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  1. if this is the same coae from jedifleet then yes he is a nub, i couldn't even stand the t28
  2. I had that issue with gnomefathers gun sounds, he has since released a hot fix for it
  3. t44 wolfpacks were unstoppable pre tier IX meds, then all tier IX meds man loved it when they came out got all 3 and had a ball, then beta ended and i quit lol warping tanks were a pain in the ass hanging off of cliffs and shooting off the side and backing up and doing it again..oh man so awesome
  4. wtf did i just watch
  5. watchign diastant ripping it up on twitch now, RIP pubbies

  6. watching Nas_ wreck stuff on twitch

    1. Jojo_Joseph_Joestar
    2. Nas22


      Thank you for watching! Will prolly be streaming again when i wake up.

  7. if bulls is a top tier then i've made it finally! Started in Beta played with a bunch of guys from my fleet from Navyfield, formed our clan when we could Kellys Heroes Reloaded, that imploded with a hostile takeover, quit after Beta, my friends went onto forge, crabs now are in PRTSN Came back after watching a couple of sidestrafe videos while I was bored on vacation and after earning lotsa gold from the WOWP Beta contests. Just before campaign 2, joined NARWL for the mad tankz, however they decided to farm gold, i think i got about 2000 gold from the whole campaign...bunch of guys got upped to Reddit main and I left since the guys that i played with and knew were gone. Joined Pupeh in hopes of moar clam wars, however I barely participated since they were mostly interested in East coast territory, which is too early for me. Decided it was time to leave after a couple of months and some spergy posts from members to join up with my old buddies in BULLS + their territory is on the west and mountain time zones which works out great for me. Dikembe accepted me with open arms, and here I am not having played for 2 weeks, until they fix the damn CTD. Bulls has been great, lotsa platoons and sperging to pubs, good laughs are had on TS
  8. love the site and always extremely informative carry on!
  9. i really really really really cannot stand weekends + x5 events..god

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    2. itr452


      lol i did most of my x5's during the early afternoon and got those, but this evening my god

    3. Agamemneon


      x5 weekends are Team Battle exp farming weekends.

  10. itr452

    WT auf Pz IV

    128 can do both, i brawl fine with it in a pinch as I can out dpm heavies however not my first choice of action, sit back snipe and laugh, plus the apcr round laser
  11. why the hell do i derp it in platoons but solo pub star it wtf

    1. Eagle_Peak


      I know that feeling.

  12. Graybear1948, my god on prokhorovka We were camping on the left as us TD's like to do, decided to move up since the other flank was getting pushed from hill, moron in a WTE moves up with me, thats great but I was trying to spot for him, guess he doesn't know about view and draw range, then I light up a E5 and a 268, im like SWEET time to die baddies, plop 300 damage on the 268!?!? WTF, guy was shooting HE(so he must have loaded a damn clip of HE?) thank god our mediums were good and my spotting opened up our flank he died pretty quickly after he shot, finished with a whopping 900 damage oh yeah
  13. doh sorry, was just finishing my last game when you sent the invite >.>
  14. aw dammit fine then e4 too lol no 268 will add you guys, sorry assassin logged off >.>
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