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  1. Fuck arty and fuck WG for thinking the stun mechanic was something that should actually be implemented. When 2 tier 10 arty and a M53/55 decide that they want to focus your tier 8 and spend your short life permanently stunned. fuck that shit

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    2. Fulcrous


      The only thing that is wrong with the current iteration of arty are the masses of religious xvm focus mindset of players.

      It's a legitimate support tank that yields far more consistent results than the drunk Russian roulette machine it was before.

    3. snowdude21325


      Currently trying to grind to the Maus, and spamming the VK100.01P right now. I enjoy the tank, but it's stupid that I literally spent the short time period alive stunned. Nothing I could do even though I was in a hard to hit spot. I would have preferred old arty there because they either wouldn't have hit me, or if they did, it wouldn't fucked me over as much. I get it's more consistent (I own the M53/55 so I can play arty and understand what it can, can't do, how to avoid it and things like that), but the fucking focus is annoying when play a slow bottom tier tank.

    4. Matross


      Heyyyy snow feels the pain I felt being in a top tier heavy tank, and being stunned the entire game. As @Whole_Nutmeg stated, they have to fix the stun (maybe the radius), duration (the further you are away, the less you should be stunned, maybe even incorporate armor effectiveness more) and go back to old reload times. The faster reload time, makes up for the damage arty would have lost out from the damage nerf.

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