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  1. if i read it right there are different bonus missions available for new players vs re-activated players. new players get the 5x xp bonus and stuff, but the re-activated players only get missions that get them a bunch of credits and stuff, but there is definitely a difference
  2. give me a heads up if you find the magic. i just can't find a way to play properly the last few weeks. it usually comes down to situations where the other shitlords don't do shit on our flank and i see the other flank falling so i say to myself "somebody gotta do it and initiate the push on our side", even though i am low tier (usually tier9 czech paper tank in a tier 10 matchup) and get fucking wrecked, while the other side falls and 2 minutes later my side falls as well. i find it incredible hard to even remotely carry in that thing. if i play without the thinking that i actually need to carry my stupid team then i end up with nice rounds of 4k damage and more but the moment my team decides to fail on the other flank it all goes downside. i guess one virtue of better players is also just to know when to stop. i was already raging yesterday and added 6 games after being totally on tilt and getting angrier and angrier. thinking about it, this is really the formula of success for world of tanks. you don't get mad at the game itself but the fucking retards that are driving their tanks with their wooden leg.
  3. do the points you gather in this program even stack ? i got an reroll acc from a friend as recrut with kind of 400k xp on it, but he stopped using that account. will a new recruit stack onto the 400k xp towards the million or will it start anew ? i think nobody knows, but if you wanna try that for sure. i could also refer you to that said friend who told me to do a reroll so he could get that tank, but if somebody else did that for me i would be glad to get ridd of that obligation and just play my regular account.
  4. i am on the fence on this one. of course i would rather have an IS-5, but since that is not available i am really considering buying this (after already having a T-34, IS-6, Patton KR, WZ-111, T54 Mod 1 and a Super Pershing). I always hate the derps of the WZ-111 gun, but i guess you would not really feel it, if you have the penetration of the IS-3A and pen anyways. here is a new review of theFochYou i did not agree with him on the patton KR, so what do you guys think. is what he says about the tank true ? is it an ok tank if you are low tier ?
  5. for engaging leading youtube simon sinek, for motivation you can check what daniel pink has to say and if you are german you might be interested what dr. proff. peter nieschmidt has to say .
  6. the general consensus here is correct. always help one flank win and then go back and defend on the other site. what is the point to approach the enemies cap any further anyway ? do you want to cap ? if that is the basic thought that this here is already the reason why you don't get better. always go back to defend and you will win a huge amount of games. you can never "out-attack" the enemy, because you team mates will fail defending your cap and you will fail conquering their base.
  7. this is a nice exception to the rule. the chat members where all quite nice and no mongoloid talk in there. yesterday somebody asked for help in getting a few wins and me and another guy joined him and had a few nice casual games. i can only recommend it.
  8. nice double standards there mr sirknumskull, so you expect me use proper capitalization in a forum post and blame me for messing up one word in something that is not my first language, while it is totally accepted that people from the united states get a pass by using kiddie slang "rekt" and feeble one liners. one thing, you are totally right in and that is i should "go back" where i usually am and that is that i would not speak or respond to people below my intelligence in real life and so i will stop doing it here as well
  9. i see all you guys have to bring to the discussion is showing your lack of eloquency and intelligence, but if i was a high school kid as you guys i probably would have nothing to offer on that side either. nice to see that like-minded people hold together =) if one's stupidity is outed you jump in and help him with your stronk neg repping and one-liners. i have deep respect for people like you. when i was younger little kids did play with he-man figures at home and didn't bother grown ups with their mind stuck in the defiant phase which usually only lasts until you're 4 years old or something. i guess the thread is over when pimply little teenies brag with their fail reroll clans consisteing out of EJ fanboys and QSF-rejects. i mean, who wouldn't be proud to reroll and get an smurf account ? oh wait ? what did you say ? only kids and unemployed losers have time for that ? nooooo way have a good night circle jerking each other, gotta go to bed because some people need to go to work and stuff, i am sure you don't know that from your own families but perhaps you have seen someone on TV that had to
  10. doesn't lend you any more credibility helping your simple minded clan mate out. neg repping only works against people who have such a weak selfesteem because of real life noobishness that they would take even computer game forums reputation as something to build their virtual e-peen on.
