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  1. Why is the gun on the SU-122-54 so potato? I can't hit jack shit and it's starting to cost me games. It's the only tank I know to reliable bounce the side of tanks that it should easily pen

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    2. snowdude21325


      Changed games, problem solved! I just want to have the T10, 430 and Obj 263 all before patch. Have to grind millions of credits


    3. NightmareMk9


      Same here, daily grind SU12254, 430II, IS, T-10, Cent 7/1, WZ111 1-4 (next on track)

    4. snowdude21325


      I play the su-122-54 and strv s1 till I can't take it anymore. Maybe I should try the defender because I don't have to think


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