WG have taken a medium tank that is basically a contemporary of the firefly, called it a tank destroyer and given it a turret from a similar, but separate tank destroyer, then fucked it up anyway. The Challenger could be a fantastic tier 7 cross tree tank, like the KV-13. Have both the Cromwell (from which it was derived) and the Firefly (from which it was inspired) lead to it. Then have it in turn go to both the Comet (the tank that replaced it) and the Avenger (the tank destroyer designed concurrent to the Challenger, based on the same ideas, but that was only finished post war). Then make the Avenger the actual tier 7 TD, with a lower hull (the challenger had a raised hull, the Avenger didn't), take away the bullshit 10mm armour topping WG gave it (the real thing was open topped like american TD's, but had a frame for netting to be draped over to protect from hand grenades that WG helpfully made a hitbox). It's still going to be a bit shit with a 17pdr at tier 7, but at least it would have some semblance of camo when you make it half as tall.
  13. Damn right. It's unfortunate Paradox delayed the release of Hoi IV so far it's now releasing after the next game they put it development, because although I'd love a new, good 4X I'm going to totally ignore it for at least six months once Hoi IV comes out.
  14. I picked up some gold with that paypal thing, I expect many others may have done so as well. Knowing WG this means no sales on anything gold for a while for fear of giving us value for money.
  15. It's only available in the gift shop and then only very rarely. It was released at Christmas and it's been back on NA and EU once each I think though at different times. Basically WG know they've sold us shit loads of gold and if they put premium tanks in the game we won't give them any new money. It's the same reason WoWS has doubloons instead of the identically priced gold.
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