  11. Dude, you seem to be literally retarded (and by this i do not mean to insult but really just the fact that your brain seems to take a very long time to comprehend certain things if at all). i never said that the current artillery implementation is good or even warranted. nobody claims that, so it is retarded to act as if everybody who posts here and does not say "mimimi arty is cancer" is OK with arty like it is. it is already established that arty is broke and there is no point in having a circle-jerk-thread where everybody posts "mimimi arty is broke and destroys my fun". it is just good to know that you are still in school and perhaps if you attend to your classes more often and play a little less tanks you will learn to actually read. if you had this ability, you would have been able to extract out of my posts that i did not even say anything that could make one believe i liked or supported the current implementation of artillery in WoT. It's really exhausting having to explain everything in the language of simple minded people, just because you do not get it. i said that people do focus on the good players of the enemy team regardless of the tier. i never said i would not do that and that is exactly what you did not get. your lack of comprehension made you think i insulted players for being damage whoring and acting as if i was on a higher ground, but i did not say i would not do that. i just said that it is understandable that tomatoes try to increaser their regularily weak chances to win by focussing out the best players of the enemy. good players do the same but usually not in arty, but it is still the same so no point in pointing with fingers at the tomato arties. i also already wrote that i would probably damage whore as well being confident enough to win the battle anyways (and not relying on finishing off targets efficiently). you constructed the example with the obj 140 and the pershing where you said that you got clicked and i just presented you with a few reasons for why that guy might have shot on you and not on the object. you really lack a lot of soft skills if you can not even comprehend other peoples motivations and possible reasons apart from "booohooo, i am the tomato and i will fuck up the game of a blue".
  12. yes, but since the consensus was it would all not be so bad if only "the others" got focussed or shot by arty and not only the unicums this was the counter argument for that.
  13. the age assessment seems pretty sound if you again fail to see that focussing on the biggest threats and taking out better players will help the win chance more than shooting at one-shotable obj 140 noobs that got themselves nearly killed by themselves (and thus will probably not live much longer anyways). everybody uses XVM in ways like that. either to avoid the best players of the enemies or to focus on them. often enough you will see low tiers do more damage than top tiers, simple because reds only get one shot off before they suici-derp and the lower tiers dont draw that much attention. i would probably also shoot on the pershing, because he is much less agile and hence unable to evade my shells as quick as an object 140.
  14. your assessment of my post as "mind-blowingly stupid" just shows your lack of mental capacity, but thats to be expected by 8 year old CoD kiddies who by accident started WoT.exe and sticked with it. the world is not fair. get over it, grow up, stop bitching around. do you really think i asses my self-esteem of a reputation system in a computer game forum ? your remark and even the need to neg-rep just shows what kind of social retards you usually surround yourself with. your inability to read and to self-reflect just again shows what a little kid you are. nowhere did i write that everybody above a certain skill is a damage padding whore, but perhaps you learn that if you enter 5th grade next year. i am just saying that everybody who chooses to shoot the higher HP rather then the one-shotable light tank is deliberately choosing damage/wn8 rating over win probability. we all are guilty of it. if i do it i believe that my "not finishing off" of the enemy is not crucial to our team winning and me thinking that i can still easily win the game, but it still damage padding/whoring. do that in CW and you would soon find yourself in the reserves. it is hypocrisy saying that red bob arty killing you is stupid, because it is the most important thing the red bob can do to win, so that means it's a valid tactic. you play a war game and say "mimimi, this is not fair". there are no rules in war and so everything that is not prohibited by WG EULA and Rules is allowed. there is no point shooting reds who will find a way to die anyway by own stupidity. focussing the guys that usually live the longest and influence the battle most (read "unicums") is the best way for the tomatoe to be useful to his team.
  15. Indeed all the crying about being hit by arty because of XVM is hipocrisy. if you play a tank and focus on the enemies best player and take him out it is to win. if the enemy arty focusses on you, because you are the best enemy player it is because of RETARD/CANCER. you say "red arty, y u no shoot easier target like full health e100 in the open instead of me lonely obj 140 with only 500 health left", but what you are actually saying is "i am a damage padding whore who would rather shoot a full health e100 to get most possible damage (to pad my wn8) instead of taking out a dangerous player to increase my chances of winning" you guys are angry because red bobs dont play like the damage whoreing pedo bears like yourself .... HOW TERRIBLE. and to the "MIMIMI why doesn't WG stop XVM??", because it is the only reason it gets so much money from losers that try to reroll and reroll and reroll again by spending huge amounts of money to freexp tanks just to get a funny number next to their name. if that number would not be visible anymore, then nobody would reroll and WG would earn less money.
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