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  1. So I played too much League of Legends and CS:GO and never played this cancerous game for over 2 years... I've forgotten pretty much everything about this game, and I want to get back into it... Been thinking about playing Object 140/T62-A and Batchat. What should I know about before getting back into scout tanks like AMX 13 90?

    1. Fulcrous


      Just remember that nothing can be more brain-dead than pubbies in WoT than LoL/CSGO combined

    2. Krontimus


      You won't believe some of the dumbest shits I've seen in my career on LoL. But I get you anyway, before I left this game I had the mindset to pull the weights of others, and being an E-100, that was easy. :^)

    3. Fulcrous


      I played virtually every ladder in LoL from bronze to d5 (lower ladders mainly being for boosting) but nothing compared to WoT for me.

  2. Haven't touched this cancerous game in 2 years. How's the state of arty and the game? :^)

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      stick to Zelda, much better gameplay.

      • :kappaross:
    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      Lots of interesting changes in the last two years. Arty still bad though.

    4. KenadianCSJ


      Still arty. Still cancer

  3. Kappa

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    2. Krontimus


      Do you still remember me though? Thinking seriously about getting back into this cancer game.

    3. Panzer9Supertiger


      Say away while you still can.

    4. Krontimus



      I heard it was a "year of fix" and that WG finally admitted to their cancerous ideals about this game.

  4. Returning plebeian looking to refresh his game mechanics knowledge and updating it to the latest version, where does that belong? I'm bad@forums

    1. Krontimus


      It's been 1 and a half years since I last played one round.

    2. hallo1994


      Either the meta discussion or the newbie palace 

  5. So has arty been removed yet? Never played this game since 9.4.

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    2. Shade421


      Armored Warfare is calling your name...

    3. Panzer9Supertiger


      Come back to me kront

    4. Krontimus


      I should give AW a try. @Panzer but the game is shit with cancer in it. :( green overall stats = auto target for red shitbies

      @aaveq source pls

  6. Well it wasn't really an incident. They just straight up removed it after few hours or so even though they had posted it. I think you could've got 11K gold after quite a lot of battles... (too good to be true I know, but we all know we wish it still happened.) That glorious post was what spiked the downloads/population for WoWP for a brief second until it got removed. It was a very long time ago though.
  7. They should have kept in the free X gold if you played Y amount of battles. Ever since the "incident" I said fuck WoWP.
  8. Thinking about coming back to this cancer game. What has changed?

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    2. PrivateBert


      Was talking EU server. And I can prove it, my log is on vbaddict.

    3. KruggWulf


      Oh. I can't speak for EU at all. I'd imagine the shitters playing arty there is probably doubled. All the PLs and various other shitters that think they're such gud trolls because they play arty, yet they can't handle getting shrekt and trolled back

    4. waga100


      On west today there were a shirtload of arty

  9. Thinking about coming back to this cancer game. Is this still relevant? http://i.imgur.com/3LNl6pe.png

  10. Krontimus

    GTA 5 PC

    My char for GTAO :^)
  11. Pre;loaded but didn't install... ???

    1. Panzer9Supertiger


      You still play this game?

    2. Krontimus


      Not anymore, uninstalled. I got angry one too many times I almost Nolan'd my keyboard and the monitor.

  12. Krontimus

    GTA 5 PC

    You mean in a hour :^)
  13. Apakovtac is my login, just to associate Apakovtac with Krontimus. One thing you should know is I can't do TS3 'cause I'm deaf. I've never played any GTA games. pls no bulli :^(
  14. What's with the retarded powerball botters?

    1. Krontimus


      I keep getting one per login. I just might as well not login to not get these shitlordery scamming.

    2. ZXrage


      You can't even report them

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