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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from Matross in Finished my Maus grind, started playing light tanks again. WZ-132... why is your gun   
    13105 is a competitive tier 10 light, along with the EBR
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from Wanderjar in Oh my god They're dancing   
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from DoggieKruger in Looking at the Type 5, Maus and 705A against my 113's AP rounds on tanks.gg and just   
    Remember the 263 v4 might need a buff because it can be difficult to play and you might die so it's not good enough
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Assassin7 in Game is officially done. The 263 is just stupid and this is the only tank that I have   
    im looking at it and it seems no different from the tier 10 armour wise.
    in fact I looked at all the new Russian tanks, and they're all fucking stupid. will to play this game is rapidly declining. Will to want the will to play this game rapidly rising. I love this game, i don't want to not want to play it, but fucking hell WG.
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Hellsfog in lol.. first game in hype59.. get set on fire XD   
    wait until you get shot through the turret and your ammo rack explodes.  
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    snowdude21325 reacted to dualmaster333 in If you enjoy seeing terrible things done to pubbies, you should check out the last pa   
    I would post a link but as you say, we're all lazy...
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    snowdude21325 reacted to BlackAdder in Whole game stupid T28P pushing me and getting into my shots, I can’t kill retard beca   
    @Errants it's fun game, but it's frustrating when fags block you or even shot you to death and get away with it. 
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    snowdude21325 reacted to nabucodonsor in I've tried looking this up and can't find it. But Snap shot isn't useful on turretles   
    It reduces dispersion while moving the gun.
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    snowdude21325 reacted to kolni in On the Panther 2, do you use the higher pen 88 or the lower pen 88 for better dpm? I   
    Higher pen 88 because the lower pen one means you're completely unable to fight T10s and even with lower DPM it'll cost you damage in the long run. Aimtime feels a bit worse but overall the gun feels much more reliable.
    You won't lose any XP for it either since that gun is absolutely fucking broken on the E 50 so the E 50 stock grind once you get the tracks you won't actually need freeXP after that.
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from canadiantrex in What happened to the chat room?   
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from canadiantrex in What happened to the chat room?   
    Website company decided to discontinue the chat service. There is the discord server for most, also think someone is using their stream at one point as another place for people to hang out and talk. 
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    snowdude21325 reacted to MAJEST1C in why the fuck does anyone ever play on east server? the packet loss is absolutely unbe   
    Right now west coast is best coast 
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from Matross in WTF am I supposed to do to win games in the M48? Every time I play this tank I have a   
    Dirty if you sell the lovely M48, I don't know if I can keep you in 5LINE. 

    Joking aside (the M48 was my first tier 10, I have a soft spot for it), if I actually decide to log back into tanks after the bullshit RNG I got today, and you see me do it, hit me up with some games. I enjoy the M48 and think I might be able to help you out. Also head over to our forums, I think we have a couple of guys that love the tank and could give you some pointers over there.
    Some basic tips for playing it though is don't peek if someone is looking at you if possible, the armor is there, but never trust it. You do best when you can get hull down, pull over the ridge real quick and fire. No need to aim the gun, if you are going to hit, its going to hit, if you are going to miss its going to miss. I feel that ~200-300 m engagement is good for the tank, close enough the gun won't troll too hard, but your weak spots are not too easy to hit for the enemy. Support the flanks and keep that gun firing, the M48's job is to deal damage, just make sure it's the right damage. Hope that helps!
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    snowdude21325 reacted to leggasiini in did this during grinding the cancerous pilot missions: KV-5 is just fucking amazing,   
    they are annoying to deal with but there always has been tanks that were annoying for KV-5, so its not that new
    The fact i can still win shitton with it (got 70% WR after 300 battles, 50/50 solo / platoon with one other KV-5) and achieve higher DPG than on my Löwe, Liberte and even my beloved O-Ho means that it isnt obsolote at all. People just need to adapt to the changes.
    Though personally i didnt mind if they buffed APCR penetration to around 230 so it could pen few stuff like Defender LFP bit more reliably, and at same time AP pen to around 180 to not make AP - APCR gap too big, but even with current penetration it works pretty well.
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    snowdude21325 reacted to yuryi in Coming back to World of Tanks after a break sort of reminds me of having sex with my   
    still a better love story than twilight
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Raj in My favorite part about this game.   
    Fuck off, why do you start shit with people about stat whoring? Fuck you and all people like you. This is the exact reason I quit WOT, because shit like this. Gets tiring real quick. 
    Like hell man, why even care? 
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Assassin7 in You know WG are getting desperate when they decide to put the freaking PZ.II.J on sal   
    we'll know the games about to die because thats when they'll put the Type 59 in the store
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from TAdoo87 in I wonder if Wargaming plan to introduce this Tier X Swedish SPG... 14 rounds in 48 se   
    For the amount of days that arty has been helpful in breaking camps, there have been 20x the amount of times I wish it wasn't there so I could go to different parts of my map, carry a game and not get fucked because some idiot in got lucky half way across the map
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from BadLuckCharm in Got another MOE (on my T1 Heavy) in a super crappy loss - i just got 336 damage befor   
    Remember that a mark is of the last 100(?) battles. So that replaced a worse game (probably 0 because you have less than 100 battles in it)
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from monjardin in Got another MOE (on my T1 Heavy) in a super crappy loss - i just got 336 damage befor   
    Remember that a mark is of the last 100(?) battles. So that replaced a worse game (probably 0 because you have less than 100 battles in it)
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    snowdude21325 reacted to orzel286 in How do you make yourself stop playing ? E.g. yesterday I played like 15 games in the   
    Shitload of snow? Then just
    let it go
    let it gooo
    turn away and slaaaam the dooooor!
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Tman450 in What's up with betas stealing trump signs out of people's gardens? I never understood   
    90% of America is functionally retarded.
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    snowdude21325 reacted to Daezara in HGST, WD or Seagate, can't remember which ones to go for or avoid. (Just picking up a   
    WD bought HGST iirc.
    Most people dislike Seagate for some reason.
    I personally never had a single Seagate HDD fail on me (still using an 1,5TB Barracuda from 6+ years ago) and we are using Seagate HDD's aswell in our company without any problems.
    In my opinion you can't go wrong with either of them. If the drive fails or not is not in your power. A brand new WD drive can fail where a 5+ year old Seagate is still going strong or the other way around. Just pick the right type of drive for what you need it for. Aka no normal desktop HDD for NAS applications etc.
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    snowdude21325 got a reaction from TohtoriP in This girl stops by at a gas station where i work and omfg she smells like heaven....a   
    Biologically speaking, when someone has a good smell it means they are a genetic complement to you so your offspring would be superior from having more varied genes thus being more resilient..... just saying  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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