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  1. Man, what's with the attitude and the hurtful words? Did Genghis Khan fuck your wife or something?.. Although with that attitude in mind I reckon I should ask who *Didn't*... Other than you that is. Get laid. Let some steam off.
  2. Holy fuck, I just got a 4K damage, 4K assisted Type 61 game with the damn 90Mm.

    Shaking like mad.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Siimcy


      :gachi: TAKE IT FLAVITO

    3. FlaviFeels


      :jebaited: You little tender boy :pedo:

    4. Siimcy


      @leggasiini tender meat get your ass back here :gachi: 

  3. I deserved that, but still rude :doge: 

    1. FlaviFeels


      Rude is my defining character trait.

  4. Sometimes I feel like a failure. Then I remember someone based his sense of worth in life on an unofficial metric for an online game to such an extent, that he wasted days of his life arguing with internet strangers about how immature it was that the creators of said metric decided to play a prank by messing with some values. is there REALLY nothing better you could be doing? Like, I don't know, fixing your Worthless8 values by playing other skill intensive vehicles such as the E25, T67 or Cuntqueror? ... Or buying a life on the internet... You've amused us greatly, and have b
  5. My birthday was shit and I should go headbutt an Exocet.

    Maybe I should stop saying "Next year can't be worse than this". Someone or something is taking it as a challenge.

    1. Greatspank


      +1 exocet


    2. BadLuckCharm


      "Things are never so bad that they can't get worse."

      -something i learned from Calvin & Hobbes

    3. M4A3E8sherman
  6. Feliz cumpleaños Flaviface <3

  7. Where's the challenge in that? Bla bla bla self improvement and whatnot.
  8. So I got back into WarBlunder. Got my BF 109 K-4. I suck at it. I play realistic. I suck at most planes tho. Just get clubbed by Spitfires. How 3 not sukk?
  9. Can you legally import vehicles in Brazil? Here we need to live 1-2 years wherever the car is coming from to be able to legally import it. If Brazilian laws aren't so retarded, anti-consumer and retardedly anti-consumer you may look into that as an option to get a car for less money? Then again I've no idea how much the shipping would cost. Just an idea tho.
  10. Didn't know you watched Regular Car Reviews, @Never

    Now that was a lucky find down there in the comment section. :kwim:

    1. Never



  11. The Black Prince is such a piece of shit.
    Any 200Wn8 subhuman knows to shoot your tracks from the front for full damage.
    Fucking retarded.

  12. How they test Italian cars:


    1. FlaviFeels


      That woman is manlier than the guy who bought a 500. :doge:.

  13. I really dislike WG's bundle policy. Virtual goods can't be "Scarce" or "Rare". Thus I don't really trust WG much if they say "Yo, this SUPER RARE PzKpfw II Ausf. J/BTSV/Type 59 comes with $100 bux of bundle stuff because it's so rare". WG has the right to price their goods however they see fit. I don't mind $60 for top tier premium tanks or whatever the cost is, but I do mind not being allowed to buy what I want the way I want it. I don't play much anymore, but while I still played somewhat regularily, I oftentimes found myself passing on premium tanks I wanted because I didn't wa
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