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  1. Ignore my previous post. I will give a proper response here. Shima +1=17 because it is still in the top 2 or 3 of popularity of T10 DD's. Yamato -3 = 20 because with the cit lowering of the Iowa and Montana it is relatively squishy and the most easily citadeled T10 BB. We do not know what the RN T10 will be like.
  2. And how often does that happen? Anyone that has had a shima for more than a week is using the 8km torps or the 12 km torps. With its gun buffs, the guns are not to bad either. They (the guns) are Situational, but usable. Shimakaze 18+1 =19 SInce I have to down vote something I down vote the Yamato. SInce it is very soft and citadel prone when you are the least bit careless. It is probably the most overrated ship at T10. It was my second T10 by the way with the Shima as my first. Yamato 22-3=19
  3. Jarkorsis

    How's your Gallant?

    My is to get DE first. Then see about IFHE. I have the Jack Dunkirk captain in it. (10 point captain) The fire chance is high enough I may shoot regular HE, then switch to AP for flat sides. I need a lot more skills before I know for sure. It seems to work pretty well for me. I am using it as a torp boat most of the time.
  4. Jarkorsis

    How's your Gallant?

    A large part of your success or failure with this DD is your custom torp patterns. You can do some amazing things with them. I don't think LWM or some of the other reviewers understood how important or dominating they can be.
  5. Supposedly last patch or the one before it.
  6. I am up voting the Khab. Someone had downvoted it and is was not recorded.
  7. Khabarovsk:: +1 because the torp removal forces you to play it as it was designed. You should rarely if ever get within 12 km of another ship. The ship is the god of run and gun. At 8-10 km you get rekked. Khabarovsk 21-3 (from previous post not counted)+1 = 19
  8. I wonder if a simple solution would be just remove CA and CL citadels. They just become normal damage hits. At least it would take a BB a few hits to kill you.
  9. Vote to eliminate is Des Moins. 20-3=17 The main issue is it's range is 2 short and it is rather soft compare to Zao and Hindeberg. I have 1 shotted them many times with T8 and T9 BBs. e
  10. Khabarovsk 20 + 1 = 21 still a beast.
  11. Jarkorsis

    How's your Gallant?

    Good all around dd. The single launch torps make the ship. When people hide in smoke by the corner of an island, put 8 torps in a small area is an instant win.
  12. Jarkorsis

    Akizuki - AA Trap or anti-ship dakka dakka

    I have it because it is fun to play. This does not mean easy. The skill ceiling is high. I think The DEVs may have made some minor changes last patch. It still has smoke. Premium quick torp reload has a 160 seconds cool down and still is 5 seconds. I was getting a lot of fires with it this weekend shooting at BBs. I think it needs a pen buff and maybe 1 or 2 more percent to fire chance. As well has turning circle buff.
  13. Jarkorsis

    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    I read somewhere where they showed a clan wars type world map at a Russian convention and they got boo'd out of the building. So whatever it was, it went over like a lead balloon. The dev's were released to do what they wanted instead of copying tanks. This may have derailed some short term change as they discuss how to proceed. PvE mode will grow a lot of the player base most of us don't see. It will help the game's long term health from a financial point of view. T9 and T10 are the same as it always was. The only change is that with the US BB's getting lowered citadels there is slightly more aggression. There is still a lot of Chai sniping. so the changes in play seem small.
  14. Jarkorsis

    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    On NA I have not found that to be the case. On the last game that got me to T14, we won 7-0 and it wasn't even that close. It is really random on NA.
  15. Jarkorsis

    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    Musashi will be 1st T10 premium at 1 million free xp to purchase. Same as Yamato with a little more armor. This is just my opinion by the way and not real as of today. But tomorrow is a new day.
  16. I agree. Fortunately, we have 5+ people that will help doing the operations, so we can absorb Minekaze or Murmansk. The group takes 2 or 3 shots to get 5 stars usually. The lone exception was the first mission which was the hardest by far,
  17. Jarkorsis

    German Cruisers Discussion

    Chappy is an easy grind. I just have to remember to stay beyond view range so I can stop firing and go dark if things get to hot. It helps if you have a 14 point captain with CE, IFHE, and DE. The radar is nice but has a short active time, and I rarely get that close to anything to use it except late game.
  18. Jarkorsis


    The guns on the NC are better. Sigma is 2 vs 1.8 I think on Alabama. But the Alabama is way more agile. It feels almost like a T8 CA and much better Torp protection. They play different enough that I have both NC and Alabama. Alabama can brawl and dodge shots better than any BB currently in the game I think.
  19. Jarkorsis


    I know some of you have purchased this ship and were wondering what your thoughts on it are. I finally ground out the 750k free xp friday night and purchased it. I think it is a beast for the following reasons. It prints money and the 100 percent XP is great for training captains. It can bow tank better than the Iowa because of a more detailed armor model and has great turret turn. I am not sure, but it may be the best T9 BB. The 33 knot top speed is great. I thought the radar would be situational at best, but I have used it at least once in every game I have played. With all the DD's in smoke you can kill or cripple them using radar during a cap fight. You have to be aggressive though. Over time, DD captains will remember you have 9.49 km radar, but offensive smoking near a BB is a habit for most US and VMF DD captains, so you will still wreck them if they do this near you. Is it worth 750k free EXP? It was for me since I had a bunch of camo and spent like 40 dollars on Papa Papa flags, plus the ones I had in storage. I am just curious what every one else thinks.
  20. Jarkorsis


    I am curious. I have 100+ battles in the Missouri now and 30+ battles in the Iowa. Is there a difference between the sigma number for Missouri and Iowa? I have doing much more damage in the Missouri, getting more citadels. It could be a coincidence, but I was not sure. The numbers look odd. I usually alternate Iowa and Missouri in an evening until I win one in the Iowa. I just seem to have better results in the Missouri. I don't know why.
  21. Jarkorsis

    Hate Playing the Benson

    Mesrith is almost always in a division.
  22. Jarkorsis

    HMS Hood

    I purchased it today. I play it like a T7 Warspite that has 31.8 knot speed. The guns are pretty accurate. If it is angled correctly, it can absorb a lot of punishment. The guns have a high fire chance, so when you face something bow on you can burn them down. I am 4-1 with it and am averaging 88k plus damage a game. Fun boat.
  23. Jarkorsis

    Looking to division or a clan

    Your bow has more armor, but it is situational. If you are in a bad situation, it may be time to turn away. When you go bow on or stern on, you can get overmatched. Also, people can shoot above your guns and hit superstructure which will not be over pens because of bow/stern rake. As far as shooting goes, the more you play the better you will aim. What some you tubers or streamers and see how they aim.
  24. Rules of thumb I follow: US BBs T7 up max AA. Primary guns are fine as is. Germany and Japan BBs T8 plus secondaries. DDs max Torps and Stealth for ijn, guns and maneuverability for USSR, Germany and us are jack of all trades, so pick what you want. US and USSR CA is guns and AA. IJN and France is guns on CAs. RN is smoke and guns. CVs are maximize aircraft.