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  1. Fuck arty and fuck WG for thinking the stun mechanic was something that should actually be implemented. When 2 tier 10 arty and a M53/55 decide that they want to focus your tier 8 and spend your short life permanently stunned. fuck that shit

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    2. SgtKnispel23


      i still say its alot better then what it was imo

    3. Whole_Nutmeg


      It's way, way, WAY better than patch 9.17.1. I would hate to go back to that. Now all they need to do is nerf stun, splash, and arty aiming and it'll be workable. Either that or remove arty from the game

    4. Assassin7


      They just need to make the stun time drop off with distance from where the shell lands, a shell landing 20m away shouldnt stun you for as long as a shell direct hitting you

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