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  1. I like the three digit idea; centering it such that breaking 1k isn't feasible appeals.
  2. picking wot back up after a year off feels like returning to an abusive relationship. things were fine for a few days, but now all the stress and self-loathing have returned. also i'm terrible.

    1. deathmachine16


      welcome back to hell

  3. I'm pretty sure what you saw was a T95E6 - the OTHER 120mm US 10MT, that's been finished and in the game (but unreleased to the public) since last year.
  4. or a reward tank for CW/IM/SH. Or a cruel prank on the supertesters.
  5. I'm not expecting this to stay at tier VIII. VII with decreased alpha seems likely to me.
  6. I didn't see one, so I made a comparison table for the IS-5 and its peers. IS-5 data is from SR; everything else (including the gray IS-5 fields, which may be out of date) is from tank-compare.
  7. It can nearly one-shot itself, and it fires every four seconds. I'm really hoping ROF and reload numbers got swapped.
  8. Heaven forbid someone should work on tanks they aren't good at for a while, rather than simply padding it up.
  9. I'd still like to see what expected values we get if the account data for all four USSR MT Xs are pooled. Similarly for the other tightly related tank sets.
  10. Three full simultaneous teams, three wins. Sometimes, this CW bullshit is rewarding. :)

    1. RNG_


      Pshhh who does CW anymore?

  11. And don't forget the part about someone to fund it.
  12. It's really pissing me off. You guys are doing work, and they just freely shit on you for it.
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